Magic Bus Road, located between Canton and La Grange. Exit off of 61 onto route B running north into into Canton from La Grange. The first gravel road (not counting driveways) goes to the country club, but the second one to the left is the haunted road, turn left on this road know as Sunflower Road but shown as County Road 552 on the map below. There used to be a school bus on the right hand side before you cross the bridge. The entire area from where the road begins at route B traveling down 1.5 miles to the bridge running across the Hwy 61 overpass, continuing another 1/4 mile to the narrow iron bridge and a mile beyond the iron bridge the road turns sharply to the right. Go down another mile to where the road dead ends into a east-west road shown as Country Road 546 on the map, turn left taking it for another 1.7 mile to Rt P. This entire stretch of road  between Route B and P called Country Roads 552 and 546 are haunted. Strange figures have been seen and even videotaped down this road. Bizarre lights are seen and a phantom gate has also been see and videotaped descending into view in front of automobiles before lifting up off the road and out of sight.
If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.
Below are letters of interviews conducted by Ron Brown, a WGEM news reporter with locals about the history of the area. From H F, a longtime Canton resident. Magic school bus road, there was a school bus there between Canton and La Grange, the kids always called it the magic school bus bridge. In the 1970's kids came around there and drank and it became a popular party place, (possibly named after popular Who song Magic Bus?) don't know where the bus came from, it was just an abandoned school bus Imagine someone used to camp in it, no accident there that I know of, someone might have deer hunted out of it.. When I was a kid there was no bus there then, the school bus just appeared one day at the road, no one knows for sure where it came from. Eventually someone pushed it off into the creek. It might still be there were no accidents at the site fatal or otherwise.

From A F, the school bus never had any name on it. Culver Stockton College kids all had their parties at that place.  Don't know where it came from. Someone pushed the bus off into the creek and it went around the corner and now it's completely gone. Now we call it Sunflower Road. The government owns it, no accidents there that I know of. My dad says a guy started a tractor with it in gear up there, in the 40's  when he stopped to talk to his buddies who there below the bridge. Nobody got hurt, but the tractor went off the side of the bridge. There was an old iron bridge there built in 1882, they rebuilt the bridge several years ago.

From R S in Canton. I used to run a wrecker up there for years, there have been accidents up there. I pulled people out of the mud and stuff like that. No fatal accidents, I've heard kids say they pushed the bus off into the creek. They used to drink up there and have sex in that bus, is what I heard.

Another interesting bit of information came to me today in the mail., the farmers who've owned land next to the road since 1925 sent me a newspaper clipping from 1949. The story is about "The Wayside Inn" a former local landmark built in 1835. The newspaper story recounts a legend from the Inn. The Inn's owner had a beautiful daughter who fell in love with one of the Inn's guests. Father didn't like that. One day the lodger unexpectedly disappeared. And perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, the Inn owner filled in the Inn's well. It's near the road. The last person who lived in the Inn told stories about the Inn being haunted. The last owner, George Powers, said he'd hear strange sounds in the middle of the night. He's now deceased. More Magic Bus Road Stories

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