Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
             Haunted Gift Shop Stories

Hello, I live Manchester, and my mom, and I decided to go to two ten Henry. We heard there was supposed to be a ghost there. When my mom and I walked in, it felt different. We looked around, and found really interesting things. The lady who worked there turned on all the lights then we walked upstairs. Both myself and my mom felt a cold spot going half way up the stairs. We told each other what we felt, and carried on. I felt very nervous upstairs, sometimes I wouldn't even walk forward. Once we were done looking around at all the antique stuff, we walked down stairs and checked out. My mom asked the woman if this place was haunted, she said yes. She said that there were two men who might have been brothers, and another a girl. One of the brothers hung himself in the front window. She named them George after her father. We asked her if there was any activity here and she said she hears things, and when they come in the morning, they will find something on the ground, that was not there when she left. The whole time we were there the lights would flicker whenever we talked about the ghost. My mom and I believe that this house is haunted. M.S and P.S

Has anyone checked out Manchester? if not, if your close it's worth it because
there is a huge area overt a very old cemetery, which is partly covered by
business or homes. some of the homes even have graves in their front yard.
The whole reason i'm out taking ghost pictures now is because of this site
where my sons and I encountered a ghost. there is a gift shop that's
haunted----and very active, and also a book store that's supposed to be haunted
that I haven't yet checked out. So you have all these haunted sites basically all
within walking distance. the one graveyard that we saw the ghost in is very old
and no upkeep, so there are graves, very old ones just falling down, laying on the ground and so on. it's cool.

Hi, I just wanted point out something of interest regarding this haunted house. I have been going to this book house ever since I was very young. My mother sells children’s books, and so we would go there a lot when I was a kid. I never felt anything there, except up in the little corner with a window, where the owner sells poetry books. I loved to go up there and read poetry. Periodically, the cats that the owner had would come and join me. These cats would be purring contentedly until all of a sudden they would see something ( I would see their eyes focus ) and hump their backs and just start spitting and going ballistic. Then they would run away. Also, something HIGHLY interesting: The owner informed my family that every single person who has ever lived in that house was a redhead! Valerie, the little girl, was a redhead. And guess what? The current owner is too! She said she was really creeped out when she found this fact.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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