Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri
Investigations August 2003 of a haunted private residence.

This is our second field investigation of this private residence. Our return to this
home was in response to a phone call from the worried owner, who contacted
us because of a recent alarming experience.
The owners have lived in this home for approximately 20 years and have learned
to live with the paranormal activity in their home. In the past they have seen the
ghost of a little boy who plays in the home, and that of a little girl who has been
seen walking up the long gravel driveway to the front door.  There is the ghost of
an old man who is also seen upstairs. The types of activity reported by the
owners have ranged from the sound of footsteps running down the stairway to a
shadow figure seen moving in different parts of the home. This shadow figure
may also be responsible for one particular event in which something slammed the bathroom door on the first floor.  This is an area of the home where the figure has
also been seen.  Numerous small events have been noticed, like something turning
off the crock pot left to cook, a tanning bed which keeps shutting down on its own,
and phone answering machines which fail to work after just a few days, but when removed from inside the house will resume to function.
The owner contacted us after experiencing a new alarming event. After calling her childern to come downstairs they replied back to her that they didn't want to come downstairs because they wanted to stay upstairs and play with (their friend).  They
had no guests in the home. She then started going up the stairs to get them when
she felt something on her shoulder pushing her back; she lost her balance and
stumbled back down the stairway. In the years they have lived in this home, they
have never experienced anything physical let alone being pushed down the stairs.
The owners have been making plans to demolish the existing home and build
another one on the same grounds.  We can only speculate that this might be tied
into the recent aggressive disposition of whatever is occupying the home.  In our
previous investigation of this residence we captured a photograph of a skull figure
in the room where the ghost of the old man has been. We had also experienced
our equipment been manipulated.
We conducted our investigation between 8pm and 1am using multiple night shot camcorders, EMF meters, Tri-field meters, 35mm and digital cameras, thermal
scanners, and motion sensors.
During the investigation, this digital photo was taken with a Minolta 5 mega pixel
digital camera from the end of the long driveway leading to the home
Photo 1.
None of the more than a dozen or so photos taken from this spot at the same
time with this camera contained anything unusual that would account for what is
seen in the top right hand side of this photo.
During the investigation several strange events took place.  While we were
upstairs standing in the doorway to the room where the ghost of the old man has
been seen, one person in our group felt the presence of someone walking past him.
At the moment this occurred, another member standing just behind him with an
EMF meter in his hand experienced a spike from 0 to 10 milaGauss for one or two seconds before it returned back to zero. Another strange event occurred shortly
before we packed up the remainder of our equipment to leave for the evening.
Two of our investigators who were up on the second floor had a bizarre encounter.
One of them felt someone tugging on his shirt while another investigator also on
this floor felt someone pulling on the leg of his trousers. Both of these incidents of something tugging on their clothing happened within minutes of each other, and
neither of them told each other what had happened to them until returning downstairs. This type of activity involving tactile experience almost never happens during an investigation. Other unusual things documented in the home were strong
electromagentic fields coming from a wall built by the owners which contains no
electrical wiring.

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