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I have chill bumps all over my body from reading the stories about Blackwell MO on this site.  I recently moved to an area near Blackwell and occasionally travel Upper Blackwell road.  Just today I was talking to a friend of mine about how I felt that there was just something "evil" about the town, especially at the bridge and railroad crossing, not having any knowledge of it's history.  She proceeded to tell me of how it was supposed to be a very haunted place and that her sister had told her about this web site.   When I read about the head lights chasing you down the road and always gaining on you at scary speeds reaching 80 mph on terribly dangerous roads my whole body went cold and and broke out in chills.  I too experienced this just 5 nights ago.  I was driving Upper Blackwell road heading west and had just rounded the corner down the hill heading for the bridge when a pair of headlights appeared.  Already thinking what a creepy area this was, I sped up.  No matter how fast I went these headlights kept gaining on me.  I kept thinking this guy is crazy.  As I turned left onto Hwy E I remember that the car never passed as I looked into my rear-view mirror, and I just assumed they had turned.  How creepy!  Not sure I'll still be driving through the area at night anymore.   I'm just too creeped out about the whole place now.  Thanks to whomever created this site, your info was very intriguing.

I also experienced a few things in Blackwell, I grew up in a town called Tiff which is not far at all from Blackwell. My cousin and I were going to "the gates of hell" we were going down the dirt road and it got narrower and narrower, we got to the gate, there was a old woman and old man bent over doing something mind you it was midnight or later what would an old couple be doing at the gates of hell at midnight or later well they jumped in there car and chased us out we had to back out of this narrow drive going about 30 mph they followed us all the way to our home town Tiff MO. Then they just disappeared out of no where. We have also seen the nun on top of the church during the day it looks like a chimney. We have also seen a house on the hill when we pulled in the drive way and dimmed our lights we seen the curtains move, mind you this a banded home, this town is very creepy I worked at the Four Winds Restaurant. I was pregnant, seems as soon as I told the man he hired me on the spot as I was working I went on the back porch and saw this old time baby cradle it gave me the creeps so bad when my shift was over my truck wouldn't start. I had to sit by myself for a half hour for my boyfriend to pick me up, he got in my truck, it started right up. Now that is creepy needles to say I quit the job, lost the baby 2 weeks  later......

Hello, at the bridge, before they tore the old one down, and the new one was ˝ done, I went there cause my friend had a freaky dream about the bridge, when we got there it was like 2 am, all the construction equipment was still there.. but UNDER the OLD BRIDGE there was a fire burning, with no one around it, it was a blueish orange… Well as we were walking around, we started to feel heat and the flames got bigger.. I decided to look up toward the moon, and I saw this evil like face in the smoke covering the moon… I freaked out.. I ran to my car and was yelling for my friends “come on get in the D*mn car, so I can get outa here before this thing follows me.. “ I said that and as soon as we left we saw the smoke cloud, and a light flame chase us clean outa Blackwell… We did take pictures that night, I will try and find them, and We went back the next day, and there was no sign of a fire, no burn on the rocks or anything.. it was freaking.. and the pictures show the fire.. but nothing else show’d up.. and the next day.. was nothing.. no sign of a fire.. it was totally weird. All I can say is, They completely demolished the old bridge, there is NOTHING left.. and since the new one has been up.. I have not noticed, or heard anything supernatural from that area. Like someone stated about them hauling the old foundation off and all, to rid the place of evil.. might be what they did with the bridge as well.. but I think in the long run all they’ll do is make it worse..  FYI: Also in Blackwell there are no CELL PHONES, none work from any carrier.. I took a spectrum analyzer out there once.. and there are harmonics out there totally blacking out most wireless 2 way communications.. That has still yet to be explained by me. WW

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