Paranormal Investigations 2003Lehmann House B & B
Date of field investigation February 15-16th. Equipment used during this investigation: thermal scanners, EMF meters, Tri-field meters, motion sensors, wireless video & audio transmitters with monitors, audio cassette recorders along with digital  voice recorders, 35mm and digital cameras.Video was recorded using 7 night shot video cameras. Background history of the  mansion: Construction for the home began in 1892 and was completed in 1893. Pierce Ferver was thought to have been either the architect or foreman during its construction. Four deaths are associated with the home. The first is Edward Rowse Sr, who died in the master bedroom from colon or stomach cancer. The second death here was an elderly widow who probably died of old age; her name has not yet been identified. Josephine Ware was the third death in the mansion; she is also thought to have died of cancer. The 11th owner of the mansion was found dead in the library. The current owner has seen the full apparition of Edward Rowse Sr on several occasions, appearing most frequently in the master bedroom as a solid figure. She has also seen a semi-transparent apparition of a woman. She might be Anne Eliza, Edward's wife, but since no photos of her are available this ghost's identity remains unknown. The ghost of a little girl has been seen by one of the owner's children. Guests have reported the sensation of being watched in the mansion. Other activity reported include the sounds of footsteps, thought to be those of a man walking quickly along the second floor hallway, heard by several people; and the sound of wheels rolling across the floor upstairs, again heard by multiple witnesses. The sound of 20's music with voices as if an unseen party was taking place has also been reported. The owner commented that when renovations to the home are taking place, greater levels of strange activity are noticeable, with most of the activity occurring late at night. There were no other guests in the Lehmann Home; our group of investigators had the entire Mansion to ourselves during the investigation.The first investigator arrived early to collect the key so the owner could leave to attend a group function. The owner's family was away for the weekend, so our investigator was alone in the home for several hours before the arrival of the other investigators. During this time when the house was silent, attempts to collect EVP voices began. Using a digital voice recorder in each room, asking questions into a microphone and playing back the recording proved unsuccessful until reaching the third floor bedroom, where a female voice was recorded using the voice activation mode which only records when sounds are detected. The sound recorded was not a direct reply to a question; it was recorded automatically by the recorder and never heard by the (male) investigator. The video portion of this clip was added in post editing.The camcorder used is heard as its lens cover strikes itself as its being moved and the investigator walking with it to another room. Later our entire investigative team arrived and set up all of our equipment for the night. The measurements from the thermal scanners detected no unnatural cold spots. Some of the rooms in the home are colder than others because of the heating system. In the basement during the night, some orbs of light were recorded on videotape and on digital still camera. On the first floor we also caught a few orb photos on digital cameras in the library (and noticed that the small door to a storage space under the stairway kept opening on its own). At first we thought it was some kind of vacuum when the front door opened, but when we tried duplicating this, it never worked. We also thought that maybe the weight of several people going up and down the first floor staircase might somehow be pressuring the door open, but again this failed. The reason for this tight-fitting door opening 3 times on its own remains unknown. On this floor we did not get any readings on our EMF meters,Tri-field meters or video cameras. On the second floor, we did  record a few orbs of light on video tape. The area of greatest activity was on the third floor, where in addition to the EVP female voice recorded earlier that evening, we videotaped more orb activity and the sound of a breathy human exhale on a Hi-8mm camera. This sound was recorded on two different Hi-8mm cameras. On this floor we encountered something we have never experienced during any field investigation of a house thought to be haunted - a moving dark shadow! One was videotaped from the second floor stairwell pointing up to the top of the 3rd floor stairway railing, where a shadow was recorded moving along the wall behind the stairway railing. All of our team members were on the first and second floor; no one was on this floor. The other shadow recorded was taken from the 3rd floor attic looking down the hallway, where a huge shadow moves into the field of view from the left towards the center of the screen. After 3 or 4 seconds the shadow moves off in the direction it came from without triggering any of the the motion sensors located throughout the third floor! Our members were all on the first floor at the time of this recording. Later that evening, one of our
investigators saw the figure of a man illuminated by the flash of his
camera in the attic out of the corner of his eye that was not looking
through his 35mm cameras view finder.
He was startled by this figure and bolted through the attic doorway.

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