Cry Baby Hollow, located SE of Crocker where Mo-Dd, Basin Rd and Bunker
Rd meet.  These pages contain
letters from people who have visited this site.

Mitchell Cemetery, below is a letter from a visitor who is familiar with the area  that reports it to be haunted. This excellent photo contains a large
blue fog of energy. Photo provided by James K

Check out the Mitchell Cemetery if it's still there. The Mitchell Family were a prominent family & had a chapel built near the east end of HH Hwy.
It was built as a gift to the new church, they had an organ imported in from
Germany. According to what we were told, the family were found murdered
& buried together in the small cemetery next to the church.  Fire destroyed
both the house & the church, leaving just the cemetery. You are suppose to
hear on certain nights the faint sound of organ music, & if you knock on the tombstone of Mary Mitchell & ask her any question, you are to be answered.
I never could get up the nerve to do this.

Hawkeye Cemetery, from Crocker take Hwy U 9 miles NW to Hawkeye, when you reach hawkeye the black top turns, if you go straight you hit gravel....follow gravel 150' then left on gravel 1/2 mile to hawkeye church.
Map   Photo provided by JK

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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