Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
                Bust Mansion Stories

Hi, great site you guys have. The House was torn down about 5 years ago, lightening had hit it one last time and there was alot of new construction going on around it so it became quite a liablity for the family. As a teenager (18 yrs ago) we had went up to the house nosing around at night, and when you looked through the colapsing floor boards into the basement you could still see the slave shackels hangin on walls. It was creepy but we never stayed around to see if anything was "there". Good luck.

A couple friends and I were at the Potosi Housing playground which is located right through the woods next to the Bust mansion and you can sit there on a calm quiet night and you can hear the slaves screaming as in a torture scream. I have a few friends that have their selves been down in the cellar and yes the torture chains and shackles are there and there is a at least  a 20 ft drop off into a well found on the Bust mansion site. It still has the running water beneath. The foundation is still standing. Ive been up there at least 7 times in the last 5yrs. Oh and the woods that surround the mansion is also extremely haunted. If you walk down the OLD road which is no longer really seen. It is now almost covered in grass you will find a worn out shelter that still remains. I don't know if its also haunted but I'm assuming that it is beings that the woods around it is. A friend and I has gotten lost in the woods up there before and the sounds of a horse trotting has lead us out but there was no horse there.We could also see the prints of the hoofs but there was no horse.It lead us out safely though. And there is times when you can walk through the woods and it feels as if someone is watching you but there is no one to be seen............

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