Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
Haunted Locations In Cherryville

The town of Cherryville is located 36 miles se of Rolla. Take Hwy 44 east of
town and exit south or right on SR68 which goes through the town of St. James. Past this town go left or east on SR8 until you reach the town of Steelville. Turn right or south on SR19 and take it 10 miles south, Cherryville will be on your
left at the SR49 road exit. Below are comments sent in from a visitor to the site.

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We were referred, by the sheriff's officials, to a near by town called Cherryville, where "a lot of creepy, spooky things happen."

Martin Cemetery, located from downtown Cherryville where SR19 & SR49 meet by taking SR49 southeast for 1.5 miles just past Dan Halbert Road and turning left or south on a short 1/5 mile local road to the graveyard. Letters & photos from visitors to this site.

I would like to hear from anyone who has investigated this site, please e-mail us
if you have experienced anything paranormal here, or are aware of any local legends about this site being haunted.

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