New Photographed by Tom on our latest investigation. He witnessed this figure moving up the staircase & managed to photograph before it dissipated. This is the best photo from an investigation I have ever attended. 35mm negatives are always cropped when printed, so we had it printed on 3 different machines for better views A B C & negative.

Brumley MO. The first photo, a streak of blue
light was taken outside a house on Barton School Road, the second a blue-white ecto-mist.  The man who took these photos returned a year later, the road in front of the house is flat, he had his truck out of gear just sitting there there 15-20 min's, shortly after he took a few pictures his truck started rolling forward as if it were being pushed. This photo shows an ecto-mist taken inside Union Cemetery. Photos by JK

photo. The photogropher was actually struck by one of these white
wisps. It burned a button sized hole in his jacket. Photo taken by Tom.

Green Mountain Cemetery, a white mist in this
photo is clearly be seen. Photo by Tom

Graveyard X, this
photo contains an  orb among the headstones. Taken by Terry G&H

Orb in motion was
photographed by one of our on line members. Note the motion trail.

photo contains a strange light with the outline of a face, along with an orb of light.
Photo sent in by an on line member.

photos were taken just seconds apart at Greenwood Cemetery. A single very bright orb is seen in each photograph at a different location in every frame. Its very rare to capture one orb in motion over several frames. Indians were murdered and burried at this site. Photos taken by Terry at G&H.

Taken at a private residence known to be haunted, this photo shows a strange fog of energy. The second photo was taken with another camera from the beginning of the driveway. Photos by  Adam and  Terry.

This strange full apparition appeared on the second floor at the private residence above.

This spooklight is known to wander among the gravestones of the southern most part
of Greenwood Cemetery. By the time the next photo was taken from this same location
the Spooklight had
vanished. Photos by Terry at G & H.

Graveyard X, this orb photo has strange 3 dimensional qualities. by Terry G&H

Photo from a Bolder Colorado cemetery, note the strange fog of energy. Photo by Tom.

Mausoleum photo showing a bluish face in half profile, zoom photo. by Terry G&H.

This photo was taken on the main staircase at the Lemp Mansion while we were monitoring a EMF field that was moving up and down the stairway. Note the streak of light which might be an orb trail at the very top of this
picture. Photo by Terry G&H

This cemetery photo was taken during the day, it shows a bright orb of light in motion.

Taken during the day at a cemetery in Georgia, this
picture shows a luminous fog. Tom.

St. Barnabas Cemetery in St. Louis, this is a very active cemetery. The
orbs and phantom mists here are often blue or green in color. This photo shows a green-blue fog in the distance, this is an enlargement of this distant fog. Photos by Terry G&H.

Daylight cemetery orb
photo and evening moving orb photo, Colorado. Photos by Tom.

Graveyard X
photo of a single orb high up in the air. Photo by Terry G&H.

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