St. Barnabas Cemetery located in Missouri. Field investigation results here have been documented over several investigations of this cemetery.  These
photographs were taken between April and June 2003, however, this site was known to be haunted and we have been collecting a large assortment of  phographs we believe paranormal in nature. This is a very large cemetery, over
88 acres in size, which was created during the Civil War back in 1864.
Interments are still taking place at this cemetery.  We have no historic
information that might indicate a possible reason for the unusual amount of activity we have experienced here over the years. This site is the most active cemetery I have ever investigated. Fortunately, with the equipment at our
disposal, this activity has been well documented with night-shot video cameras, 35mm cameras, digital cameras and audio voice recording equipment.
During one site investigation a participant with strong psychic abilities sensed
the presence of children in the cemetery.  We recorded that night the sounds of children's voices shouting "we're here"
on video tape!  We have also
recorded sounds of unintelligible whispering coming from this area. During
this trip the psychic impressions of a man named George were also picked up
and we were directed to the location of his gravestone in this cemetery. George apparently made an insulting remark, calling  Doug (who attended the investigation) an "ass". Doug laughed at this insult from the other side, but recorded on audio following his laughter was
another voice, a mocking
laughter of another male with a very strange tone that seemed out of synch, recorded about 5 seconds after the group had stopped laughing!  During this
same trip, we also were told that the ghost of a dog was reported to wander
the grounds of the cemetery. Two people in our group heard the sounds of a
dog running inside the grounds but the animal itself was never seen. We later found out at one grave site that the remains of the family pets were also
buried here along with the owner.  The sounds of this animal running in the cemetery were not recorded on any of our equipment, but were clearly audible
to  us. This is unusual because normally we capture strange sounds or voices
with our equipment that were not heard by anyone during the course of the investigation, and only on review of the tapes or digital recordings are these sounds and voices normally detected. Other
sounds noticed here can best be described as air escaping from a soda bottle.  We have used 35mm cameras ranging from budget models to expensive Nikons and Canons and digital
cameras also ranging from budget 1 megapixel  to expensive 5+ megapixel
Minolta and Canon models, all yielding positive results regardless of format
or model of camera. During our photographing sessions of this site, we have in addition to the typical white orbs of light photographed orbs in colors, such
as the blue orb seen here in
photo 1 taken with a digital camera.  At this
cemetery we also have frequently been able to photograph something quite unusual, strange luminous fogs of light ranging from blue to green in color.
Photo 2 was taken with a digital camera and shows a bluish light in the
distance (to the right of the tall thin gravestone). 
Photo 3 shows an orb in the trees in motion. Notice the street light in the distance is perfectly sharp.
Photo 4 shows a bright white orb low to the ground near the gravestones.
On video from this site we have recorded footage of brilliant flashes of light
lasting less than 1/30 of a second along with moving lights emanating from the gravestones. Another phenomenon that also occurs at this graveyard is the presence of strange scents like the fragrance of lavender when no flowers are present. We have also encountered cold spots at this cemetery, but these drops in temperature have not been as dramatic as those experienced during investigations of some other cemeteries.
Overall this site has proven the most active I am familar with, producing large numbers of photos and good numbers of unexplained sounds and voices.
Next year we will return again and continue our work.

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