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Hi, First, very very wonderful site- Second, maybe some of this will help- I was raised in DeSoto Missouri, less than 2 miles from the Plantation that you mention in the DeSoto hauntings section. After spending 15 years walking through the grounds, literally on a daily basis, and having witnessed first hand the occurrences there, some background for your readers is in order. First, the plantation was originally settled in 1806, by a very well known and prosperous family of slave holders. (and many of thier decendants are still living in the town, so I will not include the family name, as it would be improper to do so.) The family at its height owned in excess of 100 slaves, and from all accounts, they were not treated in the best of manners. Even the most minor infractions would result in severe beatings, and more often than not, being hanged, and the body allowed to remain as a warning to others who may be contemplating an insubordinate act. This went on until the Yankees occupied DeSoto, which was a pro Confederate town. (I was raised in a home built on the actual foundation of the Yank encampment on the south end of Wilsons Hollow Road). Hearing that a Union garrison was heading to the plantation, the owner decided that, rather than allow his property to fall into Yankee hands, he had each slave hung along the border of the property to protest the incursion. This would have been in early March of 1862. The Yank officer in charge, taken aback by such a display, ordered the owner taken into Federal custody, a
summary court convened, and a conviction ensued. The owner was bound, hanged from the same tree used to
"dispatch" his slaves, and his body sat ablaze. The tree where this was supposed to have occurred was
still VERY visible when I was a child, having often spent many, and I do mean MANY, summer days and
evening under its gnarled old branches. As a boy, I often crossed to old plantation on my way to various
places to play, and always being a solitary child, was alone at most times.Though I had always known it had
been a slave plantation, I was unaware of what had transpired there until my early teen years, and even then, being very very close to the family that had originally owned the property, was told in hushed tones, as this was, and remains a dark family secret.  If you go there, which I do NOT reccomend (the family still owns that land, and are very protective of it, and you do risk arrest if you choose to do so without consent) you can still see the bodies hang from the branches and you can even hear the sounds of the screams. There are times, early in spring on moonless nights when the sillouettes of the hanging slaves still swing from the trees lining the road leading to the "big house". I do not know just how much of all this was documented, I can say that, however, it was told to me by someone who, if they had said Christ was coming in the morning, you would find me on the front porch, Bible in one hand, suitcase in the other. As far as the Old St.Louis Road - the only thing I ever experienced on this road was the sound of troop movements and the shouts of what sounded like soldiers, but seemingly disembodied. It is known that Gen. M.Jeff Thompson,CSA, used that particular route on many occasions, and that there were also many fatality accidents through to the 1950's when it was still a main throughfare through the area. I have ALOT more on DeSoto if you are interested, email me and I will send you a contact number that we may speak directly. As for Blackwell Missouri- I was raised on the hill overlooking the BlackTram bridges twin, both of the current bridges were built in 1903, but are replacements. I spent over 25 years fishing, camping, making out, and all the fun things kids do under bridges in the sticks. Blackwell isnt just the name of the town, its an apt description. The headlights did exist. Though I was not the driver of a chased car, I was, often on a weekly basis, a passenger, and did on each occasion watch as the lights materialized, than would follow, VERY closely, and no matter how fast (we often exceeded 80mph on TERRIBLE roads) only to have them literally vanish. The old Mansonic Lodge was the home of my babysitter, an elderly woman whose name has since been lost to memory, though she was sweet as could be, and lived there alone.She also attended Blackwell Baptist Church. I spent countless hours there, and the place was, without a doubt, the most evil and dangerous place I have ever had the misfortune to enter. She would never allow me to enter alone, saying that there were things she could not tell me, and that she would never want anything to happen. I never napped there, nor slept. There is a legend, though I do not know how factual, of things that had happend there. Things too terrible to write of, and some of which I have not in 28 years, spoken of. I will give you this - If you were to follow the train tracks north, going to the town of DeSoto, you will notice about 2 miles north along the tracks an ancient cemetery, old enough that many of the markers are wooden.Enter the cemetery and turn to your immdeiate left. Look at the date of death of the 4 children in the end of the first row,the location of Jeremiah Blackwells grave is dead center, pardon my choice of words. In the back part of thefield the graveyard sits in, there is also a burial mound, but that from the original inhabitants. I can prove my knowledge by the following - as a child i attended Blackwell Baptist Church, under the beloved Rev. Carl Copeland, and his wife, Joy, who was the postmaster for the town (if it could be called that.)
I live on Blackwell rd. or what most refer to as Blackwell spur, behind my recently built house I have discovered a very old graveyard, you can barley make out the dates but cannot make the names. Some of the graves have sunk in so that you can see the remains, It appears to be an old family plot of some sort, With allot of children's graves. There is a heaviness there that no one can deny and an eeriness that will make your hair stand on end, But the worst is what i believed followed us home and stayed a good while, it started with small unexplainable things like the volume on the TV turning up, this i could reason away, then it was the strange noises in closets when no one was around, the worst was the touch on my cheek when I was awake and paralyzed with fear, the plant in the hallway would move as if someone had brushed up against it, and my daughter was awakened as she was slammed into the wall four feet up, I don't believe the entity liked her. After this I had a church bless my home, haven't had much activity sense, haven't been to the strange little grave yard sense. If some one could e mail me and up date me,maby a local with an old map?  i would really appreciate it.   but IM not going to the grave sight again. my e mail address is
If you have experienced paranormal activity at Blackwell, Blackwell Road, Moon Cemetery or other local sites, e-mail in your stories or photos.
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