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My family does own the Gibson Graveyard and what is the actual truth is my family is buried there. The story about the Vampire isn't true, but an albino man lived in Esther and many children had disappeared around the time that he had moved there. They believed he was the cause of the children's disappearance but it turned out that it was an illness an some of the children were found and survived. They had hung him and learned he did not do it later on in the 1800's. The graveyard is now going to be kept up and they are replacing a few headstones. The graveyard is believed to be haunted. I have had experiences of trees blowing around and storms coming out of no where. I believe the graveyard is haunted but that is my personal experience.

I saw your site about Gibson graveyard and it is a privately owned family plot it is owned by my family but back between 1700-1900 it was for anyone it wasn't until 1910 when my family purchased it I am related to a lot of people buried there tho some of them even having the same last name as me as for the vampire he wasn't really a vampire he was just a Hungarian miner who didn't like to come out at day cause of his skin being so white the people ridiculed him so he became cruel and played jokes on the people at night and one time he said it was him killing the children cause one of the parents said he was a vampire and the town got scared and murdered him buried him put cement on his grave put a rout iron fence around it and hung a cross on it but the cross was stolen and reports of seeing the Hungarian minor walking around by his grave have been reported I know a whole lot about this place and yes park hills was wanting to put subdivisions there but my family wouldn't let them.

Hi, I am a local minor from park hills and yes I lived by the grave yard for a long time...i have only been there once or twice but i know that the first time I was up there we were on 4-wheelers and we were just riding around and the wind started to blow and the trees like weren't moving at all!!! and I did notice something glowing. I was on the back of the four wheeler and we went over to the iron bars. The grave was a whitish color but it was kind of glowing. It scared me so I rode my 4-wheeler home. They shouldn't take the cemetery down though because it is a historical land mark.

I live in the area and the story of the albino being called a vampire and hung over children mistakenly thought to be his victims. He is reported to buried within the fenced area deep in the cemetery. The pictures of the bent bars are where he supposedly "escaped". However, if you look closely you can tell the bars have been cut and bent inward. There is a tree growing in the center of a sinkhole which is in turn in the middle of the fenced area where the grave is supposed to be. At the beginning of the cemetery there is a small
Wooden Sign identifying the spot as Gibson's Cemetery. There is also a small area fenced off by small landscaping garden fence pieces; it appears to be a pet cemetery, (due to it's size). While walking though the slightly dense woods, I spotted an odd item. It was a Cabbage Patch knock-off doll. The cloth body and half head was entirely covered with green moss. Nothing grew on it's pale cadaverous Face. I left it there undisturbed, all I took of it was a couple of pictures. While I was there, I experienced no kind of odd or eerie feelings, sensations or occurrences. The history and mystique of the place are the most haunted things about it.

Hello, I have lived in the Park Hills area my whole life.  I know alot about the local history in Park Hills & St.
Francois County.  I would like to make a few corrections to some of the stories about Gibson Graveyard.  The owner of Gibson Graveyard is Ken Douglas.  The Albino Hungarian man was from Elvins, MO. not Esther.
Esther was not even a town at this time.  There was an article about Gibson Graveyard in The Daily Journal around 10 years ago for Halloween. I have been in Gibson Graveyard at least 100 times in my life.  I have
seen nothing Paranormal in the Cemetery but at night I have felt an uneasy feeling there.

I have recently found out about Gibson cemetery as my wife's was told her great-great grand mother is buried in there it is unknown where at because the grave stones have been vandalized and the condition of the cemetery . The graves are all sunk in grave stones falling over turning upside down in grave. It is a shame that it is bedded in the woods and forgotten about by many, there are very few that know about it. I have only visited it twice in the last month with family members at Daylight hours as the owner of the property that surrounds the cemeteries request Ken Douglas. I would like to find people that would be interested in preserving the cemetery and not treat it like a haunted playground, I don't know how old the oldest grave is but please respect the dead as you would like to be respected they do deserve to R.I.P. !! (If anyone would like to help preserve Gibson cemetery please e-mail me at ) Thank You!!!! C

I went to Gibson's graveyard with a few people to see what was going on there. We went there at night so we would have a better chance of something happening. A few things happened, one was the wind that you hear but don't feel, then when I was walking a small thick branch above me snapped very loudly and fell right beside me. Near the end of exploring the graveyard we took a picture without flash. In the picture at the top you can zoom in to the right of the man with the flash light and see three apparitions. I didn't tamper with the
Photo except for contrasting it to see the apparitions more clearly. After my experience at Gibson's, it could possibly be haunted.

The grave yard itself is now owned by KD He is the son-in-law of the man building the sub division around the graveyard and the owner of all the land around the graveyard for about 2 miles. The owner of the house by the graveyard is KB. I grew up and ran around with him. It was always against the law to go down to the graveyard. Trespassing on private property to get to it. But we would sneek down their late at night. Like every one else has said the trees would be moving with no wind, strange noises, and the temp. would be 85-90 degrees out side but on the graveyard grounds their would be 20 degree difference in temp or thatís what it felt like. I went down there several times until Oct. 31 1982, which was the last time I was their. A hot fall night myself and a friend took our girl friends their to try and scare them. On our way walking down the road which had grown up with weeds to form just a path, we started hearing things as we got closer we found out it was people sort of singing and dancing. We thought cool ghost. But the closer we got the sound was sort of chanting and the people were wearing white like sheets covering them selves. We listened for a couple min. till we got scared and left. To this day we donít know who it was down their.† NO Iím not saying they were ghost. They were live people singing or chanting. NO I did not say Cult. I donít know who they were or what they were doing. I still live in Park Hills around 10-15 blocks away from the grave yard. There are strange things going on all around P.H. several houses have had noises thing moving even a name appeared on a wall while the owner was painting it not all at once but he said he saw the letters being written in front of his eyes but no writing object. †† I have lived here all my life and never heard the vampire story or the children cemetery or about the albino just about the ghost in gibsonís graveyard.†† But I have never seen a million dollars either is it real?† Everyone needs to experience it their self and see if they feel or see anything themselves. Talk to the owner of the house by the graveyard and listen to the stories see if he had seen anything the last 4-6 years since he built his new house.

In certain parts u will feel something really hot on you and in others really cold. If u go late at night like after 2 or 3 in the morning u will experience odd things like voices, footsteps. One time we found a deer completely ripped to shreds it was pretty nasty but I think it was . by a bear. My friends tell me that they hear drumming in the distant BM

I have been to the Gibson grave yard on many occasion and the only times I have felt uneasy there was at late night when I took some friends there.† You used to have to walk up an old dirt road from the†south side of town. I guess about a half mile walk as we were walking you could hear something off the road walking to. It† did this all the way to the old grave site where the vampire was said to be.

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Gibson Cemetery photo by MDB
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