Taylor Road, located just southeast of Blue Springs between
Old US Hwy 40 and Moreland School Road.
This road is reported to be haunted because of automobile
accidents in the past, with strange lights now seen along this 2 mile
stretch of road.


If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.
Below is a letter from a visitor to this site.

Yes there is a lot of activity there I belong to a paranormal investigation group named blue river paranormal investigations and we had visited the place several times we went at the beginning of may 2004 and I kept seeing a light  in the wooded area right at the bottom of the steepest hill so I decided to take a digital picture and sure enough I got a very good picture of a orb in motion a few minutes later I felt as if something was behind us so again I snapped a picture and got a amazing picture in which if you look carefully you can make out arms eyes and a body. The place is very active that was my first time there and was amazed by all the pictures I got we got some of orbs with skeleton faces in them and a few orbs in motion and the weather was clear and no rain and so one I have been doing this for about 6 years on my own and only one other time got this much activity at once we will soon have pictures up on our web site it is at www.brpi.og please visit us.

Taylor Road is a very interesting road, my friend and I spent some time there last weekend, we walked the road and had our camera as well as a small recorder, I held the recorder out several times and asked questions, we didn't see anything as far as lights but we did hear a lot of movement in the woods.  When we got home, we listened to the tape and heard a very strange sound, it sounded as if a huge vehicle was speeding past us, although we did not have any traffic while we were out there, it is very loud.  Also in the same area, my friend kept getting an 'off balanced' feeling, kind of dizzy like.  We are going to go back to see if we can catch anything on camera.

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