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My name is Liz and Iv'e been to Pine Hill Cemetery several times. The past time that I was there (4-15-06) it was shortly after it had gotten dark, and I was out there with a friend visiting another friends grave. We were standing next to my friends grave when I looked up and saw a man standing in blue-jean overalls chewing on a piece of hay. He was leaning against a tree watching us and chewing on his sprig of hay. He was barefoot and his hair was messed up, like it had been blown around by the wind. I looked back down and said hello to my deceased friend and talked to him for a minute, and then we walked over and look at the children's graves that are out there, and then we left. As we were pulling away from the cemetery entrance, I looked at the corner of the fence and saw a mother with her 2 daughters standing there watching us. They had on blue dresses with white aprons over them. They didn't look mad or scared or sad, just like they were watching us to see what we were doing. I don't think Spook Hollow is a freaky place, but I think people have pissed off the spirits that roam in there, and the spirits have had enough. If you go in and don't piss anyone/thing off, then its fine to be in there, just don't go looking for trouble or trying to see if you can find these "scary" things.

The bus off of T in Rolla is not haunted, to my knowledge at least. This was a home
to a vagrant psychopath whom has long since been arrested. My best advice to you while doing all of these investigations is to be extra careful seeing as how you can
have spirits follow you sometimes which can not always be a good thing. But you
could do a seance to see if there is anything haunting the bus.

I have been out to the location a couple of times myself.  First of all, there is no
Goat Man, that is just one of those urban legends that you will hear about in nearly every state.  The "red eyes" that have been spotted in the remains of the bus are nothing more than old beer bottles and broken glass  refracting light, in actuality, an old hobo used to live in the bus.  The car that  mysteriously appears out of nowhere is actually a man who seems to want to take it upon himself to run people off from the cemetery.  A word of caution, he is  not one to be messed with.  He will shoot first and ask questions later.  I  am not saying there is nothing out there at Pine Hill Cemetery (this is the actual name of the location), there is indeed paranormal activity going on out there.  I have had flashlights fade out on me, my tape recordings seem to have 15 minutes gaps in them for no reason, I also have a photo of one of the grave's where a spirit can be seen standing by it. There are several graves in this cemetery that are covered in limestone.  These graves are the resting places of those who were executed in witch craft trials in the late 18th and early 19th century, as well as those people from their descendent's who are rumored to be witches as well.  This place definitely is haunted as almost any cemetery  is, but I can assure you, there is no Goat Man.

I have also been to this location, and am very surprised to find descriptions of it on the web!  I have seen the lime stone covered graves and the eerie bus that sits along the County Road.  I have had friends tell me that they've seen weird things, bright lights, really dark shadows in the night.  Flashlights going out on them, things following them as they were making a break to get their butts outa there!  If anyone is remotely close, I recommend going for yourself.  Very creepy and spooky.  A good time to be had : )

I have lived in St. James all my life and my school bus would go down spook hollow road everyday. Both my parents and I mow Pine Hill Cemetery {where all the "spooky" stuff happens) its at the end of Co Rd 3450 in St. James but you can also get to it from Rolla, but the best way is to go from St. James, you will be able to see the hill were the pyramid was and this creepy cabin in the woods with a concrete wall in front of it, and the school but and tractor trailer that someone turned into a house, and then eventually to the cemetery.

My name is Nicholas and I am from Rolla.  I just wanted to let you know that Goat-man's grave is a dangerous place.  Not because of the rumors of haunting, but because the locals that live around this place feel that it is amusing to run people of the road, and at times, shoot at those going to Goat-man's.  So, to all those people who feel the need to investigate Goat-man's, be very, very careful.
Be Safe!

My friend and I made it to the bus. We stopped and pulled over, rolled down our window long enough to just take a picture. It was quite creepy for being 10:30-11:00 at night so we left. As for paranormal activities, i didn't seem to notice any, but i wasn't doing a stake out either. I will be sure to send the picture of the bus when i get them developed.

"Goat Mans Grave" - Is supposedly haunted by the "Goat Man" and others,
have reported policeman have been spotted appearing out of no-where and
then disappearing out of nowhere. I have been to the graveyard 3 different times and each time a car has come out of nowhere speeding out of the only road that leads to the graveyard. I have never seen a cop as was written in the story above. The last time I went there(2 weeks ago), I didn't enter the graveyard (didn't have
a flashlight) I just stood by my car near the entrance. I had 2 friends and my friends girlfriend with me. My friends girlfriend was already scared because she
had heard stories of the graveyard before so she was just going to stay in the car;
my friend stayed with her in the car. My other friend and I stood next to the entrance just talking about stuff when something weird happened. My friend
was looking out towards the graveyard when he said "dude, do u see that?".
I just took a quick look because I thought he was kidding and I didn't see anything. I told him that I didn't see anything and to stop messing around but when I looked again I saw a blue glow through the trees. The glow started
getting brighter and brighter. I said "oh ****" and my friend and I darted into
the car and told my friend to step on it. They didn't know what was going on
but the hauled out of there anyway. The blue glow then started following us
down the road and eventually we lost it.
This story is a 100% true and I plan on going there again.

I don't know where the grave is (this is the first I've  heard of it), and I personally have never seen the Goat Man, but I have always heard that any time he has ever been seen, it's been along County Road 3450 aka "Spook Holler Road". 
BTW, this is the same road where the "Pyramid People" had their temple
about 20 some years ago, and it was reported that they supposedly held blood sacrifices there.  The temple was torn down several years ago.

We are very familiar with Goat Man's Grave, and have been out there on several occasions.  You take 10th street out of Rolla, and follow it all the way out BB highway,till you get to a really sharp turn, and you can either turn left or right,
and if you go straight it looks like you're gonna drive right off the road.  well go straight onto the county road till you come to a T, then turn right and follow the road all the way to the cemetery.  It used to be a lot more creepy cause the trees used to grow together over the top of the road, letting in no light at all, but a  lot of the trees have been cleared out.  Some of the things that me and my fiance and his friends have experienced include:  Seeing hoof prints in the snow, larger than a deer, and looked just like goat tracks;  been followed by strange vehicles which have seemed to just disappear and reappear out of nowhere; been chased out of there by people performing a sacrifice or ritual; on numerous occasions people in the group have came back with burn marks on their clothes, and that whole night, these people were extremely obnoxious and angry;  we've taken pictures and none of them developed;  brought out spotlights but they always go dead in the cemetery, but as soon as we leave they come back on;  we found an old picture on some weird looking paper that looked to be drawn from ashes that was of some trees, a river, and the sun or something, but at closer look the trees were really people.  The picture gave all of us a weird vibe and was very creepy;  and my friend saw red glowing eyes on the strange bus thats located by turning left at the T, which is also supposed to be haunted. Some other things that we found strange were that all the houses around the cemetery and bus have a lot of really bright lights outside, lighting up the whole yard, and these lights are always on during the night.

I personally have never been out to the grave, but me and my friend plan to go later this year. My sister though, has been there. She went there with a  bunch of her friends, enough to fill two cars. Well they got there and they  went into the woods. But they barley made it past the cemetery. There was a  cold rush and instantly everybody was pissed. Some turned to go back while  my sister and some other people went on. They got to the cemetery and most of them waited there while two guys went ahead onto the trail to find the grave. Not too long later they came running out literally terrified. freaked out everyone turned and ran after the speeding guys Then things started to really turn freaky 'cause they heard foot steps following. But it wasn't ordinary foot steps... it sounded like hooves. They ran for their lives and got to the cars and mad It even worse cause they couldn't get out as easy with two cars trying to rush out. Everyone asked the guys what scared them so bad and for a long time they wouldn't talk about it. Finally they said they heard sounds that sounded undoubtedly like a goat. While leaving my sister turned back and saw headlights. A second later they were gone. True  Story!!

Story 1 - First Time Out To The Graveyard The first time we went out there, there was 8 of us, 4 guys, 4 girls, 2 cars. Anyways, we go there, and only one of us out of the 8 has been there before, and said it wasn't freaky or creepy or anything. So we get out of the car, we have our flashlights ready, and we have the video camera. Of course, when we got there, the video camera wasn't working, so we put it back in the car before we went inside the graveyard. We went looking around the graveyard, and nothing was strange (except for a gravestone in the back of the graveyard that was oddly growing. I'm sure it was the material that the gravestone was made out of, who knows) about the graveyard. So we walked around some more, in the back, in the front, in the middle, checking out all the gravestones. Well, we get a fun idea to run from the girls and get them scared. So we did, and they end up running back to the car. We were just playing a little joke on them. We walked closer to the car (we were behind the gate, past the trashcan). Two of them opened their car doors, and shined flashlights so we jumped to the ground hiding behind the fence. We had the car keys too, so they couldn't go anywhere. So the four of guys were laying on the ground, thinking of a way we can scare the girls in the car. 15 minutes later, we finally decide to go through with our plan. Chris (The guy who said he's been out there and wasn't scared) was is in front, I'm behind him, David behind me, and Steven behind him. We sneak little bits and bits after the girls are already in the car. We were going to sneak up to it and start shaking it to scare them. So we get right to the entrance / exit of the graveyard and stop because the girls shined their flashlights again. Right when they turned it off, something huge, something very big was to our left in the trees. Imagine this noise: 4 trees falling. Strangely enough, no trees were falling...whatever was out there was huge, and RIGHT next to the car, and we saw nothing. Chris looks back at me, and runs to the car. I'm thinkin' "oh sh*t!" So the rest of us run and tried getting out of there. The girls were confused, and had no idea what was going on. They think were playing a joke on them, but in reality, the four of us were scared and really trying to get out of there (because we usually do stuff like that, run, act scared, and say "lets go!!" as a joke) but this time we meant it. Whatever it was, it was huge, very sneaky, hard to see, and yeah.... We drove out of there fast, and just made us even more fascinated with the place. Story 2 - We Go Out There Again The next Friday (here's how our Friday's usually go: Friday: Movie, Party / or Spooky Places) we decide to go out there again. We get out there, and David and I are the only ones who want to go in, as the two others wanted to stay, as of what happened last time. So we say this is dumb, and decide to leave because it's no fun when they stay in the car. Story 3 - The Third Time Visiting Goat Man's Grave / The Most Interesting So we try again, and go out there. It's kind of sprinkling, and I have my video camera ready for anything. I was in the backseat on the passenger's side. I had my camera shooting straight in the middle of the car out the windshield. My friend Steve was looking through the little camera window as I was recording. He says this: "F**kin' white figure." I look more carefully, and to my amazement, I saw a little ball of light, float across the graveyard. We thought nothing of it really, because it was raining, and concluded it to be most likely a reflection of some sort, but it wasn't. I'll get back to that in a minute. So we get out of the car, and enter again. We walk around, and go to the newest grave placed there. We noticed a wierd looking model, made out of twigs and hay. it was shaped as a goat / deer, and was placed near the grave. I'm talking like the "Blair Witch" kind of thing, a wierd as looking thing. Anyways, we looked around, and nothing happened in the graveyard. We got in the car and left. You know that bus on the side of the road? Well, we seen it so many times, and finally got the "nerves" to go in. Yes, freaky stuff. "666" "God Above All 666" "Devil" and phrases like that are spray painted on the bus (Mind you, we have all this recorded, and on my PC ). We get inside, and found some VERY strange things.Oh and to put the "The red lights you see in the bus are beer bottles there to scare whoever drives by thinking they are eyes" rumor to rest. We went in, NO beer bottles, no bottles, no nothing like that. Plus, we left one time, and noticed a bright white light in the front and the two red lights, and our headlights weren't even shining on the bus. Well anyways, here are some of the things we found.
*Freshly Pressed Clothes hanging up. *Opened bottle of pills. *Manual on Underwater Warfare.
*Tons of papers on Dungeons and Dragons. *Map of Alabama. *Flowers in the Attic Book. *A Very wierd / odd picture of a cabin in the woods. It's like one of those old polaroid pictures. *And various other things.
Well, only four of us went in, and 3 others stayed out, and one of them heard a noise, so we got in the car and left. By now, it's 4 in the morning, and it's still sprinkling rain. As we go down the road we have to make a right, but we see something in the road. None of us say anything, but we could all tell what it was. It was a woman standing in the middle of the road, and she turned to look at us as if she were "stiff". Like, she moved oddly. Well David slowed down, and the woman approached the window with her thumb up and some crazy a** smile on her face. She didn't say anything, and we got out of there fast. Things like this make me wonder, why, why would someone be on the side of that road, at 4 in the morning, it's raining, and out of all roads, why the Spook Hollow road? Seriously.Oh and before I forget, about that ball of light on camera. We went back to a friends house that night, and all 7 of us checked it out. We concluded that it was not a reflection, but something else. It could not be a reflection, because before you get to the graveyard (if you've been to the graveyard, you know) you drive down a straight road and finally see it, well we were recording on the road, and it movied to the right, as we were going straight, and it was just VERY wierd. That's the only wierd stories I have of Goat Man's grave, but I'm sure we'll get more. But here is a quick little story my close friend Tony told us, before we even told him what goes on in that graveyard. Tony's Story Him and a friend were going down to the graveyard, and a man is walking down there road. It's around 2, and of course, that's pretty strange. Tony's friend pulls up to him and rolls down the window. "You need a ride?" The man says nothing and keeps walking. Tony's friend pulls up some more."Hey, do you need a ride?" The man looks at them. "Nope...just walkin' " Tony said he said that in a very wierd way, and creeped both of them out. Oddly enough, the man was carrying a brown lunch bag, and they could tell  something "heavy" was in it. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this. And yes, these stories are 100% true. Also, I have the "Ball of Light" video on my PC. If you are interested in seeing it, and are interested in hearing some of our real creepy stories (we go out looking for this stuff all the time, so
I'm not surprised we find it)

Me and my 3 other friends had just been to "Goatman's Grave" recently. We are very disappointed to report that we saw nothing but a barrel full of empty beer cases and broken graves. I don't believe in ghosts and I thought that this might change my mind. We even took pictures and still saw  nothing. If you could let your readers know of this most unfortunate event or try to convince me  otherwise I would greatly appreciate it . Thanks,

Hello JM from Terry with Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri. Hi Justin! Thanks for your letter, I added it here to the database. One thing though, you experienced no activity on your trip, but the chances of doing so after just one attempt are very small. Most people don't bring voice recorders or other equipment with them to haunted sites, reducing their chances even further. Successful ghost hunting has a lot do to with just being at the right place at the right time.
Thanks again for your feedback!

A recent visitor to this site reports there is now a sign in front of the graveyard saying
"private property". This means its no longer open to the public & visitors must first get permission from the owners before entering this site.

Rolla, Missouri - Is supposedly haunted by the "Goat Man" and others. Visitors have reported seeing a policeman and a phantom vehicles which seem to disappear and reappear out of nowhere. The car that mysteriously appears out of nowhere is actually a man who seems to want to take it upon himself to run people off from the cemetery. Strange prints resembling a goat and hearing a goat have been seen and heard. Often photos taken of this area won't develop. There are reports of flashlights not working inside the cemetery. Other people are reporting seeing a figure along Country Road 3450 which runs north of the cemetery. These two stories may or may not be related. The "red eyes" that have been spotted in the remains of the bus are nothing more than old beer bottles and broken glass refracting light, in actuality, an old vagrant psychopath used to live in the bus whom has long since been arrested. There are several graves in this cemetery that are covered in limestone standing about 2 to 3 feet high. There are also stones in the ground that serve as markers to where someone is buried. These graves are the resting places of those who were executed in witch craft trials in the late 18Th and early 19Th century, as well as those people from their descendant's who are rumored to be witches as well. Our experiences: We had a hard time finding the cemetery, we did find the creepy bus. Nothing happened there. When we did find the Pine Hill Cemetery it was getting to be dusk and we wanted to hurry. I didn't read a lot of the stories about the cemetery before we went there, like about the limestone covered graves. When we got out and walked in those were the first thing that caught me eye. The biggest stone covered grave has a husband and wife or brother and sister. They were both born in the mid 1700s and died in the early to mid 1800s. That grave STUNK really bad! The other stone covered graves didn't have any markers saying who was buried there. I did get an orb when I took a picture of one. On the right side of the cemetery is the older part and you can see tons of stones where there are suppose to be graves but no name markers or anything just big stones. When I took a picture of that area I got two orbs. Those could be the descendants of the witches.....??? We walked around taking pictures and I got an orb near an old tree stump. Then, we got to a grave that had a head stone with nothing written on it and it was kind of in the brush. As I took the picture, my friend, and I heard a freak-in' goat and took off running!!! We both hurt our ankles in the process but got out of there quick! We drove out the same way we came in but ended up about 15 to 20 miles away from where we originally came in. It freaked us out cause it was like we were placed somewhere else.

TJ photo 1    photo 2    photo 3    photo 4

I sent in a report of my paranormal experiences at Pine Hill Cemetary some time ago under the name Wiccanflame3, and I just so happen to come across a photo I took out there on one investigation.  This photo was taken in early November 2004.  There are three unmarked graves that are covered by limestone in one corner of the cemetary.  It is believed, but unconfirmed, that the graves contain people who were supposedly
practicing witchcraft.  They were not burned at the stake or anything, but they certainly hold a creepy energy around them.  I felt compelled to get a photo of them and it just so happen that I caught this on it. I can assure you no one was smoking and it was not quite cold enough to see your breath.  The night it was taken we were having difficulty keeping flashlights on, our tape recorders were screwing up, and my EMF detector was going nuts.  This photo is also posted on the SLAAPI Yahoo! Groups page which you all have graciously added to your database.  Myself and Roxanna thank you for your support and we hope to bring you even more outstanding evidence. M R

I go to the university of Missouri - Rolla and some of my fraternity brothers and i went out to the goatmans grave just last night around 11:30. we didn’t see anything at all but were definitely freaked out by the eerie vibe the place put off. there were 4 of us and we walked around with a spotlight checking out the old tombstones. we had left our car sitting in the road and we heard a car coming so we decided to get going. we got in the car and as soon as we started to drive away it was like something slammed into the side of the car on the front passenger side making it rock. it made a loud boom and i don’t really know how to describe the sound but it was as if we were running over a tree and the limbs were hitting under the front passenger side of the car. there was NOTHING in the road to hit and even freakier my friend in the front passenger seat was holding his spotlight and had it plunged in to charge. something grabbed his leg and pulled it against the door and the cord wrapped around his leg and was yanked out from under the door. at first we thought maybe the cord was hanging out of the door and caught something, but it was plunged into charge and it wasn’t even long enough to reach out of the door more than 3 inches. my friend in the passenger seat said at the same time it happened he looked out his window into the woods and it got completely dark and he couldn’t hardly see the side of the road. we tried to recreate the sound by running and hitting the side of the car but we couldn’t come close to making a noise even close to what we heard. it was as if something had ran up and slammed into the car and grabbed my friends leg and the cord through the door. its only been a few hours since this happened and i don’t think we will be going back anytime soon. BG

Hello, I just want to caution your readers about this location. I am very familiar with it. This location, down by the cemetery is a gathering place for the satanic organization that is in this and surrounding areas. This is not a safe place to be after dark, and can testify to this from personal experience. My roommate and I used to go down there often during the daytime. One night, feeling adventurous, I drove down there alone and walked the cemetery. You have to climb over the fence. I kept hearing things moving about in the woods surrounding the cemetery and finally got spooked enough to leave. The next night, after telling my roommate about my adventure, we went out there again. We were parked at the cemetery fence just talking and suddenly my roommate began screaming for me to start the car and go. I looked around puzzled over her sudden terror and saw what seemed like hundreds of lights coming towards us up out of the woods. I started the truck and was rushing to back it up and turn around to get out of there, and by time I managed this, there were many people in black robes with lights coming out of the woods after us. My roommate knew exactly who and what they were, as her previous live in boyfriend (whom she got away from thank God) was a Satanist. They were not happy about us being there and possibly witnessing anything they were doing. We did get away, but barely. These areas, St. James and Steelville, are known for satanic cults and happenings, and Spook Hollow is a perfect place for them to gather, and if you have ever been there you will know what I mean. There are very weird things along that road, baby dolls hanging from trees, the bus, totally creepy. I just wanted to warn readers who may want to take a little adventure trip there themselves some night to be cautious. It would be best to keep any trips to daylight hours. That is when they can best see all the weird things down that road anyway. I would not want them to come upon what we did, and not get out of there in time. K

The springs entrance on the hill, left hand side of the highway. The slave girl Mary did drown the children and was hung for such, all the info is noted on the cabin plagues. There is a family cemetery there by the cabin where the family is buried. I just wanted to clarify, as in your photo notation, it sounds as if the two places (cabin and spook hollow) are in the same location and that the family cemetery is by the abandoned bus. The cemetery in Spook Hollow is a large cemetery with many graves. The cabin cemetery is just a family plot with only a few graves in it. If I remember correctly, Mary is also buried there but a bit away from the family plots. There is also another strange thing going on down by Rolla, one that I personally again experienced. This is in the town of Doolittle right outside of Rolla on I-44. Goatman. I can tell you what I know if you are interested and want to check it out.

Hello I am the great grand daughter of the late WK and BK who's bodies rests at Pine Hill Cemetery with alot of my other family, The cemetery was started meaning to be kinda like a neighbor hood cemetery just for the people who lived around there but it never caught on really. There are a few things that you should know first of all there is alot of talk on your website about the locals being crazy and dangerous they have to do this there has been alot of damage to the property, people go out there and trash the Cemetery, knock down tombstones and even steal tombstones, and hid thier drugs in old burials the cops wont do anything about it you should also know that my family pays for the lawn to be mowed and the up keep, we have had to put a wire cable up because people would knock down the gate As a child I was out there alot helping my father and great grandfather cut down trees and do some of the up keep even for hours at a time, there is a few other things i would like to address, as for the witch craft, there once was a cave that we had blown up because people would go down there and pratice but that was at least 10 years ago, i know that they plaster some kind of symbols out there. There is something else the trail of tears went right through that area and there is several indians buried there on the grounds and i dont think anyone wants to mess with that I only have one piece of advice for everyone DONT GO OUT THERE AFTER DUSK OR PAY THE PRICE LET THEM REST people should not be out there after dusk it is not a play ground and I take it very offense of when people distroy things out there. I just wish that the police would of done something. I don't think I would mind people going out there as much just to get a scare as long as they picked up the beer containers and if they would not bother anything.

When we were kids we used to take our girlfriends to Pine Hill Cemetary to get them spooked up. I have lived in and around St.James all my life and I must say that I have participated in some of the spookings that have gone on. From a realistic standpoint though, I feel it is necessary to clear up some urban myths. Lets start at the beginning of "Spook Hollow Road". About 1/4 mile down Spook Hollow (after turning off of Hwy. 68) there used to be a place that had a real pyramid. My Mother and Step-Father Operated The nursing home Woodland Estates, which occupied the grounds in front of this pyramid. As a teen ager My parents would let my friends and I use the pyramid to play music in and just hang out in general. The pyramid had no functional use in the nursing home business, so it was mostly used for storage and what not. People used to drive up to the nursing home late at night expecting to see wild wonderful things, but mostly all they were doing was interupting the peace. In the aproximate 10 years that Woodland Estates operated I can honestly say I never noticed anything out of the ordinary happen in or around the pyramid. The Ground that Woodland was on Had been owned by the occult leader Joseph Jeffers. He proclaimed to be the re-incarnation of the prophet Elijah I believe. He dupped a lot of older people and people with money to give up their worldly goods and serve in his "religion" Of course they gave their worldly goods to HIM Most will agree he was all scam artist. The name of their Cult Grounds was Yahweh City. The pyramid served as their "Temple" and the fleecing of many took place there. Sometime in the mid 70's I believe The law caught up with Jeffers and he fled to Arizona, leaving behind Yahweh City and some of his dupped followers. There have been accusations that murders occured on the grounds, this may or may not be true. There were some weird happenings but when you have an occult I would think that would be expected. No happenings as far as I can see would fall into a paranormal bracket. Moreover just sneaky shady dealings. Although I may be letting some down who prefere to think the pyramid held some mystic power or aurora, it was an interesting piece of archetecture. The 4 beams that arose off the basement to form the frame of the pyramid were completely solid 48' beams. Jeffers had each individual beam cut and hauled from southern Arkansas just for this project. The beams were 18" wide X 9" Thick by 48' long. Needless to say it took some very large trees to provide these beams. they were cut out of loblolly pine.The rest of the pyramids wooden structure is basicly just average local lumberyard materials, but the exterior covering was completly solid copper. It is said Jeffers used copper because it conducted waves from space which he monitored. I suppose he wanted people to think aliens or supernatural beings conversed with him. The sound system he used in the pyramid was a very expensive ant high tech (at the time). We found tapes with errie sounds recorded on them and of intelligable words being spoken. He would play these tapes over hidden speaker systems and convince people other worldly sources were communicating. A few years ago the pyramid was torn down. I would imagine who ever undertook this project made a pretty penny on the copper and lumber from it.
Moving on down the road, we come to what I suppose people hold as Goat man's Grave. Honestly when we were kids we never had heard of this term for it. This place DOES actually exist and it was very Dangerous to fool around. Not because of ghosts or paranormal but because the area was well known for a group of Satanic worshipers that lived and congregated there. I personally never heard of anyone being taken for sacrafice or kidnaped or whatever, but I have heard of and was involved in one shooting incident in which the satanists would fire randomly at anyone they believed to be "nosing around". The old school bus was the first shelter imployed there. Later on two semi trailers were joined togeather and used. it has been a long time since I have been back out there but they were all still there at that time. I seem to recall that someone had dug a small pond on the place and they had a lot of white ducks on it. One of the kids whose familys were involved in this place actually went to school with us. I won't name the kid as I don't need a law suit against me. For the most part he was normal I suppose but if he got mad he would get very crazy strange. They did do animal sacrafices out there and there were rumors of human sacrafices. Rumor was all it ever amounted to though as no proved case (as far as I know) ever came of it. On more than one occasion the law was called out there and people would get run off some arrested as it was a very big place for drug dealings. Later most of the activity would settle down and for the most part the area lost a lot of it's attraction. I suppose the Goat Man theory may have been invented to keep the excitement alive. A lot of the legends in this area was probably derived from marajuana growers who wished to keep kids out of the area. At one time this area "Spook Hollow" was the NATIONS # 1 largest producer of marajuana. That is acording to a news story I heard on KSDK channel 5 news out of St.Louis. There were some killings that took place over drug dealings and to say the least the area it's self was not a safe place. This is why a lot of the local people had bright outside lights and lots of them and why cars patroled looking for anyone who "didn't belong there" and a host of other events some find strange or weird. One reported erie happening that alot of people like to play into the legend is how cars sometimes fail down in spook hollow. Something not a lot of people know about spook hollow (and it's kind of neat) is that it is below sea level! In older cars Like we used to drive when I was in school (late 60's to early 80's a lot of carbuerated engines of course have floats. If you decline into spook hollow too fast, it is possible that the pressure drop could cause the float to malfunction and the car to flood or to not recive fuel. this could cause stalling for a time. A good mechanic friend of mine offered me that possibility and said it was indeed a real possibility. I myself have had my ears to pop as I have driven down into spook hollow so I myself hold this to be a valid explanation. Ok Lets head up the hill to our last destination, Pine Hill Cemetary. Pine hill is an old cemetary, although it does still accept new graves from time to time. There are old lime stone graves built on top the ground like moseleum's. By historical documentation they are reported to be the graves of people who were executed for being witches. A step back in history however tells us that it has been proven that in the early centuries 15th-19th that offentimes people afflicted with eppilepsy and other illnesses were often branded withches or demon possesed.There are many documented cases of puritan leaders putting to death people who exhibited strange or mal conformed actions. Some of these graves could possibly be the resting place of just such individuals. I do suppose they could be of people who openly proffesed to worship satan also, but I personaly don't believe in ghosts roaming the earth. Since I was a small child, I have hunted coon with my dad and others in this area. There are some very real answers to some of the "weird" things around Pine Hill. #1 and no offense intended, Most people who go to cemetarys and spooky places at night are going with the intention of seeing something or to prove it wrong. Mind set is a strong thing. If you believe you might hear a noise or see a light you probably will. A lot of cars have refused to start upon trying to leave Pine Hill due to the fact that headlights were left on during the excursion and power wasn't suffiecent to turn the starter over, Hyper excited people pumped the gas a little too much and flooded the car. A tire is mysteriously flat, wich isn't much of a mystery due to the fact that a lot of partying goes on at the entrance and broken glass and metal remnants are abound everywhere. I have been there many times and never had my auto fail me. One "chilling occourance I hear people talk about is the cemetary it's self being cozy when all around it in winter is cold. The area out around Pine Hill is all fields mostly from the north and west except for right around the cemetary. There it is fairly heavily wooded and enclosed pretty much on all sides. Years ago it was completely surrounded but in the last few years workers have cut back a lot of timber around the entrance. These trees offer a wind break. This wind breakwill actually make the temp feel warmer. Strange hovering lights in this area can be attributed to 3 (that I know of) communications towers. One of these towers is relatively close and seing as how it is built on a lower plain at it's base it makes the light apear not to be too high in the sky from the cemetary view. Cold weather and low pressure and foggy conditions can and do make lights appear to have "halo's" around them and can affect color too. Fog can refract light much the same way rain mist makes a rainbow. Lights can appear to move by tree limbs passing through the light path. many people have reported hearing "whispered sounds" A little known fact not everyone knows is that the Dry Fork River runs just a short distance at the bottom of the hill on the south side of the cemetary. The water rushing through the channels and the trees fanning can cause faint sounds to be heard from the cemetary.I have heard stories of people seeing eyes glowing from the "witches graves" and they are absolutely correct. On more than one occasion I myself have seen racoons and possums emerge from these graves where they take shelter from dogs, humans and the like. And yes they can get in there! Well I'm sorry if I have bursted any bubbles but I wanted to set the record straight. There just isn't any spooky hapenings wich can't be explained in this area. DB

Is this the cemetery that we (in the 70's) called "the cliffs'?  We went there all the time and behind the cemetery were cliffs (?) that looked over fields.  There was also a grave marker with the inscription "Remember me as you pass by, as you are now so once was I, As I am now soon you will be, so be prepared to follow me.  I tried to find this place two summers ago and couldn't remember how to get there.

Hello I lived in Saint James all my life. Saint James is not known for Satanic practices. I have been to spook hollow a thousand times alone, and with people. I even know the gate keeper to the grave yard. As long as you do not disturb anything or call up spiritual activity you will not have to worry about anything supernatural. In addition the place is off limit, ever since the girl got shot at in spook hollow by the guy in the bus. I do not blame him, he was consistently getting harass by teenagers who would throw rocks at his home (the bus), and they would also spray painted his bus. Some of my friends harass him, and got chase by him buck naked on Harley with a gun. The man got ten years in prison for his incident. Now, ever since then the sheriff patrol out there to run off druggies, and teenagers because theres no reason to be out there. Also, a brand new home was built out there right next to the grave yard. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't allow satanic worshiping people trespassing on his property. Now, I have never been mess with, because I never disturb anything, we also used to play hide and seek out there.  The only time I was chased out there when someone tried to run me off the road. I could not see there license plates, because they had there brights on. I drove completely out of spook hollow in reverse until they quit following me. I found out the next day that he lives out there, and he was tired of people going out there.

I was born in Rolla, Missouri. In high school, my friends and I started looking for things to do. I actually had been to Pine Hill Cemetery with my mother one afternoon. I don't remember why we were out driving around together but she said it was a place she used to go and it made her feel calm, relaxed and over all better. So I told my friends that I knew where the cemetery was and we went out there, at night of course. The first time I was there, I had been to so many grave yards at night that I didn't care and was not scared. I went to Goatman's for years, never being scared. My friends and I would drink, hang out and we even buried my friend's pet snake Matilda out there. Danny carried Matilda with him everywhere, which included Goatman's plenty of times. My friend's younger cousin is buried out there too. I have always heard that the unmarked graves are Indian graves. But whatever. I always thought it was gross how the earth sinks in underneath your feet as you walk throughout the grounds. So I was in love with Goatman's Grave. It was beautiful! I loved going there. I spent hours and hours and always felt so comfortable. My friends and I did run into the people that live behind the grave yard one time. They just asked us if we needed anything because my car had gotten stuck in the mud while turning around one time. We said no and they drove off looking at us funny, like we were the weird ones. So a friend of mine was from out of town and we were looking for something neat to do. I had always told him about the cemetery so we ventured. He said the road was weird and whatnot, and it was sort of boring so we only stayed for about 15 minutes then headed back into Rolla. We were just driving and talking as we came up onto these three small hills on the gravel road going back to BB. It was only about 1 or 2 miles, tops, from the cemetery. As we came topped one hill that overlooked a smaller hill, at the bottom in between the two hills was a three dimensional shadow figure. It was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only was it huge but it was the form of a giant ape. We saw it walk out of the trees, like an ape, take three steps, and walk back into the trees on the other side of the road. IT TOOK THREE STEPS TO CROSS THE ROAD. I was only driving about 15 miles an hour, so as soon as the figure was into the treeline on the left side of the road, we had to drive right past the area. Neither one of us looked out of the windows or said a word. We just kept looking straight ahead. We did not talk until we were almost back to Rolla. I knew that if we had looked out of the windows, whatever the shadow figure was would be standing right outside of my window and was going to attack us. When my friend and I did talk about it all I said was, so...did you see that? and he said yes. We had been in the middle of a conversation/sentences/words when both of us just stopped talking. Every single hair on my body stood up and I felt the energy coming from this thing. I have gone out to Goatman's only once since this has happened. I am too afraid to go back. The last time I was there nothing happened but I left my friends there, they stayed and hung out while I went back to town. I can't handle it. I don't know if I would go back even in the middle of the day because there was still plenty of daylight left when my friend and I saw this shadow figure. Perhaps if I was equipped with a camera and a voice recorder. I have only told a few people. One person I have told said that they have other friends who have seen this figure, but not as an ape, just random things but always a shadow. He said it is called the Keeper. I don't know. I do know that this thing is related to the cemetery. I could feel it. Sometimes I wonder what I would of seen had I looked out my window, but something tells me I would be dead right now. Also, everyone look out at Goatman's. There are snakes everywhere. I never really believed it until I was sitting hanging with people on the last Snelson rock grave and three large snakes slithered out. I also saw 3 more a few days later in the rotting tree stump while I was climbing on it. Also, don't go into the trees and bushes because there is a cliff and you can seriously fall off of it into the river/creek/ground below. There is supposed to be a slab table or something in the bushes and my friends and I almost fell off the cliff looking for it. Have fun everyone….

I have lived hear all my life and have been out to this location countless time.  First I want to clear up a couple of things. The pyramid was not made for blood sacrifices.  It was called the City of Yahweh in the 70's  It was a religious following that felt the pyramid had healing qualities.  The only interesting story about it was the FBI arrest of a local man who was hired to kill the leaders wife.  The bus was the home to some weird guy/loner.  At one time he had 2 bus's and a box trailer on the property.  He used to have a bunch of star wars masks and weird items hanging on posts in his yard.  Several years back he was arrested for shooting at (I believe striking two) kids who had stopped at his driveway.  Pine Hill cemetery has a creepy allure because of its location.  We go out there often to drink, take pics, scare people, etc... We have been out there during daylight, at night, after midnight, during a full moon and on Halloween.  We haven't seen or heard anything unusual.  We have traveled the area and there are no signs of satanic worshipers or people traveling outside the cemetery.  As a matter of fact, there is a residence just past the cemetery on the left and a cliff on the back right of the Cemetery. So not much room for a CULT to play.  We haven't heard about the GOAT MAN until just a couple years ago.  Thats a new one to us.  We've heard of the glowing grass, glowing graves and the red eyes in the trees, but unfortunately we haven't seen them for ourselves. Maybe someday. Its fun to go out there and scare the newbies.  We always wish we would see something wild, and If we do, trust me, we always come prepared with cameras.
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