Our group was contacted to investigate this private residence in south St. Louis for paranormal activity by the home owners. This home is located adjacent to a cemetery. When I was told of this homes location I knew where it was because we had
investigated this cemetery on several occasions in the past, having experienced several types of paranormal phenomenon such as strange photos, including one of a figure standing in a mausoleum, cold spots accompanied by audio static recorded on audio cassette during this event. The owners purchased the home less than a year ago, and
told us they were positive it was haunted. They have experienced the sounds of
footsteps in the kitchen early in the morning while no one else was inside the home.
The sounds of someone running up the stairs has also been heard by guests..
They have also heard the voice of someone saying their names over and over while trying to go to sleep. One night the owners dog started whining and hiding in a corner
by the door and seemed to be afraid of something in the foyer. Later that day while talking on the phone the owner glanced into the foyer and saw someone peering back.
At first she thought it was her husband trying to scare her so she pretended not to
notice but soon realized that it was not her husband but a distraught looking little girl staring at her. When she moved to get a better look the little girl started backing up
into her artificial trees and slowly disappeared. They have also experienced
something turning on their stereo equipment and adjusting the volume, this is
common activity associated with hauntings. The owners also noticed objects in the
home have begun breaking by themselves.
Before moving here to St. Louis from Texas they had experienced similar activity in
their old home with one additional noteworthy event, water would freeze inside the
home while the temperature was mild outdoors. Unfortunately it's not possible to
visit the old home to see if the activity is still occurring to the new occupants or if
what is going on in their St. Louis home is directly linked to something following
them from Texas.
During the investigation we set up night shot camcorders in several rooms along with motion sensors and EMF meters. On video we recorded two events with the cameras auto focus system engaging, trying to refocus itself on some unseen object. No one
was near the cameras and nothing could be seen moving that would have accounted
for this. One of our group members is psychic,  she told us that the land the home
was built over was reclaimed lands from the cemetery. She thought the activity was strongest in the basement, or cellar might be the more accurate description because
the floor is just loose dirt and the ceiling only 5 feet high down there. While down
there many of our group felt that this place was giving them the creeps, not a very scientific term but an accurate description of our impressions. While down here this photo was taken,
Photo 1.
In photos like this you can write off images like this as Rorschach effects. Our
psychic  feels these images are paranormal, but we have no way to determine it one
way or the other. Along the back wall if you look carefully you can see two faces
one on the right and the other on the left side imprinted in the metal. And if you
look at the very bottom of the photo in the dirt floor it almost looks like the top of
a human skull protruding from the earth.
The photo is inconclusive of anything, but interesting none the less. We looked over
the cemetery and returned at a later date when I shot these photos with my Minolta 5 mega pixel camera.
Photo 2 contains a faint orb of light seen top left. Photo 3
contains a bright orb top center, note the light refelections at ground level are from
our automobile head & tail lights parked along the the entrance driveway.
Photo 4 contains a small bright orb viewed top right.

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