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Cuba Middle School. Located at 1 Wildcat Pride Drive, the cross streets
are Franklin Street and Prairie Street. The school gym is said to be haunted
by the ghost of a man named Joe Beisly who died after falling off a ladder.
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Below are letters from visitors to this site.

Sadly this was just a made up story a long while back. There was no janitor named Joe Beisly. Just another urban legend that isn't true.

Shepard Of The Hills Cemetery
GPS 37.994719,-91.489403
Below is the first reference to this site being haunted.

Some friends and I went to Burgess cemetery and stumbled on to Shepard Of The Hills this is a very active place iv'e been there a few times and always get EVP's most are very clear like get out and one spot my friend was talking about the caretaker and a voice on the recorder said he is here   he's alive and what sounded like just like you.

This campground located off Hwy UU just east of Cuba on Hwy 44 has been a location of many "Shadow people" sightings. These sightings are most common around comfort station #2 near the lake. There has also been some strange happenings experience my the maintenance crew that cares for the grounds. Lights in the lodge turn on and off by themselves. (There is NO timers on these lights). Also all the main electric boxes supplying electric to the campsites have been found opened with no explanation. These boxes are bolted shut. After box lids were replaced the following night were all opened again.
GPS 38.1111,-91.359887

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