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Shepherd Of The Hills, outdoor theater located at 5586 West Hwy 76 at Inspiration Point. 417-334-4191. From just south of Springfield, where
US 60, also called South Glenstone Ave meets US 65 also called
Schoolcraft Fwy. Take US 65 south for 33.6 miles to SR 248, turn right
or west on SR 248 and go down this road for 2.1 miles to
Shepherd Of the Hills Exy and turn left or west on this road. Continue on it       for 3.4 miles to where Shepherd Of The Hills Exy dead ends onto SR 76, turn   right or north on SR76 and go down it 2.2 miles. Turn right on a local road        for .5 miles to reach Inspiration Point. This location is haunted by the ghost of a Confederate soldier who appears at this outdoor theater during the night time production of a show about the Baldknobbers, he is seen running away from the actors
This is a MAP to this sites location.

Indian Point Condominiums in Branson, MO. We have received one report of a haunting taking place at this site. The ghost of a woman has been seen in one of the Condominiums.


Nolan Road, take US 65 N of Branson to US 465 Ozark Mountain highroad and go left or west. Then turn left or south on US 248. Take the first road on your right, its the Ralstin Rd/ Sycamore Church Road exit. Keep going south on Sycamore Church Road for several miles and past the RR tracks. Just over a mile past the tracks the road splits, Nolan Road is the road on your left. MAP Zoom MAP. Below is the first letter we have received stating that this site is haunted.

This e-mail isn't about the hauntings you have listed, its on a few you have missed. There is a semi-haunted place on Noland Road off of Sycamore Church Rd. Off of hwy 248 near Branson. I had heard from friends that if you drive down this dusty dirt road hand prints will appear on your car all over so I checked it out and I found a large amount of small to moderate sized hand prints and thought maybe the oil from peoples hands had something to do with it, so I washed my car and went back with the same results.  Also another one that I went and check out was near the same area which is a burnt down house on Sycamore Church Road which I had heard you could hear foot steps near the house and a change in temperature and this one also was true well. I thank you for your time, I just wanted to let you now about a few hauntings you had missed.

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