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We live right up the road from cry baby hollow in crocker Missouri. I have read many stories about it but here is what my niece and I saw one night. We were on our way home, as we turned off the end of DD highway on to Basin Rd. in the first dip we saw a light in the road, it was pitch black dark outside and no one was around but us. It was a glowing light in the shape of a circle, I have never seen anything like this before it freaked us out! My first reaction was floor it and go strait home we drove right through it and got a chill from hell. We got home and was telling my boyfriend about it and he said that we had seen an orb. I was still freaking out, so we went back and it was gone, he gets out of the car and turns the lights off I locked the doors cause I never experienced anything like this. He said that there is a real cold spot in the road and something wisped by his ear and his skin felt like there was something under it all night. Every once in awhile when I come home I see these weird lights in the road when there is nothing around they are in the middle of the road. I don't care what anyone says but there is something in that hollow and I am now a firm believer of spirits. I have talked to people that live around here and they say that they have seen the same thing.

I asked for more details about what it looked like, the follow up letter is below.

What I saw in the hollow appeared as a blueish glowing light in the middle of the road in the shape of a circle. My niece and I encountered it. It scared the hell out of us so we drove right through it and went home.We got Jimmy my boyfriend and went back we told him what we saw and he said it was and orb he highly believes in this stuff. We drove back down  there cause we only live about 1/2 mile from it and he got out of the car and felt a cold spot in the road and felt something wisp by his ear, and he said it was trying to say something but we were telling him to go on, because we were freaked out. Since that night I have been coming home from work and I have seen different kinds of lights and I get a chill, sometimes. I don't want to come home that way. There is a house on the hill from the hollow but there is nothing around the hollow. Do you think it is trying to tell us something? I have seen this light 3 or 4 times since that night.
Thank you,

I am from Waynesville, during the late 70's, we went to Cry Baby Hollow. The property that adjoins the Hollow is/was owned by our friends at that time. We kids were always going down the road at night & spent quite a few summers camping beside the creek. We heard what sounded like a horse & wagon coming down the dirt road several times, & one night were awakened by what sounded like a scream, but by the time we had collected ourselves, we were pretty sure something had woke us up, & could only agree it sounded like a brief scream. There were 5 of us, so all of us woke up at the same time by the same sound was something to us.

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