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Haunted Locations In Davisville

Woodlock Cemetery, located 1/2 a mile northeast of town on Crabtree Road.
You will drive past MO-V and Stotier Road, the graveyard will be on the left
or west side of Crabtree Road. Groups of people have gone to this cemetery
and reported freaky events occuring to them.                            

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Below is a letter from a visitor to this site. Cemetery
photos from off site webpage.

I have ventured out to the cemetery only three times since I began doing
paranormal investigation and that place absolutely scares me to death.  The very
first time I went out there I went with some friends of mine.  We all experienced places where the air was extremely cold, we kept hearing voices coming from the woods, saw eyes and distorted shadows moving through the woods surrounding the place.  Some of us fell deathly ill and suffered from major headaches. When we played back our tapes we were recording, I got a voice on the tape asking us who we were, and none of us said it or heard it at the cemetery.  My friend Chris and I stopped to go to the bathroom at the bottom of the hill, and on the tape we heard this deep, ominous growl in the background.  We were certain there were no animals out there.  Pretty much the whole time, a female could be heard in the background calling out my name, and just as we were leaving she asked me to stay with them.  If in fact this cemetery is the resting place for a family of witches and warlocks, they may have wanted me to stay due to my connection with witchcraft.  Needless to say, after that night I swore I would never return.  I was talked into going back two years later.  We didn't stay long this time because we saw a 10 foot tall shadow standing in the woods staring at us.  I thought I was seeing things until my buddy and the girls saw it too.  Both my tape recorder and my friend's refused to work out there.  I had absolutely nothing except when I started it up then 10 seconds later I shut it off.  I am certain we were there for 10 minutes not seconds.  My buddy sat his recorder on top of the head stone in the center of the cemetery and for some reason, it sped up really fast for about 5 seconds and then shut off.  We thought it might have been the batteries but they were actually brand new and
worked fine after we left.  This place is very creepy, so if you want a good scare, check it out.  But be prepared, not everything out there is very nice. 
There are some rather angry and evil spirits there.

This place is just even freaky when thinking about it. The fact that it's a witches graveyard, all of them worshiped Satan (How do I know? Check the gravestones for yourself, upside down pentagrams can be found - which means they practiced their satanism or whatever you call it) is pretty freaky. The first time we visited, nothing happened, and we walked all the way up the hill where there was sort of a path, but not really. We then left and thought it was a wasted trip. Until the other day, we just went up there to give the place another chance to scare us. It had rained earlier so it was really muddy, and going up the hill would end us up in mud. But when we approached the entrance, we noticed something strange. There was a gate on the archway to the cemetary. But last time we went, there was no gate at all, like, not physically hanging there. It was a full moon and very foggy out, and whoever goes up there, they have rituals or whatever you liked the call them, and they sacrifice animals (Yes, this is true). But as we were leaving, we saw blinking lights up on the hill of the cemetary. Could we have been coming at the wrong time, during one of their "rituals" ? Could that just be a temporary gate so no one comes in while they do these things? It was about Midnight to 1, so it made us ponder. As we were leaving, we saw a ladder up in a tree and some hummer was chasing us.

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