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                             Fulton State Hospital Stories

I lived in Fulton for a long time, but we moved, and I did some research about the place, my grandmother worked there for about 15 years, I don't know how she did it! but I went to the history place downtown and they said there is no way to get in them, but I wouldn't believe her, you can also try the library, there are some books about what the city looked like a long time ago, the tunnels are supposed to be all under the town, there has to be an entrance of some kind. If you find out anything let me know, Ive been dieing to know more bout it!

I work at Fulton State Hospital. For years I have heard stories of a tunnel that runs from the state hospital to the courthouse. Some people say it existed some say it never did. The tunnel was supposed to run from the old administration building to the old courthouse. The administration building burned down in 1957. The old court house burned down years before that. The new admin building was built in front of where the old building stood. I believe that if there was a tunnel the entrances were sealed off long ago. BUT I have noticed something odd about  the sidewalk that heads west towards the courthouse from the new admin building. In the wintertime it takes a long time for ice & snow to freeze & accumulate  on this walk as if there is an air space underneath. C

The Fulton State Hospital has a long history, it was the first public mental institution west of the Mississippi.  The original building was 3 stories not counting the basement and attic, and had 72 rooms. They admitted their first patient in 1851.Their earlier treatments of patients included hydrotherapy (running cool water of patients wrist and ankles),sensory deprivation chairs( patients were strapped into a chair with a hood over their head), twirling chairs ( would rapidly spin patients), needle cabinets( steel cabinets that the patients were locked in while water was pumped directly into their skin), and often straight jackets and shackles where used to restrain. In 1852 the 1st hospital chapel was built. In 1861 the hospital closed for a period of time do to the Civil War, during this time the hospital was used as barracks to house the Federal troops. The hospital reopened in 1863. By 1910 a new unit had been built to hose the criminally insane as well as other additions .In 1940 the maximum - security Biggs Building was completed. On March 15, 1956 a fire destroyed the administration building and 2 adjoining wings that housed 250 patients. No lives where lost, but many records were destroyed. In 1960 the Hearnes Unit was built for the treatment of children. The last lobotomy was performed in 1966. A little more detailed account of this information can be found at.

When I wrote about the tunnels under Fulton I mentioned a possible story of them being haunted by a slave woman. I spoke to my sister who worked at the prosecuting attorneys office. She said the slave woman actually haunts the court house and the ladies in the prosecutors office have had problems with her moving things around. My sister told me the first time she heard of the ghost was when she couldn't find some files. The women in the office told her not to worry that the files would show up it was just Celia taking things again. The story of Celia is that she was a slave who was raped by her master and got pregnant. She killed her master and was later hung outside of the court house in Fulton.

Hi, I was reading some of the stories of haunted places in Missouri. When I came across the story about the tunnels under Fulton.  I have actually been in one of the tunnels.  About 10 years ago a man I was dating worked for the traffic department.  And he show me a tunnel that was located under the city warehouse. He stored old parking meters in it. I did not experience anything weird.  But it was Creepy!  I believe the tunnel went to the court house. LS

Hello, I work at the Hospital and at the building of ASB I want to tell you strange things happen in that building late at night around 10:00 pm you will get strange feelings of being watched, shadows, hear footsteps. I have heared someone walking  around and the elevator go up to 5th floor than back on 2nd floor then sounds like someone walking. I went to look and no one was there. In the area on 4th floor where I have to get supplies I have experienced cold spots and feeling of someone watching me and have heard voices of like a radio that was left on. I was on 2nd floor where my office is and I have heard sounds like soneone walking, gone to look and no one was there. A few weeks ago I saw for the first time a glimpse of a little old lady in the bathroom standing. Other people in the building have heard things too. Also there is tunnels underneath the building which is attached to ADM building old building burned down and some of the tunnels are blocked off. Use to be you could take someone to the courthouse. But now it only goes to the main kitchen.Very creepy down there too.

I worked at Fulton State Hospital for many years.  Back in the mid seventies they allowed employees to live on the grounds in what was known as the Employees Dormitory. The requirement was that if they were short of staff or there was an emergency at the Biggs Forensic Center we were required to go help regardless of the time of day. The old Dormitory still stands but has been abandoned and is locked. The hospital has 24 hour roving security. The events I am about to relate happened in the early 70's and I highly discourage other people from trying it because nowadays they will prosecute you for trespassing, I lived at the employees dormitory from 1974 to 1977 when they closed it down. Living there had it's drawbacks but for me it was mostly fun. I was in my 20's and a number of people from all walks of life and different countries lived there. When you have a number of young people living in a building like that they are going to get bored. A group of us was out in the lobby talking one summer night. The conversation turned to ghosts and tunnels. One of the people who lived there worked in maintenance. He offered to give us a tour of the tunnels. He had all the keys that were necessary. There was a tunnel that led from the dorm to the main tunnel. I was soon to find out it was a tunnel for midgets because I had to walk bent over almost double. We got to the tunnel that ran from Biggs to what we called mainside. Our friend took us underneath Biggs to where the tunnel came out at what's called the back sally port. When underneath Biggs you could hear the patients on the floor above.  We left Biggs and proceeded to mainside. On our way there our maintenance friend showed us another tunnel. This one ran underneath Route O to what is now Known as Ghuleman but back then was called Geriatrics.  We did not go down that tunnel. It was like looking down a very long pipe that had a light at the end. It was even darker and spookier than the dorm tunnel. When we got to the end of the Biggs tunnel there were jail like bars. Our friend had the huge key to them. I also forgot to mention that the end of the tunnel at Biggs was blocked off and you could only access it with a special key. When I retired those keys were all tightly controlled. No one was allowed to take them home with them. We came out underneath the main kitchen. From there we took the tunnel to the power plant where we saw their huge generators. We proceeded from there by tunnel to the old original buildings built in 1850. It was rather confusing to me at the time because those tunnels were a maze that you could get lost in. The old buildings were torn down in the 80's but I still remember being underneath them that night. Some of the rooms had dirt floors. Some were blocked completely off. They had kept patients in the basement back in the 1800's. There were places on the walls where you could tell that chains had once been there. We saw no chains that night nor did we see any hooks in the ceiling, BUT as I stated earlier we did see evidence of where they had been. There was one place that if you wanted to you could have crawled by tunnel over to the Missouri School for the deaf. We had no desire to try it. There was also supposed to have been a tunnel that ran from the old administration building to the old courthouse. Both of those buildings had been destroyed by fire. The courthouse in the 30's I think and the hospital administration building around 1957. Their new administration building was built in Front of the old which would have destroyed that part of the tunnel if it ever existed. In the tunnel that ran underneath the old admin building I seem to remember a large permanently blocked off area that may have been the entrance. I recall reading a story in the newspaper that the courthouse tunnel had collapsed years ago when the vibrations from a truck caused its roof fall in. The last place we visited was the acute hospital building. The tunnel came out near the morgue. I'd visited enough of those by then having to help move bodies so I  had no desire to see pickled brains in jars at night. I was last in the morgue in 1997. It was no longer the morgue then, it was a locksmith shop and the autopsy table had jokingly been converted into a workbench. That place still had a slight odor to it that you quickly got used to. I did once hear this RUMOR that before the Acute Hospital was built that had what they referred to as the Dying room. Terminally ill patients were sent there to die. They STILL got medical care and occasionally someone would recover enough to be sent back to the wards. In the 1800's many things that are minor today were deadly back then because nobody had invented a way to cure people of many diseases. Nowadays patients who need medical care are sent to the University of Columbia's Hospital or Callaway Hospital. No one dies at Fulton State these days. We did not go back through the tunnels to get to the dorm. We walked above ground. You could get by with that back then but you can't now even if you were employed there. I have posted this for those who are interested in those tunnels. There are lots of rumors about them. Some are factual some are just not true.  The most gruesome TRUE story I heard was from an old man who had worked at Biggs for many years. Back in the 30's in the OLD Biggs Kitchen (Not the 1968 renovation) a patient worker became angry and murdered two fellow patients and cut an employees guts out. It seems that somebody had forgot to lock the knife cabinet and this patient got a butchers meat cleaver out of it. He killed the two patients and cut their heads off. He cut the guts out of the employee who tried to stop him. The out of control patient was subdued and put in seclusion. He never went to court because he was considered insane already. The old man I was talking to about this story was the one who had to take the bodies to the morgue. He had to do it by way of the tunnels. He said the tunnels were spooky enough as it was but when he rolled those decapitated corpses through them their jaws were still moving sometimes even making a snapping sound. I'm glad I did not work there at that time. On our travels that night we neither saw or heard any ghosts. It's still a spooky place. On a few occasions I had to go to the old Biggs Kitchen after dark. I could never get out of there fast enough to suit me. I never saw or heard anything but the place makes the hair on the back of your head stand up. Do not do what I did with my group of friends did. The tunnels nowadays are blocked and locked. Security is far tighter and trespassers WILL be prosecuted. I know that for a fact because my tour of duty there ended with a stint in security in the Biggs Control Room. Best Regards,

As a student at Westminster College in Fulton I thought I would add a rumor about the tunnels.  We have a secret society here on campus known as the Skulls Of Seven.  This group upholds the pillars of tradition, history, scholarship, loyalty and friendship, citizenship, service, and honor within  our school.  The rumor is that these seven special students are given access to the tunnels... some of which run under the college.  If you walk around Fulton for any length of time, you will begin to notice many large locked doors set into the sidewalks and next to the streets. Some say these are various access points to the network of tunnels.  I don't know the truth, but I believe the Skulls do.  This group is very traditional, and hold special meetings for certain student groups throughout their time at Westminster, including a special "Warning" meeting late at night in the church of St Mary for freshmen if they misbehave.  Their motto is "The trees have eyes and the walls have ears" they are always watching.  They can bring you up on charges of academic dishonesty and such.  You don't wanna receive a red seven.... Could mean you are being honored by the skulls as a good student... or you are dishonored as a slacker.  It has always been an urge of mine to find out if they really do get to go down in the tunnels. 


I live in Fulton and almost all of my family has worked at the state hospital, and there is one place that really creeps all of us out. One of the places that use to hold people has a large window that overlooks the grounds is so scary that I won't even look over there after dark. It is now off limits to just about everyone. One night I was going past it with my father, who works there, when I happened to look at the window. What I saw still scares me to this day. It looked like a face, but nobody had been there in 20 years. I looked at my father, then back up. Nothing!

I worked at the Fulton State Hospital. Yes there is tunnels under it. The Fulton State Hospital was the first state hospital. Back then they didn't have drugs to help the mentally ill. It was just like the old scary movies. They were chained to the walls, etc. Some of the chains were still there when I worked there and many of my family member worked there years before me. They would tell you the same thing. The patients were transferred from building to building thru the tunnels. The laundry was taken from the wards to the Laundry building by patients escorted by attendants. My father used to work in the clay mines. They ran all under Fulton according to him. That is probably why the tale of the tunnels under Fulton was started.

I work at Fulton State Hospital in Biggs Forensic Center. One evening, a couple of months ago, I was in the dining room with clients and other staff. Someone touched me on my right upper arm. I thought it was one of the clients, and looked to my right immediately, but no one was standing there. I then felt the hairs raise on the back of my neck - as the saying goes. My heart was racing, and apparantly, my face went pale - according to a co-worker, who was about 15 feet away from me, and saw me jerk around in response to the touch. He came over and asked me what was wrong, because I was visibly shaken. I'm a reasonably sane and calm person, and I don't go around looking for ghosts, particularly - but that night - I think the ghost was looking for me!

I have been in the tunnel with patients taking the laundry from the old North Geriatrics Building to the Laundry building.   There was tunnels under the State Hospital where they kept patients chained because they didn't have medicines to help the mentally ill at that time.  I have seen the chains with cuffs still attached to the tunnel walls.   I have assisted with the shocked therapy.  It is horrendous. 
  My father works in the clay mines in Fulton.  He told me that Mining tunnels run all under Fulton. 

Hello, my dad worked at Fulton State Hospital. He was head of the food department . when I was young in the early 80’s my dad took me in these tunnels  many times and they do go to many places in town, even to the basement of the courthouse.

I was an employee at the FSH back in 2000....when we went thru our orientation we were taken down "below" and shown existing brackets for shackles still bolted into the brick/concrete walls....we were instructed by our orientations that there was/is indeed a tunnel connecting the state hospital to the courthouse...the reason for the tunnel...we were told that "insane" people were considered a nuisance and were not allowed to even be seen by the public eye...we were shown 2X2X6 cages that unruly patients were put in...we were shown "dayrooms" with a drain in the center of the floor and the room surrounded by a circle of steel rocking chairs where patients were required to stay at all times...not even being allowed to get up to use the toilet....they urinated and defecated where they were and then they were hosed down for their excrements to be washed down the drain…i'm sure there are several uneasy souls there.

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