Blackwell....Where should I begin?? A few friends and I started going down there because of your site, we wanted to see if it was really that spooky. Well, I have to say every time we went down there, no matter what weather, it gets foggy, and it also gets pitch black. It is sooo hard to see down there. Well, we get up to old Blackwell Rd. and didnít really see anything except for this creepy house, which by the way, its so weird, I went down probably my 5th time one night, and saw the usual old house, the exact next night, I went again and it looked like someone completely restored the house, and I mean completely, well, I went the next night, back to same old poor condition. Hmmmm. Well, we went past the train tracks and saw the old abandoned house, It is one of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen, well we decided to drive up the driveway one night, and ended up at the side door, definitely something is in that house, and I donít know what, but it likes to run by that side door an awful lot. Ok, Back to the first time we went there, we pull up to this side road, and I just stop, something was telling me to turn in there, I just had a feeling that this was it. I turn to my boys and I'm like guys, this has to be the cemetery road, and all of them are just staring down the road and not even saying a word to me, so I turn down it, and I'm driving down the gravel road, and oh my! Trees just start looming over the road, like its closing in on us, All of a sudden, all the trees just die. It goes from green to brown in a second. We get to the end of the road and donít see anything, I'm freaked out beyond belief, so I'm like this isnít it, let's turn around, well, I was wrong, my friends tell me to drive forward, so I do after much deliberation, and it hits us, just this feeling of the creeps, like, I was just shaking I was so freaked out, and I love going on ghost hunts, I'm usually the one that leading the pack into the haunted places, not this time, I am seriously scared out of my wits, I couldn't even talk, I just got out cause everyone else did and I wanted to stay with them. We had two flashlights going up to the cemetery, and thatís all I wanted, well I thought I knew what scared was, well I didn't, I'm standing there with my arms linked with this dude I just started hanging out with like the day before, and he was just as scared as me, we start walking into the middle of the cemetery and I am just sinking into the ground, like I didnít think it was that bad, until I got back home and got out of the car and noticed the mud caked all over my car, and this was the summer and it hadnít rained in a while. We snap some pictures, which by the way I'm currently looking for a scanner so I can show you these. So we are taking the pictures, and we just hear this sound, we all turn around like to see what it was, turn back around to the tombstones, and boom, one just falls over right in front of us, well we booked it the hell out of there in record time. That's my story, hope you can use it. -N J H

Lately there have been tales of a Huge Coyote at least the size of a deer spotted around Blackwell and De Soto. My older sister claimed to have seen it. At first, I thought that she was crazy, but then I met my friend, who lives in Blackwell. He and many other kids in school have claimed to have spotted this apparition as well. Earlier in the posts, someone mentioned some white dogs. Perhaps there is some connection between these tales. If anyone has information on this subject, please e-mail in your story. BW

Hello everyone. I Live in Blackwell. I have been living down here for 2 years now. I never believed any ghost stuff until I moved down here. I have had so many things happen to me. One time I went down there and a car appeared out of NO where and started chasing the vehicle. It went on for about a minute, then all of a sudden it would be gone. There would be NO where for the car to turn off at either! Also, The big white house right before the train tracks is haunted. I was passing that house one night around 10:30 11:00 PM, and a TV light or a ghostly light was just shining through the window, and let me remind you that there is No electricity in that house. I have seen the nun on the roof, too! I have been on the NEW BRIDGE and said come get me come get come get, and blinked the lights 3 times. When I did this, I kept the lights off and the railroad sign, that has the "X" on there blinked black 3 times at us. It is really freaky down there. If you go pretty far down Engeldo Road, or whatever it is called, you can smell the pepper. It can get really strong, too! well that's just SOME of my stories.

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