Eagle Cliff Cemetery
This investigation was held in June,  some of our group members have investigated this site before. We focussed most of our attention on the large mausloeum in this graveyard where on previous investigations photos of a large white ectoplasm were captured in front of this building. The cemetery itself is high up on a bluff overlooking farmland and a quite local road.  To reach the cemetery your car must drive past a rural home with a dog that chases every car going into the cemetery. The dog chases you up to the graveyard enterence, but will not step foot inside. This dog never will go inside.  We set up our equipment and started photographing the area, Clip 1. shows the exterior of the mausloeum and the first and second photos show the interior, this building has been vandalized over the years and the family that had originally been buried here have long since been removed. We started asking questions on camera in an attempt to capture an EVP voice on a night shot camcorder. In Clip 2. we recorded a strange weak whispering voice after we asked the question, are you alone? At the time this was recorded our EMF meter spiked for a couple seconds. Another strange phenomena was a whistling sound. We decided to start
whistling back at it. Something would reply in kind, this went on for over half an hour before it stopped. In
Clip 3. we have a sample of this sound. We never saw what was making these sounds.   During this investigation no cold spots were detected on our thermal scanners.
Exterior of Mausoleum
Non-Paranormal photos
Mausoleum Ceiling
Vault Wall
Mausoleum Exterior
Probable false orb
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