Southeast Missouri State University,The Rose Theatre. At the 500 block of Henderson Ave with the cross streets of Rockwood Drive and Normal Ave. There are two ghosts at the Theatre; one is of a woman and the other is of a man who is seen when the Theatre is empty, seated in the aisles.
Rose Theatre stories.

Cape Girardeau Heartland Health Care Center, 2525 Boutin Drive, 573-334-5225.
From where I-55 meets US 61 to the northwest of Cape Girardeau take US 61 north for 1.1 miles and turn right or east on to SR 177. Take SR 177 for .4 miles and turn off onto the first road to your right, it's called SSRW take this road south for 7.5 miles. The name of this road will change to CRW, then turn right or south on Hwy W (also called Boutin Drive) and go down Boutin Drive 1.1 miles to The Heartland Health Care Center. The ghosts of people who have died here are said to become active when  a death occurs among current residents.

Minton House, 444 Washington  Ave. At the cross streets of North Fountain Street and North Middle Street. This historic home is now a private residence. At the start of the Civil War this home was owned by Matthew Moore, the publisher of the pro-Confederate newspaper, The Cape Girardeau Eagle, which was taken over by the Union Army to publish pro-Union news. During the war his home was used as a smallpox
hospital for soldiers and it's thought that those who died here are responsible
for it's haunting. 

Old Lorimier Cemetery, 500 North Fountain Street. With the cross streets being  Mill Street and Washington Ave. 573-334-1917 M-F. This is one of the oldest graveyards in the state, with burials dating back to the Revolutionary War. There are over 1200 Civil War soldiers buried here, some died at the Minton House a block away, which was used as a smallpox hospital, and there are legends of a tunnel running between these two sites. Information on the haunting in this cemetery are incomplete but promising, this site needs to have a thorough investigation. 
Stories EVP audio photo1 & photo2 provided by MH. You can read more details about the EVP & photos in the Stories page.

Mt. Tabor Park, located just southwest of the city. From the outer loop of I-55 where it meets Ssrk (also called  Williams Street) go west on Williams Street for .2 miles and turn left or south on Siemers Drive, drive down it 1.1 miles and turn right on CR205 (also called  Bloomfield Road) and drive 1.3 miles. The park will be on the left. This park has now closed down and is now private property. The voice of an old woman has been reported being heard here, this land is now no longer open to the public. You can no longer visit the site.

Spook Hollow, located along a road named Old Orchard Road which is between the
cities of Cape Girardeau and Jackson just off of the I-55 loop US 61. This legend dates back to a story from a news paper from the Post back in 1887 of a haunted stretch of road where a phantom white mist has been reported to be seen along this road.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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