This haunted cemetery is located in Decatur, IL. None of our group members has
visited this cemetery in years because of the distance from St. Louis. All the photos
here were taken with a Nikon 35mm camera using a 50mm 1.4D lens and Fuji 800
SP film, 8 rolls were shot during this investigation. We had no EMF readings during
this investigation, and the thermal scanners recorded only the normal temperature
fall off after the sun went down from a high of 83.5 to the late night temp of 73.3
with no cold spots found. The video camera also showed no results. However, on
film we did get these photos.
PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 and PHOTO 3 are frames 16A
17A 18A all from the same roll,
where the Indian graves are located in the cemetery. There are no light sources such as street lamps that could have caused these bright
orbs of light.

Photo 4 was taken among the Civil War graves on another roll of film neg 22A.
Notice the white streak bottom right.
Photo 5 was taken in the southwestern
corner of the cemetery. It was frame 19A from another roll, a spook light is
reported to roam about this part of the graveyard at night, this is not a natural or man made light. I have more photos taken while standing in this same spot,
photo 6, and
this light is not located on any of the others from this location.
Photo 7 was taken by another ghost hunter with a digital camera. Special thanks to Luke for use of his photo.