Okay, I pulled out my old file from college. What follows is the text from the article written by myself -- I'm Jeanette Browning -- and Nichola Sollars for The Griffon News Halloween Edition, October 1998. The text is copywritten to The Griffon News, Missouri Western State College. The information came from the St. Joseph News-Press, Gazette and Telegraph, the Buchanan County Historical Society, St. Joseph City Directory and first-hand interviews: Felix's Grave: If an outsider were to ask a St. Jo native about Felix's Grave in North End, they would hear one of many tales told about the bedeviled lot. One story is that of a man with the last name of Felix who killed his entire family. He allegedly murdered and buried them in the woods. He then called the police to his house, shot himself and left a detailed note of what he had done. According to this version, he last family member he killed was a baby, and the child's cries can still be heard in the dead of night coming from the hill that is its final resting place. Another story tells that Felix was killed in an accident while driving to his home along the river bluffs late one night. His car was found in a ditch alongside the road, but his body was never found. His wife had a memorial erected at the site, and legend says that on a clear night, when the moon is full, you can see the glowing marker floating among the trees. None of the stories about a man named Felix have ever been verified, either as true or false. And, over the years, Felix's Grave has been identified as in a small family cemetery in the Sun Bridge Conservation Area. Ironically, none of the overgrown markers in the cemetery bear the name of Felix, but city maps name the cemetery as the Felix-Liliger Cemetery. The Felix-Liliger Cemetery lies about a quarter of a mile off Huntoon Road, within the confines of a wrought-iron fence worn down by time and vandals. Not unlike many of the hundred or more small burial grounds in this area, the cemetery has been neglected for many years and has the eerie chill of things long forgotten. Joseph Liliger came to the United States from Germany somewhere around the turn of the century. He married at woman named Elizabeth Worthwine and their family chose the small patch of land on the Missouri River bluffs as their final resting place. Just under a dozen headstones mark the area; some have a great deal of detail, while others are almost bare. One grave simply reads 'grandmother.' What cannot be found on the markers are the haunting tales that surround this little country cemetery. In 1980, Liliger's wife's grave was robbed. A liner and mattress from a casket were recovered but according to the St. Joseph News-Press article, investigators never found Elizabeth's remains. There was much speculation about the incident, ranging from adolescent vandals to satanic cults along the river's edge, but nothing came of the police inquiry. In 1992, a human jaw and upper leg bone were found not far from the grave yard. It was never confirmed if the bones belonged to Elizabeth Liliger.
I have been to both of these areas. I hunt the sunbridge area  and know the location of the Felix cemetery. There are about 10 to 15 graves in this area. One grave that stands out for me is the witches grave under a big oak tree. Rumor has it that at night the head stone glows. I have seen the writing on the headstone and it reads. Here I am , here I lye cross this grave and you'll surely die. There is also a private cemetery on Bush road in the south end of St. Joseph that is rumored to have her twin sister's grave. I have heard that her headstone reads the same. Now about the caves on waterworks road. I have been in these caves several years ago while deer hunting the area. There are drawings on the walls indicating devil worshiping.The Missouri department of conservation has recently closed off the entrances to the caves. I have never been to either of these areas in the dark. D. I read the article about Felix's grave and the author states that nothing weird has happened to them while being up there, I beg to differ....I have about 7 or 8 solid witness' to things experienced while up there day and night.....all of these people are different groups of my friends taken up there at different times over a 3 or 4 yr. period. One example is 3 friends of mine and I were up there just being teenagers no drinking or drugs just walking we are walking away from the gravesite we hear this voice in the woods say lightly to us" get out of here" we all stopped dead in our tracks looked at each other and brushed it off as nothing....we kept walking....once again hearing that voice telling us to leave but this time it was louder and it sounded as if it were coming from all directions instead of one solid location...all you seen of us is two girls and two boys running for the car as if something was chasing us to leave. 2nd incident this time with a larger group of people approx. 10 people and most of them grown men at 3 in the morning up there goofing around the boys had plotted to scare us girls when we got there, there were little stick figures like in the blair witch project...they confessed saying they did it to try and scare us...we stayed up there about another hour and decided to leave as we were walking to the car down that narrow stretch it happened again....this time not to me to my friend who has served his country and seen some pretty scary things he says he felt a hand on his shoulder and to paint a pic....everyone was in front of us about 10 yds and it was just me and him next thing I know he is running for his life to get to the car when he gets there it looks as if he is in a state of shock can't talk can't blink shallow breaths...the next day is when he finally told me what he felt happened up there...he said it was as if a force was trying to physically turn his body back toward the grave and he hasn't been back since. The first incident was in the day mid day at that and the second as I mentioned was in the middle of the night. There are a few more stories but I wont go into them. Just letting you know we believe there is something strange about that place and if you go up there I would go wearing your crucifix! J.M Page Back                                Next Page