Private Residence Investigation
This investigation of a private residence was our last successful investigation for 2002. We were contacted by the owners to investigate the paranormal activity in their home. The owners have reported seeing several ghosts. The first is seen less frequently, that of a little girl who can be seen walking up the driveway and sidewalk to the front door. This ghost has never been seen inside the home, and has even been escorted to the front door only to disappear. The second ghost has been seen more often. It's of a little boy who plays inside the home. One of the owners who lived here as a child reported playing with this ghost of a little boy who appeared to her as just a normal child. The last ghost reported is of an elderly person who is seen most often in a room on the second floor. The haunting might be related to an epidemic that swept the area many years ago.
During our investigation several strange events took place upstairs where we recorded strange sounds.  While one of our investigators was sitting in the upstairs hallway in the dark alone, he had a strange feeling coming from one of the rooms where a video camera was placed. When he looked away back down the hall something turned on the time & date button on the camera and then turned it back off! This occurred during the early morning hours before sunrise. During the investigation these two photos were taken by Miklos, these are frames 11 and 12 on the roll. The first photo taken upstairs in the room where the ghost of the elderly person is seen is normal as were all the other photos on this roll, except for photo 12 on the roll shot with 400sp B&W film seen on the bottom.
These two photos were shot within seconds of each other facing the same utility cart - note a skull like figure center.