Haunted Locations In Carthage
Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
Grand Avenue Bed & Breakfast, located at 1615 Grand Avenue between  East Centennial Ave and Euclid Blvd, 417-358-7265. From where I-44 crosses US 71, take US 71 north for 3 miles where the road splits in two directions; go to the right on SR 571, and continue going  north on SR 571 for  1.6 miles to where the road splits again, and go to the right onto Grand Avenue and continue down Grand Avenue for 1.1 miles to the Grand Avenue Bed & Breakfast. A male ghost is reported to haunt the dining room and parlor. People have said the smell of smoking cigars fills these rooms when he is present.


Kendrick House, located 1 mile north of Carthage where US71 and MO-V meet,
its on the other side of a set of narrow bridges.
This historic home dates back to1840's and was used as a headquarters during
the Civil War. This site is rumored to be haunted.

from visitors to this site.
Tours of this home are available, check out the historic website listed below for tour information.


Historical website

Logan House, located at 509 East Chestnut. The Logan House is reported to be haunted, but I have no specific information about this site.


Deerfield Village Apartments
GPS 37.147841,-94.306421
615 East Airport Drive
Carthage, MO. 64836
I have no additional information pertaining to this site, other than these
Letters from visitors to this site.

Carthage Court House
GPS 37.176175,-94.310355
302 South Main Street
Carthage, MO. 64836
More details are need regarding the hauntings at this location.

Anyone with more info, or if you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these sites please
e-mail us so I can update this page. Below is a letter from a resident of Carthage.

I just read your thing on the hauntings in Carthage, MO.  I lived there for 10 years and there is more than just hauntings in houses.  There is a place off of Chestnut as you're going out of town behind Carter Park, called Civil War Park.  When I was younger I would stay up late at night and was able to hear the war cries and the fighting.  It was awesome!   In the Grand Avenue Inn, I know for a fact that the ghost there wanders around more than what you are saying.  My best friend used to live there, and there is more than one spirit.  There is a least one in each room.  The house you were talking about on Chestnut is the one that's haunted.  My family has lived there for many generations, dated back to the Civil War.

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