Exterior photos.        
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We had the good luck of picking a night when we were the only guests to book in for the night, so we had access to every room. After the staff left for the night, we were the only people in the mansion after 10:30 pm. The first thing to happen was before we had even started any investigating. We were waiting for other group members to arrive downstairs.  When we returned to our room, which we had locked because the restaurant was still open and all of our expensive equipment was in there, we found the door to our room unlocked and ajar.
After the staff departed, we started our investigation on the 3rd floor, and set up our cameras on tripods and  used motion sensors in the hallway and back rooms, with a tri-field natural EMF meter to detect changes in natural EMF fields. We added a wireless video transmitter to the night shot camcorder and went downstairs to monitor the floor remotely, so it would be free from any noises or activity from us. The first event we caught was the motion sensor in the back room going off on the third floor, then we
recorded this unexplained
Sound. We also captured the sounds of a Door Slamming that we can't account for going on up there. We did not get anything on 35mm film on the 3rd floor although we have in past investigations here. We set up on the top of the second floor main staircase in the same way we did for the Attic, but here we had EMF readings up to 9 on the scale. It would move slowly around the top of the stairway, sometimes being strongest about 4 feet above the steps in the middle of the stairway. Then it would move towards the railing and to the opposite side along the wall and back again to the middle of the staircase. At this location we had a lot of equipment problems; the night shot camcorder could not be turned on for about 5 minutes, and after we did get it going we had a loud intermittent hum that would come and go for the first 10 minutes of recording before it ended. We recorded sounds here on these stairs that ranged from what sounded like china clinking to objects being moved. We went outside to photograph the outside of the mansion, and even though no one was inside the occasional sound of something moving can still be heard.  We took this
photo from the bottom of the stairs. There is a white streak at the top of the stairway wall that we can't account for when this 35mm photo was taken. On our next trip here, we will check this area along the wall with the lights on to see if there is anything on this
wall that might have caused it.The basement is fixed up to accommodate dinner parties. Before we had our equipment set up we shot some 35mm photos
frames 9 and frame 10), and then went up and looked over the small balcony tables.  When we turned around and started to leave, we noticed that one of the tablecloths on the front left lower level had moved! It was now flipped up at the corner like one of the
other tables on the opposite side (second row) had been when we entered the room, and some of the chairs at the other tables had also been moved! We took more photos of the table because we were all sure it was not that way when we entered the room. It did move and none of us saw it happen or heard a thing.
frame 12 and frame 13. We set up our equipment and moved all the tablecloths and chairs back in place hoping to catch them being moved on video.  Throughout the night nothing moved, but we did have a motion sensor go off and recorded some strange sounds and a few small very fast moving Orbs. In the past we have had activity occur in the first floor women's restroom.
On this investigation we did not get anything on video or film,  and we did not spend
as much time here as in some of the other rooms because it was after 4am and we
wanted to spent our remaining time before dawn investigating two of the second
floor bedrooms. We set up in the second largest of the bedrooms and left with all the equipment running to watch from the TV of the master bedroom.  I went downstairs and
the others remained to watch. 14 minutes into the recording a loud crashing sound is heard coming from the room!  When I came back we checked out the room and nothing had moved or fallen, so we don't know what could have caused such a loud noise.
We later recorded some audio static sound
on the video, and recorded 3 orbs during the
rest of the investigation in this room.
We checked out the smallest bedroom on the
second floor but came up with nothing at all from
here. This was the last room we investigated before morning.

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