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                            Haunted Locations In Hannibal

Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Located just south east of Hannibal, from where SR 79 also called Birch Street Scenic meets Ssr T also called Fulton Ave, take Fulton Ave south for 1.3 miles and turn left or east on (I have two names for this road the first is Bramblett Drive and the other is East Helm Street) and go down it for .4 miles. Mt Olivet Cemetery will be on your left. This is a very old cemetery, phantom apparitional mists have been photographed here, among the Civil  War graves there is a mausoleum that is very active.

Rockcliffe Manson
GPS 39.707396,-91.366231
Located 1000 Bird Street
Web Site
Both tours and overnight stays are available.
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Haunted Cemetery
GPS N 39 44.437 W 091 26.305 approximate location.
None of the visitors to this graveyard have yet found its
correct name. Located northwest of Hannibal. Take US61 north of Hannibal
and exit onto Rt. W.  Take Rt. W west, there are several cemeteries out this way.
The cemetery is located opposite the old abandoned Skelly Gas Station.
Deep gutteral growling  has been heard emanating from the woods.  Large clawed tracks have been found in the area.  An enormous figure has also been observed skulking around the edge of the woods, which has been described by viewers as a hunched-over man.  Blue orbs of light have also been photographed here along with red ectoplasmic mists.
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Haunted Plantation, located outside of town southeast of Hannibal on MO-T, I don't have the address for this location. This old run down plantation is thought to be haunted. The stories and history of this location are unkown. Anyone with more
information about this site, please contact me if you have visited this Plantation, or are familiar with the legends as to why its thought to be haunted.

Ilasco, located southeast of Hannibal on Country Road 453 where it meets
SR 79. Like the entry above, no facts of history regarding this site, just rumors of hauntings at this location.
STAR THEATRE photos provided by BM, History provided by CO, thank you.

There are also rumors of hauntings at "
White Bear Caves" and "Screaming Johnny's", also "Devil's Tower" all in the same area in Hannibal. On the river front there is an old water plant and an amphitheater that might possibly be haunted. On Maine street an old movie theater called Star Theater is thought to be haunted. Below is a letter from a visitor to Ilasco.

It was founded in 1903,and was dissolved in 1963. Home to Mostly Slovak families. It housed most of the Atlas cement plant's workers.which was located just off of the settlement. In 1909 it housed about 3,000 people which made it Ralls counties largest settlement at that time. All that I could find out is that it was made up of in adition to houses, 8 Saloons, 7 Gen. stores early in the 1900's. The Romanian Lodge held many Funerals. Most of the settlers where buried in the Mt. Olivette and Riverfront cemeteries. In March 2nd of 1906 a large fire which started in one of the Gen. Stores spread threw the settlement and burnt most of the buildings down. In 1909 the Pauley Jail Building Co. built a 2 room escape proof  jail that could accommodate 8 people 'comfortably'. The entrance to this village is a small wooden/steel bridge, then just to your left is the two stores and then on past that to the left is the jail and to the right is the new Lutheran Church.

Hannibal Community Theatre located at the corner of 6th and Lion St. Below is the first reference I have to this site being haunted.
Hey all! In Marion County (Hannibal) there are several locations that are haunted.  The one I'm most familiar with is the building where the community theatre does their shows.  I recently got involved with Hannibal Community Theatre.  Many pictures have been taken during rehersals and performances.  There are several cast pictures and scenery pictures and backstage pics with orbs in them.  In the next year we are doing renovations to the building.  I think that could stir up even more activity.  The building was originally the first Catholic Church in Hannibal built in the mid 19th century.

Old St. Elizabeth Hospital
GPS 39.703729,-91.380631
Located at 109 Virginia Street
Built in 1915 it ended its use as a health care facility in 1993.
The building was shut down in 2009.
In 2011 the hospital was sold to a developer.
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