Zombie Road Field Investigation

We took advantage of the mild weather for November to investigate Zombie Road. This was my first trip down here, but in the past other members of our group have had strange encounters with a coven wiccans or witches conducting activities. On another occasion one member was chased out of here by something very loud and paranormal in nature crashing through the woods running after them. It's just over an hour's walk to the end of this road, it's only one lane wide and in a state of disrepair, impassable by car. You will have to park and walk its length. At its end is a small gauge railroad that runs east-west, and we think at its western end there might be a mine or rock quarry. Along the main paths you can spend hours exploring the numerous side paths. When we neared the end of the main path we turned west along the rail road tracks. On night shot video we recorded some strange sounds. We also encountered another strange phenomena. While walking along the path, something threw a rock at us. It landed at our feet. I caught it on Video, its just after you hear a 35mm camera shutter snap a picture. I also made a Slow Motion version for a better view.
Even before we had reached the rail road tracks we were hearing the sounds of footsteps following us. After half an hour of walking along the tracks we stopped walking so these footsteps following just behind us could be heard better, they had been following us for a long time. In this clip after one of our group says " I know" you can hear a single
Footstep, none of us were moving. While standing quietly at this same spot we heard strange whispering words. The footsteps became so distinctive that one of our group spoke up and said "thats people" thinking mistakenly that since it wasn't the sound of an animal, it had to of been a party of other people. No one could have been followed us, its so pitch dark in this woods you can't see your hand in front of your face without using flashlights which would have easily been seen. We had wanted to continue down further to the quarry but decided to turn around and go back. We were moving back in the direction of the footsteps, but they had now stopped entirely, we never caught a glimpse of what had been following us, we were all a little worried about bumping into it since it was so close behind us. Along the path back we took additional photos (see photos 5photo 6 and photo 7) ( Photos 8 and photo 9 ) show what the beginning of this road road looks like.

June 01 Field Investigation Ramada  Inn Six Flags

Our investigation here ran all night. We started out investigating the free standing
chimney located behind the hotel; the building itself was torn down but the chimney left standing, and the legend here says that when the workers tried to finish the job by taking down the chimney, something bad would happen to them every time they tried. So they eventually gave up trying and the chimney still stands here by itself to this day (see
photo 1.) We did not detect any activity at the chimney this night, so we went into the lobby to get more information on the second haunted location in the hotel. We found photos of the buildings that were here before the hotel, (see photo 2.) When the old home and farm buildings were torn down the building materials, a white limestone, were re-used to build the main hotel lobby, fireplace, and dining rooms. The story of the second haunting is of a young girl named Aggie who died here before the hotel was built. Her portrait hangs on the second floor of the main lobby, (see photo 3.) We set up our equipment and talked to some of the hotel staff who told us the story of Aggie and her ghost having been seen on the second floor. At this location we caught some white orbs on high 8 video along the hallways upstairs; the staff had dimmed the lights for us. On audio cassette we had been asking questions into a microphone and on playback the voice of a woman speaking what sounds like 3 words is heard. Our group has different opinions as to what is being said, but not that it's the voice of a woman. At haunted locations we have caught strange sounds before, but getting a human voice speaking is very rare in our investigations. We also captured the effects of a cold spot on video. Cold Spot

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