Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
         Haunted Locations In Elsberry

Oak Ridge Cemetery, located 4 miles NW of town. Take Hwy 79 N of town for 2
miles and turn left or west on (CC). Take CC west for 1 mile to where it splits into
two, continue on the right or NW fork in the road for another 1 mile, the cemetery
will be on your left or south side.

I have several reports of ghost photos being taken from this cemetery.
Below are some letters from visitors to this site. These are
photos taken at this
graveyard by (cobalt1) an on line group member. Here is another
photo sent in by amnesiacinsomniac, another on line group member. Noticed a figure on top of the barn/shed, that seems to be sitting with it's knee propped up. In the shot after this, it
was gone. Also in this picture look for a face floating above the ground near the
bottom of the shed. This is the home page with
photos take by Lincon County researchers at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Anyone with more info about this cemetery, photos or if you have had a paranormal experience here, please
e-mail us with your feedback to continue updating this entry.
Here is a letter sent in from a visitor to this graveyard.

After seeing cobalt1's ecto he caught on film of Oak Ridge Cemetery I took a little
trip up there myself. What I got was some very interesting pictures. I (finally) got
done posting my pictures on a site and giving my statement on all that happened. It's
interesting if you all want to take a look:

off site webpage

Haunted Caves. Location, right before you go into Elsberry, coming from St. Louis on 79 make a right onto Old Hwy 79 and direct right, follow the gravel road about 1 mile. The caves will be to your right. Below is a story about this site.

I lived in Elsberry for 12 years and let me tell you people used to say that the devil lived there. That is where I first learned I could see ghosts. That gift has followed me to Lake of the Ozarks. Anyway Oak Ridge Cemetery is not the only place that was busy with ghost activity. I think I lived a ghost central station in a suburb called Hillcrest. We would see a figure that some people called the Phantom. So many ghost. I could talk all night about what when on there. There are what we call "Devil worshiping" caves out there. Not everyone admits that but I could feel such a presence there, that I hated to even go by them. Elsberry defiantly has definite ghost potential. Of course so does where I live now. Apparently we have a ghost of an Indian that would like to have his remains moved where we don't walk on him. Just wanted to let you know about Elsberry! Keep up the good work.

Star Hope Baptist Church. Located on the west side of Hwy 79 just outside of Elsberry.
Below is the first letter we have received about this church being haunted.

The Church just before you get into Elsberry is also very active, Star Hope Baptist Church (on 79 to your left). 

I also have another place in mind. It's an abandoned mine in Elsberry, MO. I have taken a Picture of what kind of looks like some fort of ectoplasm from there. I will send a link to that picture as well. Let me know if you need any more information for that location.

I have lived in Elsberry for almost 30 years and I believe I know the person that emailed you with the initials of KL. I have known her for 30 years and she is correct. She did have some kind of connection to the spirit world. I have seen her play with an Ouija board by herself. I have not know of anyone else that can get the pointer to move with only one person using it. Her house, which was located in Hillcrest, was very active as was mine. I believe she is the reason I am so interested in the paranormal. She mentioned the caves out on 79. I have not been there since I was 14 but my brother in law took me out there one time. There are 3 openings to the cave and one of them he said he would not go near because it scared him. This was a grown man that lifted weights for a living. For him to be scared of something was of interest. At Halloween you can go out there and hear "things". I have not been able to distinguish what these things are. There is also a place down by the Mississippi called Nortons Woods. There have been sightings of unexplainable things here. I have witnessed some of these things first hand. Keep up the good work and hope to see more. MS

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