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                             Fulton State Hospital Stories

I lived in Fulton for a long time, but we moved, and I did some research about the place, my grandmother worked there for about 15 years, I don't know how she did it! but I went to the history place downtown and they said there is no way to get in them, but I wouldn't believe her, you can also try the library, there are some books about what the city looked like a long time ago, the tunnels are supposed to be all under the town, there has to be an entrance of some kind. If you find out anything let me know, Ive been dieing to know more bout it!

I work at Fulton State Hospital. For years I have heard stories of a tunnel that runs from the state hospital to the courthouse. Some people say it existed some say it never did. The tunnel was supposed to run from the old administration building to the old courthouse. The administration building burned down in 1957. The old court house burned down years before that. The new admin building was built in front of where the old building stood. I believe that if there was a tunnel the entrances were sealed off long ago. BUT I have noticed something odd about  the sidewalk that heads west towards the courthouse from the new admin building. In the wintertime it takes a long time for ice & snow to freeze & accumulate  on this walk as if there is an air space underneath. C

The Fulton State Hospital has a long history, it was the first public mental institution west of the Mississippi.  The original building was 3 stories not counting the basement and attic, and had 72 rooms. They admitted their first patient in 1851.Their earlier treatments of patients included hydrotherapy (running cool water of patients wrist and ankles),sensory deprivation chairs( patients were strapped into a chair with a hood over their head), twirling chairs ( would rapidly spin patients), needle cabinets( steel cabinets that the patients were locked in while water was pumped directly into their skin), and often straight jackets and shackles where used to restrain. In 1852 the 1st hospital chapel was built. In 1861 the hospital closed for a period of time do to the Civil War, during this time the hospital was used as barracks to house the Federal troops. The hospital reopened in 1863. By 1910 a new unit had been built to hose the criminally insane as well as other additions .In 1940 the maximum - security Biggs Building was completed. On March 15, 1956 a fire destroyed the administration building and 2 adjoining wings that housed 250 patients. No lives where lost, but many records were destroyed. In 1960 the Hearnes Unit was built for the treatment of children. The last lobotomy was performed in 1966. A little more detailed account of this information can be found at.

When I wrote about the tunnels under Fulton I mentioned a possible story of them being haunted by a slave woman. I spoke to my sister who worked at the prosecuting attorneys office. She said the slave woman actually haunts the court house and the ladies in the prosecutors office have had problems with her moving things around. My sister told me the first time she heard of the ghost was when she couldn't find some files. The women in the office told her not to worry that the files would show up it was just Celia taking things again. The story of Celia is that she was a slave who was raped by her master and got pregnant. She killed her master and was later hung outside of the court house in Fulton.

Hi, I was reading some of the stories of haunted places in Missouri. When I came across the story about the tunnels under Fulton.  I have actually been in one of the tunnels.  About 10 years ago a man I was dating worked for the traffic department.  And he show me a tunnel that was located under the city warehouse. He stored old parking meters in it. I did not experience anything weird.  But it was Creepy!  I believe the tunnel went to the court house. LS

Hello, I work at the Hospital and at the building of ASB I want to tell you strange things happen in that building late at night around 10:00 pm you will get strange feelings of being watched, shadows, hear footsteps. I have heared someone walking  around and the elevator go up to 5th floor than back on 2nd floor then sounds like someone walking. I went to look and no one was there. In the area on 4th floor where I have to get supplies I have experienced cold spots and feeling of someone watching me and have heard voices of like a radio that was left on. I was on 2nd floor where my office is and I have heard sounds like soneone walking, gone to look and no one was there. A few weeks ago I saw for the first time a glimpse of a little old lady in the bathroom standing. Other people in the building have heard things too. Also there is tunnels underneath the building which is attached to ADM building old building burned down and some of the tunnels are blocked off. Use to be you could take someone to the courthouse. But now it only goes to the main kitchen.Very creepy down there too. K
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