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Hello- I'm a resident of Dexter, Missouri.
Recently a friend of mine purchased an awesome old house (it is probably about two hundred years old) and this house is haunted. The  house has several spirits present. The house has been abandoned since 1980, so I don't really have many details for you. I can, however, tell you some details about the legends of hauntings in our area. (Which might not be true- these are just the stories circulating around. Hagey Cemetary is suposed to be haunted because someone killed theirselves in the big oak Tree that overlooks the entrance. The Dexter Cemetary was suposed to be haunted because a teenage girl in the seventies or eighties was raped and killed there. The "Boogie Woods" on the East end of Town by Highway 25 are said to be haunted because there was a really old church there and they burned a witch. More that anything these are just really creepy to drive through- especially if you find the old church and graveyard.

I am having to send this in parts because my computer tends to tike out, but here is the information on Hagy cemetery. Yes, there was a suicide in Hagy cemetery in 2000. However, the tales of the cemetery being haunted are older than that. I have heard tales of a young boy being seen sitting under a tree reading, but when you try to approach him, he disappears. I have also heard tales of giant animals with red glowing eyes being seen there. My grandparents are buried in this cemetery, but I haven't seen any of this activity myself. Hagy cemetery is also the burial location of the famous rodeo performer, Indian Chief Ed Eagle. I have heard one story on Sadler's cemetery from a friend of mine who used to live near the cemetery. He reported seeing a dog with red glowing eyes while driving through it one night years ago.  The story on Dexter cemetery is new to me. I've never heard of anyone being raped or murdered there, however the person who e-mailed you may have been referring to Linda Johnson. She was raped and murdered in the boogie woods in 1978. I have heard the tales of Triplett cemetery which is the old church and cemetery he was referring to, but there are also several old cemeteries and Indian mounds throughout the woods itself. That could also account for some of the hauntings. Johnson's body was found in the yard of the old church he was talking about. The area is also known as "East of Jesus" because at one time it was a party spot
for teenagers. Most of the area is now closed off.

My cousin and I go and visit my Grandmother usually 2-3 times a year in Missouri.  We are from Michigan. My Grandmother use to live in Dexter, MO (4 minutes from Hagey Cemetery)  1997 her husband (our randfather) passed away, thus in 2000 she moved to
DeSoto, MO (near St. Louis) When she lived in Dexter we us to go to Hagey Cemetery
(while we were down there) everyday.  When we visit her now (in DeSoto) we all go down there once during the week that we're staying with our Grandmother. We've always gone to Hagey Cemetery during the day. We heard about the man in 2000 hanging himself.  That was pretty spooky.  The only "other" thing we knew of, was we heard some kids were wrecking some grave sites and spray painting the grave stones??  My grandmother noticed (during that time) that things were being stolen or taken off grave sites. I guess later they caught the people that were doing it (not sure who they were)  But even after that, I think one or two more things were taken off our grandfather's grave site, not sure who it was though. It wasn't' a big deal, because we would always just put more stuff on it The little boy that someone referred to at your
website (the boy they could see, sitting down reading a book) which tree
was he at?  I'm sure it's the huge tree that you see up on the hill, as you
pull into Hagey Cemetery. Just wanted to let you know that, we go to
Hagey 2-3 times a year. I will KEEP your e-mail address and let you
know if I ever see anything strange there. From my experience I've never
seen anything or heard anything haunted about it, until I came acrossed
your site.

Hello, I am 17 years old and I heard about Hagy Cemetery early last year. I decided to go out with my cousin late one night last year and i figured you would enjoy hearing our experience. My cousin and I decided we should completely charge our cell phones so we could take pictures.(being the amateur "detectives" that we are ) With our phones completely charged and working fine we headed off to the cemetery at 2 in the morning. As soon as we entered the cemetery grounds our phones completely died and of course we were completely freaked out. Well at that time she was completely ready to leave and of course i was not and i had the bright idea to get out of the truck...understandingly knowing that we weren't supposed to be out there at the time and judging that this was almost two years ago, I hope you can ignore the fact of the matter :) What she doesn't know was that when i stepped out of the truck i saw a woman sitting on the ground about 25 feet in front of me i couldn't exactly make any distinctive features out but it was a woman! All right i'm totally up for paranormal investigations and what not but this woman scared me and i looked at my cousin to say something about it and turned around and the woman was gone. I was completely done.  I completely believe in spirits and ghosts and everything and iv'e always had a knack for seeing them but this one was different and it was really a different experience. Because i knew what i was talking about. My coin was still freaking out about her phone and i knew that because we had just removed them from our charger and that they were charged completely that gives off an electromagnetic field and its like a buffet to a spirit... it gives them something to sort of feed off of. Well, i was correct as soon as we left cemetery grounds our phones turned right back on like nothing ever happened. So i haven't been back to that cemetery sense but i'm not saying i wouldn't like to go back :) 

The house JM was referring to is the Holmes House. It's not quite 200 years old, but it has been around since before the Civil War and was a shelter for soldiers during the war. I work with somebody who was raised in the house and he has told me of ghosts of slaves and Civil War soldiers who died in the house, and that there are several secret passages in the house. He also told me that if you go to the house around midnight and look at one of the upper windows, you can see a soldier looking out of it. At one time there was a grave in the back yard. The last member of the Holmes family requested in his will that he be buried on the property, but when the present owners bought the house, he was exhumed and moved to Hagy Cemetery. The house can't be torn down because it is considered a landmark, but it is currently being remodeled and there are plans to put a tea house there.

Follow up letter He mentioned a couple of incidents. His grandmother was the one who lived there and he would see the incidents while visiting her. He mentioned one incident where his grandmother went into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of orange juice. She went across the kitchen for some reason and when she came back she saw another glass sitting beside hers and the carton of orange juice was floating in the air. My coworker also mentioned hearing voices when he was in the house by himself and on nights when he spent the night there, and has said he saw Civil War soldiers in the house. His grandmother sold the house to the City of Dexter (I was on the City Council when it was obtained) and the house was later sold to another family, who are local business owners here. They are the ones who are renovating it. Right now they have the house roped off and it's posted "No Trespassing" because of all the curiosity seekers in the area. It was a local hangout because of the stories about it. TC Only once in my life have I experienced something which I would consider to be "paranormal".  This was at Chalk Bluff Cemetery (Here in Dexter, Missouri- south of town).  There is a huge white cross in the center of the cemetery, which is always lit up during the night.  One night while out there with several friends, I saw an eerie female figure standing in the road at the entrance-- staring in our direction.  I was not the only one who saw it.  A friend of mine and I (at the same time) exclaimed, "did you see that?!!"  It only lasted for a full 2 seconds, but the image in permanently in my mind, and his as well.  It was extremely vivid, and had almost a misty glow (as cliche' as it sounds), and a strong energy attached.  I could feel her stare through my entire body.  About Hagy Cemetery, I've been there several times.  I refuse to go at night because of the man hanging himself from the huge tree a few years back.  Never seen anything. Okay, the Boogie Woods.  We've all been there, and we've all been to the cemetery near the eerie church.  Few people know about the "hidden" cemetery.  Directly across the road running along the cemetery there is a ditch and, obviously, the extensive wooded area.  About 1/4 mile into the woods (a straight walk in) there is a hidden cemetery.  Most gravestones are broken, knocked over, and plants have grown up the majority of them.  But they can be easily found during the day.  I don't care how brave people are, they won't go there during the night.  I have a few friends who went there at night (after we found it during that day-- I wouldn't go back) and came back RUNNING.  Apparently, they were being chased after by unseen intense physical-seeming restraints.  All three of them felt the exact same forceful pressure, and heard harsh BOOMING "foot-step-type" noises directly behind their trail, until they exited.  I, too, heard these. As for houses, I'm not familiar with any which are haunted.  Now, the old Metro, which was a bank in 1906 (I THINK was when it was built) is said to be, the old Finish Line restaurant (Emo's Pizza before that), and the old Wal~Mart (before our Super*Center)-- in particular, the upstairs break room.  There are several businesses in Old Downtown which are attached with their stories. Well, this is all the information I can offer (all which is coming to me at the moment, anyways).

The Hagy cemetery is not haunted, my family and i went up there last night.  All there is are a bunch of angles that light up at night. But the boogie woods are. The 2 story white house is haunted, we saw the little boy that drowned in the pool out there in the doorway on the  second floor. And the old church is haunted, we saw a ghost drinking out of a cup on the picnic tables last night.  The old Holmes house is haunted the graveyard is what is haunted out there.

Hello i live just outside of dexter and would like to know more about this areas paranormal activity, i have a buddy who killed himself recently and has been buried in Hagy cemetery and i can somewhat sense his spirit there along with others that kinda scares me but i am very interested, i think i know the family that lived in that old house u were talking about by the cemetery, whats the name of the co worker that was raised there bc i think i'm related to them, any info possible is greatly appreciated.

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