Early this month our group was contacted by a family to investigate their home.
After our interview with the owners who told us of the activity they had experienced, we also found out that they were not familiar with the history
of their home or the land it's built on. They are not aware of who might be haunting their home.
We set up our equipment in two of the bedrooms, a back hallway that links
to a kitchen and the basement.
In the kitchen we found a low level EMF reading at the kitchen table that
lasted for a short time before it ended with no further activity for the rest of
the investigation. It's at this spot where one of the owner's young children has seen
"someone in the wall".
In the first floor bedroom, the owners reported that they had felt someone
sitting on the bed.  We did not find any EMF readings, or EVP on audio tape      and nothing here showed up on our photos or video tape from this room on this night.
The basement was a different story. Here we found cold spots down to 66 degrees when the rest of the basement was in the mid 70's. We also experienced
strong EMF interference which plagued our camcorders with
audio & video noise.
All of our camcorders returned to normal working condition after we left this residence.
It was down here that we took this photo
Photo 1 note the bright orb in the lower right. Down here we had the motion sensors go off once with no one present.
When I was moving a video camera to a new location in the basement, by the light of my flashlight I saw a full apparition walk in front of me about 6 feet away from me; it moved from right to left across the basement hallway and made no sounds as it moved out of my view after just a few seconds.
It was too dark for me to be 100% sure if it was male or female, the owners have told me that they have also seen this figure here and in the basement bedroom.
I set up a night shot camcorder down here and left it running for 2 hours.
We caught some strange sounds and orbs of light moving about in the
basement, the owners said that they felt like they were being chased out of
the basement on a few occasions.
While our group was upstairs, we went outside to check out the back yard
where the owners reported seeing an apparition. We took
many photos here and two of our investigators had photographs with
something in the windows. Mine had a strange face in it, I tried to add this
one to this web site but it makes it too dark to see well even after I tried to
brighten it up. Taking a picture at a window can cause all kinds of problems
with glare from the flash hitting the glass,  so any photo taken under these
conditions has to be considered as just a possible trick of the light.

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