Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri Blackwell MO. Stories
Hi Missouri Ghosts, emailing you again. You probably already know about this site: I have been reading stories on there as well as yours. On yours, I was reading in Blackwell about the man who sold slaves for gold but was killed before he got the gold. I have heard that he goes after people and they can see him because he will always be searching for his gold. Hope this helps.

The story of "The Flying Nunn" in Blackwell Mo goes like this:
The building was a school back in the 1800's (I believe) and the teacher was a Nunn. Well, this Nunn really pissed off three of her male students by failing them. Those three male student went home and decided to meet back up later that night to teach her a lesson. Well, these three young men did meet back at the school later that night and one of them brought his fathers shotgun. The Nunn, while being held at gun point, was raped and beaten, and then they shot her face off. So, every night after that horrific incident she would stand on top of the school house roof next to the chimney and wait for the descendants of those that killed her  to once again come onto her property and enter her home looking for her.
Over the years many people would go to see the property and the famous "Flying Nunn" that stood on the roof every night just waiting. But very few people would actually get out of their vehicles, much less walk onto her property or even open her basement door and walk into her school house. Everyone that walked in to her domain never came back out alive. Authorities chalked it up to natural causes, of course, like one person fell down a flight of stairs and landed on a pair of scissors that went straight through his heart. Another person, who was perfectly healthy before that day had a heart attack, he was was very y oung and went in with dark dark hair and came out in the body bag with pure white hair. These are just a few to mention.
My personal experience:
I am 36 years old now, and went to visit the "Flying Nunn" for the first time when I was 16. She came out onto the lower of the two roofs and took her position by the chimney as soon as we crossed the bridge. We had to drive past the old school house and turn around on Old Blackwell Rd to come back and park next to her yard. When we put the car in park and turned off the car, it was as if she looked right through to my soul. She was nothing but a black shape head to toe, but you could see the detail of the habit she wore...and I can remember saying "SHE HAS NO FACE." All I could see were here face should have been where these red glowing eyes that felt like they burned right into your very soul. At that point a friend of ours decided to get out of the car and try to enter her school house. He said he didn't believe the stories anyway. We all begged him not to, but he had to prove us he thought. When he got out of the car she turned and watched him, never faltering in her stare. As soon as he stepped off the street and into the grassy yard she started to move very slowly towards the upper roof. Then as if a fire had been lit under her seat, as soon as our friend put his hand on the door knob she was gone from the roof, and instantly was at the door. Our friend was so freaked out to see a faceless ghostly figure in the doorway that he dropped the keys as he ran back to the car. By the the time he made it to the car and locked us all in again, while the keys are laying outside on the grassy yard next to the door mind you, the "Flying Nunn" was back at her station next to the chimney on the lower roof watching us again. I had to go get the keys but she did not bother me, all we can think of is that I am not a descendant of the original three.
A couple years after this experience this old school house was torn down, but to my knowledge the foundation was left. I did visit one other time after they knocked it down to it very foundation and saw her standing there still waiting for the return of those descendants for her revenge.

Hi there,
I was at this place that for some reason was called "Jeremiah Blackwell" in MO. It happened in 1995, it's been a while, maybe I confuse something, but this is how I remember this place. I was a foreign exchange student from Russian studying at Farmington High School. Together with several guys from Flat River (today it's called Park Hills no) we went to visit this place since we heard that it is famous for ghosts. That a church was robbed there a long time ago, and the nun, who was inside of it, was raped and killed. We went there at a late hour, some time close to midnight I guess. It was a long straight road going there and a certain moment we saw somebody approaching us from behind - two car lights. It seemed as if they were chasing us. We were driving really fast - 70 mph or even more but still were followed. And then all of a sudden these lights disappeared in the dark and we couldn't see anyone there.
We reached a spooky place with an old rusty bridge. It was foggy and we could hear no river, but saw only tree tops. It was indeed a scary atmosphere there. We passed the bridge and almost immediately after it we saw a house in front of us, on the left side of the road. We could see through the window a person in black clothes doing strange moves and gestures inside. We preferred to approach the house from another side. Some of the guys said that they saw a nun praying at the roof, but I think that it was just a shadow, nothing else. Yet the driving experience with the lights behind us was scary.
So Jeremiah Blackwell is probably not a name of the place, but a name of a person  no? Who was it?

So we were back there tonight driving two separate cars. Not really sure where on the road but I saw two ppl on the side of the road. I was the only one of the 4 in my car to see this. So we stopped a cpl miles up and was talking to the other driver. I said did you see ppl on the road. She said she did but the other two didn't. This occurred around midnight or so. We didn't do much research on where we were or what was rumored to happen here. One of the guys was telling us about a abandoned house he had went to. Which he couldn't remember how to get there. We ended up turning around at CC and lake shore drive and on our way back out I seen the two by a tree farther up from where it had seen them before.  They looked to be waving a blanket I just continued on my way. So after all that I started viewing info on sites and seen the stories of a cpl waving folks down and then disappearing. Not sure if I seen this or what. If you have any info let me know interested in taking another trip. I read about the cemetery and a plantation house. Any info would be appreciated

So me and my friend decided to check out Blackwell for the first time. We don't believe in ghost or the myths we hear about Blackwell so we decided to check out what everyone was talking about. We did the beige thing honking no one came to the car. We didn't eat chased by no ghost car. At the end of the road the beige to exit onto the highway was closed so we had to turn arround. On our way back we were looking at the "haunted house" with one light on in the attic when all the sudden a train crossed the tracks out of no where. Trains are very loud we didn't hear a single thing. They have lights down the side and headlights and lights in the back. There were none at all!!! Usually the no crossing sign comes down and an alarm sounds when a train is coming so that people know to stop ahead of time. Nothing happened we didn't even know there was a train untill we stopped looking at haunted house and looked forward it almost hit us. We had to slam on the breaks. But as soon as the end of the train hit the side of the driver side it was gone! It just dissapeared. No sound no lights no warnings nothing and then as soon as it passed us its gone!?!??? Seemed fishy and we don't believe in ghost nothing. But this we believe was a ghost train!!!

I recently took a trip down to Blackwell with a few of my friends whom know the area rather well. I had not, having grown up in the city and now live in the imperial area, so they decided to take me and show me around, well what was left. I mean if you actually go into the "downtown" area it's only one street, and only I would say 4 to 5 houses, counting the 1 to 2 falling down ones. The area in it self if rather spooky, there is the ruins of the old church which burned down, I don't know when. Apparently a nun was raped there and murdered, is the story I have heard, ( if anyone knows the true story I would love to hear it) Also, the Masonic temple was torn down from what I hear from some people who thought it was evil. The bridge itself, the old one, isn't there anymore, they are building a new better bridge, it seems to be coming along rather nicely when I was out there seeing things.

My friends and I have been to Blackwell several times and have seen and felt a lot of wild stuff. Have We use to go down to the plantation house, but now we always get chased off by and old man with a very big dog so we don't question him we just leave lol. We also go to the graveyard on frequent visits and used to go to the bridge before the tore it down. My fiance, myself and my best bro went down there tonight and saw two white dogs that followed us for quite a distance and then just vanished. We turned around several time trying to locate them but alas to no avail. We find them strange. Last summer I and a group of my friends were at the bridge partying and we saw a large black thing jump from one tree to the other across the road no BS it really happened. We have also been followed by a car once when we left the plantation house and it turned right back into the woods where it came out of I should have mentioned that earlier huh lol well there is a lot more I could tell you. Have You ever heard the little girl playing in the cemetery? If not I will tell you later about our experience if your interested.

Ahhh Blackwell.  Been there done that.  The bridge, when I went was still there
(6 months ago) but you have to get out and walk to it because of the construction of the new bridge.  You can play on abandoned train cars while you there, the cemetery is weak unless you are a third grader.  However, there is one thing that made that trip to Blackwell all worth it. Heading down the bridge head right and about two or three houses down there is an abandoned farm house on your right, when looking at the building the right bottom window is open, (warning: its elevated about 5 feet and covered with broken glass).  Anywho, I went in there to scope it out before I gave my friends the OK to follow me when coming through the window be careful because the floor is caved in.  As I meandered through this house I wondered into the next room and much to my aghast it was literally (honest to god) filled with chainsaw blades.  The walls are painted white and on each wall there are a dozen or so nails and on each of the nails was a chainsaw blade. Good stuff, so I hollered for my friends to come in and let them see it themselves, they were just as shocked (my friend Andy has digital pictures I can give them to anyone by request).  As we were leaving my friend Andy swore that dogs were right on our tails and so we skedaddled pretty quickly out of there; however, when we pulled away we saw no dogs.  To this day creepiest thing I have seen in my life, and
I do this kinda stuff every weekend.  bizarre.

Only two incidents ever..... First, there was metal-on-metal 'hammering' one night coming from from where the old (1800's) blacksmith shop used to be (now a barn) in the backyard. Secondly, one Halloween night we took a bunch of people to the graveyard and stomped around. Dog freaked out and coward at our legs...we went back to the house and weird stuff happened all night...noises...smoke detector went off a couple of times...lights went off/on a couple of times. Two small incidents in five years isn't much...all things considered. Lots of stuff has occurred across the street from us, but only those two small incidents in our yard....and to call them incidents is really
stretching it Anyone wanna have a go at taking some pics and possibly detecting anything in the graveyard?  Email me....don't just show up!..invite needed, we don't allow trespassing!  Seriously! Graveyard is on a private-property residence at the 1800's old plantation in Blackwell Missouri.

There is an old abandoned house near Blackwell, mo by the new bridge.  Its really spooky.  I went inside it and found a really old envelope (at least from the 1920's)
on the floor.  It was a train ticket envelope with the name Dorthea Creloar or Ireloar couldn't make out the first letter of the last name.  The house was 2 stories.  In the
living room was an old player piano.  There was no bathroom inside the house.  Kept hearing strange noises.  The house has clearly been abandoned for many years.  Its a really big house and would look neat if it was fixed up again.  If anyone has any info
on this house, or would like to know more please reply back.

Just got back from spending the weekend down there doing some investigating.
Forgot to bring my camera, so no pix.
Talked to one of the nuns down there for a few hours and learned about some of the history.  Nun said the guy was shot/murdered right in front of the fireplace in 1863.
The original cellar is still there, and the fireplace is still down there too.  That is where we will do a Ouigee when we go back down there.
Found some more headstones outside of the cemetary walls.  Ouigee'd for a couple minutes and was told to stay outta the graveyard.  At night, noises, bad smells, the whole bit.
My new opinion is that the graveyard and the whole place and area is haunted.

I never actually witnessed anything but when i was 19 I was initiated into the Blackwell Eastern Star at the Masonic Lodge. By then they were in their new building at the junction of E & CC. However my mother in-law (who was the Worthymatron) along with all the other old timers never spoke of the old lodge building no matter how many questions i would ask about it and when i'd mention what a curious town it was and the
reasons for it "drying-up" they never really seemed to have info to share, although many of them HAD to have know since they grew up around there. And she always told me it wasn't safe to be nosing around there. I've always wanted to walk up the train tracks to the site of an old cellar and where there is an old civil war cemetary, I have heard stories of "activity' up there. There is DEFINITELY a creepy presence there.

I am writing to give you information about Blackwell.  About 10 years ago when I was a high school student I heard a story of the nun on top of the church out at Blackwell. One night some friends and I drove out that way.  It was very dark and I got cold chills and I am not sure if the figure I saw on the church by the bridge was actually a nun. I do know that place was creepy.  That night after crossing the bridge I became very ill.  My body temperature dropped to around 96 degrees and I felt really weak. The next few weeks after the visit to Blackwell were odd and I am not sure if it links but it was odd. It was the day after, and I decided to drive to Blackwell during the day to see for myself if there was anything that could have caused the image I had seen the night before. Unfortunately, I never arrived to the bridge. Shortly after turning on to the road to Blackwell a vehicle from nowhere ran me off the road. I walked half a mile down theroad to a house to call for help. It seemed to look as if people were home but no one answered the door.  In the weeks that followed somebody murdered my dog in my yard and somebody called my high school saying that there were my parents and to meet them outside at a certain time.  I went in front of the school but no one was there and a white van circled the parking lot and stopped right by my car. I could not tell very well who was driving but immediate inside called home to find out that my parents never called.

Recently myself and 2 friends were told of a resturant on Upper Blackwell Road where Satanism was practiced. So on our way to camp out near here we decided to look for the place. We stopped in a gas station and asked for directions to Upper Blackwell road, the gentleman and woman behind the counter asked why and I replied that a friend mentioned a nice resturant there. The woman and man behind the counter shot each other nervous glances and quickly told us they had never heard of the road and that we had to leave. I looked at them dumbfounded and asked them if they knew anyone
who WOULD know at which point they directed us to the casey's across the street and told us we'd find what we were looking for over "there" and quickly rushed us out and on our way. If this wasn't odd enough behaviour, when we got over to casey's to ask directions the woman looked at my belly (I am 5 months pregnant but not really showing so I was astounded she had figured this out on her own) and told us where we needed to go, which was only a street or two over. She disappeared into the back and out emerged another woman asking how far along I was....I didn't answer and walked back to our vehicle. We were a little freaked out but wanted to see this restaurant......finally after some searching and confusion as to roads, we spotted the small house made into a restaurant, named Four Winds. We proceeded to enter the empty of guests building, checked the closing time (an hour later) and attempted to enter at which point a short man quickly greeted the two boys in front of me and told them he was closed. They turned to me and apologized and offered fast food. The man took one look at me and immediatly changed his mind, he grabbed me by the arm and ushered me inside cooing over me and asking me how far along I was, maybe I'm more noticable than I think, but no one else, even my family recognizes my belly as being pregnant. Anyhow, he proceeded to be very curteous to me and kind of mean to my two male companions. He made a big fuss the whole time over me and my baby to be. The restaurant was nicely furnished, morrocan style, which turns out was because he claimed to be moroccan. Anyhow, basically I ordered onion rings (the restaurant was VERY pricey and everything I tried to order he said they were out of so I settled on the onion rings, trying to pawn it off as just EXACTLY what I was craving and the ONLY thing baby wanted.) the boys had a meal, steak I think and cheese cake. The guy even chearged us for the WATER!!!!! but anyhow, I wanted to leave cuz the guy was creeping me out along w/ the boys, then I had to pee, couldn't get the door to close and finally said screw it and went w/ the door open. note: the hallway led only to the bathrooms and there was nop place to go but the restrooms or out the front door at the beginning to the hallway. About halfway through dinner I had to go to the restroom again and had one of the gentlemen escort me to help close the door, tirns out he had to go to, so we went to our
respective facilities. Upon leaving the restroom I ran into the gentleman accompanying me and we went back to our table where our other friend was as he casually told us something was bothering him, we asked what and he replied "did you see a man go down that hall?" we said, no, the bathrooms are 1 person and the only thing down the hall. Apparently he saw a gentlman of avg. height wearing a hawaiin print shirt and brown loafers run down the hallway but not exit. We assured him the hallway only went to the bathrooms and it was impossible. note: this particular friend doesn't believe in the paranormal. We finished our dinner while the gentleman who was serving us drilled us where we were from, how old we were, if we had family, and where we were staying.......all a little odd, not your typical conversation between host and dinner guests. He said no one else was in the restaurant and he was closing down to go home but had the sneaky suspicion I was pregnant and didn't want to turn away the opportunity to feed a pregnant woman, he claimed his daughter was pregnant but only abt. 2 months along. So, we ate and left quickly as well as changing where we were going to be staying the night (from blackwell to valles mines). About 15 minutes later after leaving I starting feeling funny, very dizzy and strange, barely able to keep myself awake. The next morning I threw up a bunch of blood and what looked like tar. We decided not to go back again, and my friend is still looking for a way to explain what he saw run down the hallway.

Hi! I Have spent the past 7 summers camping at Blackwell. When I was younger, before the old bridge was closed, myself and my sister and brother-in-law were chased back across the bridge by the "phantom car". I have never
seen the bon fire, but allot of wierd things do happen, I noticed in another post someone
mentioning black "things" jumping from trees, this could be the cats that do frequent the area.
At night camping sometimes you can here really weird things, I have seen orbs across the river just traveling down the tracks!

I was a resident of that area for better than 25 years, and attended church and many social functions in Blackwell. I went to chuch as a small child there and even knew the woman who lived in the old masons building that your site speaks of being torn down. Talk about a rush of memories. The masons lodge is the oldest foundation in the town, or was. I was very deep into the history of that particular area. One of the buildings that sat there was used as a head quarters for the yankee invaders on the run from about 8 miles up river, when General M J Thompson ran them off the land I lived on overlooking the twin bridges on Big River, and routed them south. Supposedly, Thompson rode into Blackwell, and found out the masons had offered aid and comfort to the enemy, and ordered the masons involved and the building fired. (Thompson, also a mason, was stripped of this after the war for his orders in this matter). He also ordered that some civilians who were also aiding the union be dealt with. Most were lynched at an intersection where the old post office shack stood. His Honor, Judge Blackwell, was a very astute justice. It was often swift and severe, and almost always ended up with you line dancing to Satans fiddle. The old timers would talk of being able to find their way to town at night drunk, simply by the stench of the bodies His Honor liked to hang from the rafters of the bridge as a warning - Dont Stop Here. Many in town would joke that Blackwell had made a deal with the devil. Not everyone thought it was much of a joke. The makeshift jail, that for a time also doubled as the towns bank vault (safe enough to hold your cash then its safe enough to hold a convict), saw its fair share of "suicides". I mention that in quotes as some of them were highly questionable at best. There was also a large "hotel" business, more or less a burlesque house of sorts, for gambling and the like. There are many stories of drunken gamblers wandering into the wood after a good night at the table, never to arrive at their destination. Many prostitutes met their ends there as well. Then there is the indian curse. Too much for one email. And the pictured bridges there were built in ' 03. For experiences...I spent more than a few nights in the old masons house, this would have been very early '78 to about 1981'ish. Beautiful home, creepy as a topless backrub from grandma. I was only a little guy at the time and remember very vividly not wanting to be inside there. The fact that its gone only gives me hope that whatever evil lay within, my be banished. The old two story baptist church (make a right before the tracks and follow it down past the dip in the road where the spring is/was, its on your right.) was a creepy place at night too, actually, the entire town would give Bella Lugosi the heebie-jeebies. I have seen the ghost car, its a 1930's ford sedan, and it will run you off the road but it wont hurt you (it can cause you to get hurt if your not careful though) and you dont want to mess with it too often, it tends to piss it off.

I have been doing a genealogy on my family and have discovered that on my Dad's side, some of my ancestor's married into the Blackwell and into the Moon family.  I won't give my last name at this time, but can tell you that there has always been something strange about our family.  Digging deeper into the family tree,  I went all the back to England in the late 1600's and two women on my Dad's side were accused of witchcraft there. I'd like to find out a lot more about Moon Cemetery and Buster Cemetery too, if anyone has any more info on these cemeteries. The stories submitted so far have been enlightening and very helpful.  I will be going out there soon to look for these graveyards but would love some more "Valles Mines, Blackwell or Desoto" history. Thank you.

I live really close to Blackwell, in fact I can walk to Blackwell. I live in Tiff, MO. I have an uncle that was fixing up an old house in Blackwell. They know the houses name by the old haunted house. Somebody killed themselves on the top floor of the old house. One of the rooms stays cold all day long, it doesn't matter if its 90 degrees out its always cold. Well someone owns the house now and its all fixed up but you can still feel the ghostly presents of the man who once lived there. Alot of parties went on in the house. and some people were hurt in the house. If you want to see it its the big white house on the same side of the bridge as the old church..

Hi, First, very very wonderful site- Second, maybe some of this will help- I was raised in DeSoto Missouri, less than 2 miles from the Plantation that you mention in the DeSoto hauntings section. After spending 15 years walking through the grounds, literally on a daily basis, and having witnessed first hand the occurrences there, some background for your readers is in order. First, the plantation was originally settled in 1806, by a very well known and prosperous family of slave holders. (and many of thier decendants are still living in the town, so I will not include the family name, as it would be improper to do so.) The family at its height owned in excess of 100 slaves, and from all accounts, they were not treated in the best of manners. Even the most minor infractions would result in severe beatings, and more often than not, being hanged, and the body allowed to remain as a warning to others who may be contemplating an insubordinate act. This went on until the Yankees occupied DeSoto, which was a pro Confederate town. (I was raised in a home built on the actual foundation of the Yank encampment on the south end of Wilsons Hollow Road). Hearing that a Union garrison was heading to the plantation, the owner decided that, rather than allow his property to fall into Yankee hands, he had each slave hung along the border of the property to protest the incursion. This would have been in early March of 1862. The Yank officer in charge, taken aback by such a display, ordered the owner taken into Federal custody, a
summary court convened, and a conviction ensued. The owner was bound, hanged from the same tree used to
"dispatch" his slaves, and his body sat ablaze. The tree where this was supposed to have occurred was
still VERY visible when I was a child, having often spent many, and I do mean MANY, summer days and
evening under its gnarled old branches. As a boy, I often crossed to old plantation on my way to various
places to play, and always being a solitary child, was alone at most times.Though I had always known it had
been a slave plantation, I was unaware of what had transpired there until my early teen years, and even then, being very very close to the family that had originally owned the property, was told in hushed tones, as this was, and remains a dark family secret.  If you go there, which I do NOT reccomend (the family still owns that land, and are very protective of it, and you do risk arrest if you choose to do so without consent) you can still see the bodies hang from the branches and you can even hear the sounds of the screams. There are times, early in spring on moonless nights when the sillouettes of the hanging slaves still swing from the trees lining the road leading to the "big house". I do not know just how much of all this was documented, I can say that, however, it was told to me by someone who, if they had said Christ was coming in the morning, you would find me on the front porch, Bible in one hand, suitcase in the other. As far as the Old St.Louis Road - the only thing I ever experienced on this road was the sound of troop movements and the shouts of what sounded like soldiers, but seemingly disembodied. It is known that Gen. M.Jeff Thompson,CSA, used that particular route on many occasions, and that there were also many fatality accidents through to the 1950's when it was still a main throughfare through the area. I have ALOT more on DeSoto if you are interested, email me and I will send you a contact number that we may speak directly. As for Blackwell Missouri- I was raised on the hill overlooking the BlackTram bridges twin, both of the current bridges were built in 1903, but are replacements. I spent over 25 years fishing, camping, making out, and all the fun things kids do under bridges in the sticks. Blackwell isnt just the name of the town, its an apt description. The headlights did exist. Though I was not the driver of a chased car, I was, often on a weekly basis, a passenger, and did on each occasion watch as the lights materialized, than would follow, VERY closely, and no matter how fast (we often exceeded 80mph on TERRIBLE roads) only to have them literally vanish. The old Mansonic Lodge was the home of my babysitter, an elderly woman whose name has since been lost to memory, though she was sweet as could be, and lived there alone.She also attended Blackwell Baptist Church. I spent countless hours there, and the place was, without a doubt, the most evil and dangerous place I have ever had the misfortune to enter. She would never allow me to enter alone, saying that there were things she could not tell me, and that she would never want anything to happen. I never napped there, nor slept. There is a legend, though I do not know how factual, of things that had happend there. Things too terrible to write of, and some of which I have not in 28 years, spoken of. I will give you this - If you were to follow the train tracks north, going to the town of DeSoto, you will notice about 2 miles north along the tracks an ancient cemetery, old enough that many of the markers are wooden.Enter the cemetery and turn to your immdeiate left. Look at the date of death of the 4 children in the end of the first row,the location of Jeremiah Blackwells grave is dead center, pardon my choice of words. In the back part of thefield the graveyard sits in, there is also a burial mound, but that from the original inhabitants. I can prove my knowledge by the following - as a child i attended Blackwell Baptist Church, under the beloved Rev. Carl Copeland, and his wife, Joy, who was the postmaster for the town (if it could be called that.)

I have chill bumps all over my body from reading the stories about Blackwell MO on this site.  I recently moved to an area near Blackwell and occasionally travel Upper Blackwell road.  Just today I was talking to a friend of mine about how I felt that there was just something "evil" about the town, especially at the bridge and railroad crossing, not having any knowledge of it's history.  She proceeded to tell me of how it was supposed to be a very haunted place and that her sister had told her about this web site.   When I read about the head lights chasing you down the road and always gaining on you at scary speeds reaching 80 mph on terribly dangerous roads my whole body went cold and and broke out in chills.  I too experienced this just 5 nights ago.  I was driving Upper Blackwell road heading west and had just rounded the corner down the hill heading for the bridge when a pair of headlights appeared.  Already thinking what a creepy area this was, I sped up.  No matter how fast I went these headlights kept gaining on me.  I kept thinking this guy is crazy.  As I turned left onto Hwy E I remember that the car never passed as I looked into my rear-view mirror, and I just assumed they had turned.  How creepy!  Not sure I'll still be driving through the area at night anymore.   I'm just too creeped out about the whole place now.  Thanks to whomever created this site, your info was very intriguing.

I also experienced a few things in Blackwell, I grew up in a town called Tiff which is not far at all from Blackwell. My cousin and I were going to "the gates of hell" we were going down the dirt road and it got narrower and narrower, we got to the gate, there was a old woman and old man bent over doing something mind you it was midnight or later what would an old couple be doing at the gates of hell at midnight or later well they jumped in there car and chased us out we had to back out of this narrow drive going about 30 mph they followed us all the way to our home town Tiff MO. Then they just disappeared out of no where. We have also seen the nun on top of the church during the day it looks like a chimney. We have also seen a house on the hill when we pulled in the drive way and dimmed our lights we seen the curtains move, mind you this a banded home, this town is very creepy I worked at the Four Winds Restaurant. I was pregnant, seems as soon as I told the man he hired me on the spot as I was working I went on the back porch and saw this old time baby cradle it gave me the creeps so bad when my shift was over my truck wouldn't start. I had to sit by myself for a half hour for my boyfriend to pick me up, he got in my truck, it started right up. Now that's creepy needles to say I quit the job, lost the baby 2 weeks  later......

Hello, at the bridge, before they tore the old one down, and the new one was half done, I went there cause my friend had a freaky dream about the bridge, when we got there it was like 2 am, all the construction equipment was still there.. but UNDER the OLD BRIDGE there was a fire burning, with no one around it, it was a blueish orange color. Well as we were walking around, we started to feel heat and the flames got bigger.. I decided to look up toward the moon, and I saw this evil like face in the smoke covering the moon, I freaked out.. I ran to my car and was yelling for my friends "come on get in the D*mn car" so I can get outa here before this thing follows me.  I said that and as soon as we left we saw the smoke cloud, and a light flame chase us clean outa Blackwell. We did take pictures that night, I will try and find them, and We went back the next day, and there was no sign of a fire, no burn on the rocks or anything.. it was freaking.. and the pictures show the fire.. but nothing else show'd up, and the next day.. was nothing.. no sign of a fire.. it was totally weird. All I can say is, They completely demolished the old bridge, there is NOTHING left.. and since the new one has been up.. I have not noticed, or heard anything supernatural from that area. Like someone stated about them hauling the old foundation off and all, to rid the place of evil.. might be what they did with the bridge as well.. but I think in the long run all they'll do is make it worse..  FYI: Also in Blackwell there are no CELL PHONES, none work from any carrier.. I took a spectrum analyzer out there once.. and there are harmonics out there totally blacking out most wireless 2 way communications.. That has still yet to be explained by me.

I live on Blackwell rd. or what most refer to as Blackwell spur, behind my recently built house I have discovered a very old graveyard, you can barley make out the dates but cannot make the names. Some of the graves have sunk in so that you can see the remains, It appears to be an old family plot of some sort, With allot of children's graves. There is a heaviness there that no one can deny and an eeriness that will make your hair stand on end, But the worst is what i believed followed us home and stayed a good while, it started with small unexplainable things like the volume on the TV turning up, this i could reason away, then it was the strange noises in closets when no one was around, the worst was the touch on my cheek when I was awake and paralyzed with fear, the plant in the hallway would move as if someone had brushed up against it, and my daughter was awakened as she was slammed into the wall four feet up, I don't believe the entity liked her. After this I had a church bless my home, haven't had much activity sense, haven't been to the strange little grave yard sense. If some one could e mail me and up date me,maby a local with an old map?  i would really appreciate it.   but IM not going to the grave sight again.

I stumbled upon the Blackwell stories site after doing a google search on Blackwell. I had a dream of a friend last night, who I haven't seen in well over a decade that spurned the search. When I was much younger a friend of mine had moved out to DeSoto, and in attempts to keep in contact we made the trip out there from St. Louis occasionally to hang out. As she became more familiar with the town and eventually accepted by the locals, she was invited to go out to "Moontown" and we were invited along as well. The first stop was the church, and the quite frightening story of the nun who had been raped and murdered. I did not readily bite into this legend as it was quite apparent on the moonlit night that the "nun" was little more than a chimney, or other form of decaying architecture. I was unable however to shake a feeling of dread and was extremely uncomfortable. We were then taken out to a large piece of property where there was a cemetery, we were assured that only a handful of people knew about, not one as old as the ones i saw in the pics on the investigations page. Most of the names on the headstones were Blackwell, some adorned with masonic seals and inverted pentagrams. The place was very frightening and although that's all that seemed to be there on that large well kept field, I felt very much as if we were being watched. There  was a moment of panic when it seemed that we were completely surrounded by dogs all along the tree-lines. We never actually saw he dogs but it seemed as if there were many of them, and I urged everyone to load back into the cars so that we could leave. I was so scared that I actually pulled my pistol from my purse and held it as we drove off. We were then stalked by several cars which seemed to come from several different directions, but it didn't make sense, as there truly seemed to be nothing back there. The cars followed us back to the city hall, where we stopped to decide on the rest of the evenings entertainment. We decided not to join the rest of the people who'd chosen to go to the bridge, as I was feeling rather ill and was anxious to get back to town, get some sleep and head back to St. Louis in the morning. We separated from the group, and drove away, I assumed back towards DeSoto, It was myself, my friend, and my fiance. We drove down a road that seemed to go on forever, and after awhile were tailed by a car we assumed was one of our group from earlier. It was maybe midnight, and it didn't really strike us strange to be tailed, the car would ride up on us and fall back and we assumed it was just her friends being silly. All of the sudden there was a bright light and lots of noise, I am sorry that I cannot be much more detailed than that, the experience was so surreal. I remember thinking it was a helicopter of some sort and couldn't figure out why it would be worried about us. We tried to get away from it, my friend driving very fast, my fiance screaming for her to go. It was chaos. I remember coming to what I thought was a dead end of sorts, a field where there were many vehicles and people about. I felt extremely sick. I remember the car stopping, my friend screaming, my fiance screaming, and him being taken out of the car against his will. This is all I remember. We awoke the next day, in Desoto, and woke up before everyone and headed back to the city. I have no recollection of even talking about what had happened. We just drove in silence and it seemed to be forgotten somehow. A few days after this incident, I was informed by my friends family that she had had a nervous breakdown, that family had her daughter and she would be moving to Kansas City after her hospital release. This was a huge blow to me as we had been friends since high school, and it didn't seem within her capacity to go off the deep-end. I never really got details on what happened to her. My fiance and I went on to marry, divorce, and had gotten together a couple years ago for dinner. Somehow DeSoto and that night had popped up in the conversation, and it was then we realized how strange the events of that night were. He remembered almost exactly the same things as me, and NOT remembered the same as well. We kicked around the plausibility of never having talked about it, which was very strange, and the entire conversation coated us in dread, and an overwhelming feeling of something having gone incredibly wrong that night. We are contemplating going in for regression hypnotherapy as we are so disturbed by the night in Blackwell. I dreamed last night of my friend who was with us that night, and when I awoke I found the site and was blown away by the recorded experiences. I have spoken with a few investigators who assure me that our experience isn't as isolated as it seems to us, and all investigators have asked if we were aware of there being satanists or the like involved. What does that mean? Sometimes I fear the regression, but so many problems in my life, marriage and psyche can be directly traced back to beginning at what would seem that exact moment in the car where I lose memory until the next day. I was hoping that maybe someone else had had an experience similar to ours, and maybe had gained some insight we have yet to gather. I know that most of the experiences recorded are that of paranormal noises and phantom cars and the like, but has anyone gone through anything like we did? Thanks,

Hello, We experienced some strange things. The first thing I want to mention (someone PLEASE tell us if you've experienced this, PLEASE) was the OVERWHELMING smell of Black Pepper and Fried Potatoes.The reason this was odd is because it was around One AM. It didn't look like too many people lived around on the road and if they did, I don't think they would be cooking that at that hour of night. We started smelling the black pepper and fried potatoes when we were on HWY E RIGHT before Upper Blackwell Road. The other odd thing, was we took our digital camera, I believe (actually I know) it holds around 24-28 pictures. We snapped a ton of shots there but not all of them were on the camera. We never saw any bridge, I don't know if we didn't go down the road far enough or not but never came to it. We were pretty creeped out, and YES! the person who said that the road grows darker and darker, is absolutely RIGHT! We turned around in someones drive way as there is nothing on the road to turn around at and we were approaching the end of the road and YES! a vehicle did come right up on us! Headlights seemed to be on HIGH BEAM and would NOT get off of our tail! My husband was driving and we were telling him to go faster (in hopes that it would go away or back off) but no matter how fast he went, it was right there. He was reaching speeds of 60-70 MPH. When we turned back onto HWY E, we went right (I told my husband NOT to turn the blinker on so that maybe the thing wouldn't follow us, and he did as I asked) and the thing followed us, RIGHT ON OUR TAIL STILL! We were looking for a road or something to turn onto but we were going so fast and the road is so curvy that we would pass the roads before we could turn on them. Finally, we saw a church or something on the left side of the road and pulled in there and the thing chasing us stayed RIGHT ON US until we got into the church's parking lot but stopped (slowed) to look at us. I do have to say, that something isn't right with that road. As far as Engledow Road, we went down it to find the cemetery but we got too creeped out. We drove down just a TAD over a mile like the website says and came to a road that was gravel and VERY LONG. We decided not to go down it because we weren't sure if that was the road to the cemetery or if it was someones private property and we didn't want anyone chasing us out of there with shotguns LOL. So, we just backed out and left. Does anyone know if that was the right road or not and if so, is it private property? I don't want to trespass or bother anyone.

Hi, Just thought I would tell you a little about my experiences of Blackwell. I lived there for over 10 years of my childhood. I have camped under that bridge and jumped off that bridge. My dad was the preacher at the church and it was still standing last time i was there. My mom was the postmaster at the post office. It was shut down when i last drove down there as well as the bridge. I grew up on Cole road which if you have been in Blackwell is the road you would turn down (to your right) before you get to the bridge. The road to the right on the other side is Engledow.( i think that how it was spelled) The whole point of all this to to tell you that yes weird things do happen in Blackwell. When we were children ( my older brother and I) we played in the old graveyard and on one occasion we heard other children laughing and rocks were being thrown at us. If you have ever been to Blackwell you  know that we were just about the only kids in town Lol, so we got the hell out of there. We had friends who live in the old place on top of the hill on Cole road. If you turned on the road and looked up,to your right there were what seemed like a million stairs and a huge place at the top.We were told as kids that this was a restaurant back in the day.We heard strange sounds and noises there and one night my brother and I were chased into an old outhouse by what we think still to this day was a huge black panther.We stayed there for what seemed like hours before we felt safe enough to venture back to the house. I can remember walking the street at night and sometimes feeling nothing at all and other times like someone was breathing down my neck. There are all kinds of odd things in that town. I can remember my dad and us walking through the woods and finding one abandon house with everything still right were it was. Then going on through the woods and finding another house the same way. I have never regretted living there though I think it has given me character and helped make me who I am and though things were strange they were also fun and never boring even for a small "ghost town". Thank you for letting me share this. Oh by the way when I lived there we did not kill you for stopping in our town we just wondered why the hell anyone would want to! lol 

Me and 8 of my friends visited Blackwell last night. We also visited The Four Winds where a sweet older man with an accent greeted us and gave us directions. We asked how to find the bridge and he said "you mean the witch?" lol. Very nice man, even told us to be careful.
We parked before the bridge (coming from CC) and toured the field to the right (nothing) and the gated gravel road to the left. The only thing there was what looked like a place for hunters. The old bridge is definitely gone. We though we might have seen some steel from the old one but I'm not for sure.
A resident in a jeep told us his g-pa lived near and didn't like people hanging around like we were so we left. He said they run people off all the time and that there is no hauntings around.
We couldn't find many of the places we were looking for.

Hi. I have spent plenty of nights in Blackwell, at the bridge partying and what-not.  I have plenty of stories to tell about that place also, but I will save that all for later. Right now I just want to say that that guy, James, on page 4, is wrong.  The ghost car is NOT a '30's model Ford sedan...its an early-80's model Black Trans Am.  T-top.  There were three guys out joy-ridin' one night, they were all pretty drunk, and as they went to cross the old one-lane bridge, a car was coming towards them.  Instead of stopping, they decided to play chicken with the other car.  The sped up, and then flashed their bright-lights, but the other car kept coming.  The guys in the Trans Am lost the game.  They tried to go around the car, but went to far and ran off the side of bridge.  All three guys died inside that car, before help could get to them.  Anyway, I don't know where this dude got a '30's model Ford Sedan at.

Just about a month ago well right after I wrote that last email to you a friend and I took a trip to Blackwell.  While there we stopped at an old friends house and talked for a while. We tried all the tricks that we had read about but nothing seemed to be going on with it but then as we crossed over the bridge a second time the whole inside of my vehicle lit up in a lightning blue. It was like we had taken a picture inside the car with the flash right in our faces. (weird) Anyway we drove around a little while longer and made our way to the graveyard on Engledow this was the place the really did it. It begins like this. We drove up to the cemetery and parked. My friend decided to start taking PICS. That's pretty standard right. I grew up here. No big deal. WELL, I was not scared ..... until every time my friend took the PIC in the afterglow of the flash we kept seeing orbs of light. OK possibility that it was just our eyes. WELL, my friend decides to walk on up in the graveyard to take more PICS and I stayed in the car because I had my 2 year old in the car seat next thing I know she was screaming bloody murder. My friend came back to the car and got her out and walked her around because she was screaming to get out of my car. She was fine outside so they walked back down to thegraveyard meanwhile in the car I was sitting there and my friends Styrofoam cup full of soda started shaking in my cup holder and I felt something go across me. I told my friend to come on because that freaked me out a tad. Once back in the car my daughter would not sit in her car seat she screamed and threw a fit. My friend decided to take a PIC in the car and there was a bright orb in her seat. OK I am not kidding here. After this PIC my daughter got back in her seat and stared in between my friend and me, so once again we flashed the cam once again right in the center between us an orb.  On the way home a faint blue light stayed right on the outside of the passenger's side of my car (no cars where behind me most of this time) I was not going to mention it to my friend but lol she pointed it out to me. I don't know much about these things but I sure didn't like it. I would like to point out my daughter has a thing since she was old enough to walk where she seems to be talking to people that  aren't there. I used to chalk this up to good imagination but she has actually named names and identified dead friends and family from pictures. BUT this is a whole other topic that I need not get into,(frankly it scares the hell out of me)lol. The whole moral of my long life story is really this we have yet to use the rest of the film from that night so we have not developed anything but if the orbs show up in the PICS we were wondering if you may like to post them. Sorry about all this gibberish. I sure can make a short story long. Thanks again,

I definitely believe all of the Blackwell stories.  I haven't had near as detailed experiences as some of the other stories here but I can tell you, there is a heavy feeling over that place.  Dark and ominous.  I am from Desloge and my Mom and I like to go out for rides in the country when I am down visiting her.  Since I have ancestors (on my Dad's side) buried in the Moon and Blackwell  cemeteries and have heard so many creepy stories, we have driven out there several times.  One bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, we took a drive out there.  Got on Engledow Road, and suddenly, my mother, who is not in the least bit superstitious or anything, said, "Let's get out of here.  There is something strange about this place."  BTW, she doesn't know anything about Blackwell or how it's supposed to be haunted!  We followed Engledow and both of us felt more and more depressed and frightened, for no reason.  I wanted to follow the gravel road to the Old Blackwell cemetery, but Mom was so scared, she begged me not to go up there...mind you, this is very  uncharacteristic behavior for my hard-headed, practical, 70-year-old mother.  We passed by the strange 'Four Winds' "restaurant" and I got physically ill as we passed by it.  We got sort of lost on another road, don't remember which one, and passed by an old, creepy house, where about 5 strange looking people were sitting on the front porch.  It didn't even look like a regular residence.  Mom about freaked out then.  Those people were strange and I just knew they were into something Satanic.  I don't know how I did, but I did.  The last thing to happen was, when we finally got on the more mainstream Desoto Rd (I believe), as we were turning onto Desoto Rd, there was a car in front of us with two young men in it.  They were at the stop sign in front of us and just sat there, not turning and they were looking at us in their outside rearview mirrors.  Mom and I were scared to death.  They looked like they were going to jump out of the car at any minute.  They were definitely plotting something. I was about ready to "gig it" and peel out past them to get on Desoto Rd, when they slowly turned onto the road first.  I went the opposite direction and turned around later.  I don't even want to go there in the day now, let alone at night!  Some of you guys on here are brave souls, that's all I can say!

I went after hearing of Blackwell from this site and took a couple of trips down there. The first trip we spent most of the time looking for the place. We pretty much drove in circles around the place the whole night.
One incident i had to turn around from highway E and i couldn't see anything and i hit a ditch and bottomed out my car, I got out to check to see if there was any damage and as i was walking to the front of the car, i saw a pair of headlights coming down the road now I'm not sure what road i was on but what ever road it was it ran into highway e but anyway was watching them very close cause i was worried it might of a cop, as they close enough for me to almost tell what kind of car it was my girlfriend started laughing really load about whatever her and her friend were talking about and i looked at them in the car and when i turned my attention back the incoming car it was gone. I don't personally think it was kind of entity but it made me question my own judgment.
we finally realized we were in blackwell later that night and we drove down the rd. by the tracks to old blackwell church and pulled into the gravel driveway of the church. Now either time i was down there i never saw the phantom car ore was i chased. But as we pulled into the drive way of the church and parked we heard what sounded jus like are tires driving on the gravel but it wasn't us we were stopped thought it might of just been me at first but right after it happened everyone in the car said O my god did you hear that. IT WAS KINDA OF CREEPY.
like an invisible car was following us. And the sound was so distinct that every one in the car heard tires against gravel.
We found the rod to the old graveyard but we all agreed that it probably wasn't a good idea to walk the whole way because of the many dogs we could hear barking and getting closer.
I think i will probably quit wasting my gas for the trip down there cause nothing ever really happened that was really accelerating. i spent most of the time just driving around.

I live in Blackwell, and I would like to add on to the girl's story about the House on Vineland. She said "Some friends and I went to the house on Vineland Rd.(actually it sits on Knorpp Rd. next to the railroad crossing.)

Blackwell....Where should I begin?? A few friends and I started going down there because of your site, we wanted to see if it was really that spooky. Well, I have to say every time we went down there, no matter what weather, it gets foggy, and it also gets pitch black. It is sooo hard to see down there. Well, we get up to old Blackwell Rd. and didn’t really see anything except for this creepy house, which by the way, its so weird, I went down probably my 5th time one night, and saw the usual old house, the exact next night, I went again and it looked like someone completely restored the house, and I mean completely, well, I went the next night, back to same old poor condition. Hmmmm. Well, we went past the train tracks and saw the old abandoned house, It is one of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen, well we decided to drive up the driveway one night, and ended up at the side door, definitely something is in that house, and I don’t know what, but it likes to run by that side door an awful lot. Ok, Back to the first time we went there, we pull up to this side road, and I just stop, something was telling me to turn in there, I just had a feeling that this was it. I turn to my boys and I'm like guys, this has to be the cemetery road, and all of them are just staring down the road and not even saying a word to me, so I turn down it, and I'm driving down the gravel road, and oh my! Trees just start looming over the road, like its closing in on us, All of a sudden, all the trees just die. It goes from green to brown in a second. We get to the end of the road and don’t see anything, I'm freaked out beyond belief, so I'm like this isn’t it, let's turn around, well, I was wrong, my friends tell me to drive forward, so I do after much deliberation, and it hits us, just this feeling of the creeps, like, I was just shaking I was so freaked out, and I love going on ghost hunts, I'm usually the one that leading the pack into the haunted places, not this time, I am seriously scared out of my wits, I couldn't even talk, I just got out cause everyone else did and I wanted to stay with them. We had two flashlights going up to the cemetery, and that’s all I wanted, well I thought I knew what scared was, well I didn't, I'm standing there with my arms linked with this dude I just started hanging out with like the day before, and he was just as scared as me, we start walking into the middle of the cemetery and I am just sinking into the ground, like I didn’t think it was that bad, until I got back home and got out of the car and noticed the mud caked all over my car, and this was the summer and it hadn’t rained in a while. We snap some pictures, which by the way I'm currently looking for a scanner so I can show you these. So we are taking the pictures, and we just hear this sound, we all turn around like to see what it was, turn back around to the tombstones, and boom, one just falls over right in front of us, well we booked it the hell out of there in record time. That's my story, hope you can use it. -N J H

Lately there have been tales of a Huge Coyote at least the size of a deer spotted around Blackwell and De Soto. My older sister claimed to have seen it. At first, I thought that she was crazy, but then I met my friend, who lives in Blackwell. He and many other kids in school have claimed to have spotted this apparition as well. Earlier in the posts, someone mentioned some white dogs. Perhaps there is some connection between these tales. If anyone has information on this subject, please e-mail in your story. BW

Hello everyone. I Live in Blackwell. I have been living down here for 2 years now. I never believed any ghost stuff until I moved down here. I have had so many things happen to me. One time I went down there and a car appeared out of NO where and started chasing the vehicle. It went on for about a minute, then all of a sudden it would be gone. There would be NO where for the car to turn off at either! Also, The big white house right before the train tracks is haunted. I was passing that house one night around 10:30 11:00 PM, and a TV light or a ghostly light was just shining through the window, and let me remind you that there is No electricity in that house. I have seen the nun on the roof, too! I have been on the NEW BRIDGE and said come get me come get come get, and blinked the lights 3 times. When I did this, I kept the lights off and the railroad sign, that has the "X" on there blinked black 3 times at us. It is really freaky down there. If you go pretty far down Engeldo Road, or whatever it is called, you can smell the pepper. It can get really strong, too! well that's just SOME of my stories.

I have been trying to write this email for about 10 minutes. My computer keeps going wacky! It's brand new and I have never had a problem with it. First I would type and it would delete your email address. Then it wouldn't type s's. Now it's strangely working... Anyway, I live in DeSoto. I grew up about 5 or 6 miles from Blackwell. My grandparents live on a farm in Tiff, so we always passed through Blackwell. I couldn't even tell you how many times I have been over that old bridge. I never saw anything as a child. I saw the nun all the time, but I never heard the story the the nun being raped and murdered until I read your site. It did freak me out but I knew in the daytime it was just the old rock chimney to that building. I started hearing stories about the town I guess in junior high. Then I was a little freaked out. I always assumed that they were just stories. I never went to the "Gates of Hell" ... The name was enough to keep me away. When they tore down the bridge I was actually a little sad about it just because it was such a piece of history. The white house on the hill has always fascinated me. I told my dad I loved it and he said, "well, lets go down there and go through it.." I was like, ho yeah! lets go. He knew a guy who lived next door. We went to his house and asked for permission to go through the house. He actually went with us. Telling us what he knew about the old place. The house was still decorated as it was the last time someone lived there. It still had the old tv, furnisher, beds, clothes, blankets, sheets, stove, everything you can think of.. The pantry was still stocked with food. Whatever was remaining after the squirrels, mice and whatever else got into everything. I was amazed with the items I found in the house.. There were old magazines from 1962, newspapers, old glass medicine bottles. I couldn't believe what all was still in that place. I couldn't understand why someone would just up and leave such a beautiful home. To leave all there things like this family did. There were still blankets, sheets and pillows with cases on the beds as if someone still slept there. The story this man told was; the family that lived there was the Cole family it was the parents and there 30 something year old son, Robert Cole. He went on to tell us that Robert killed himself in an upstairs bedroom. He said he layered the floor and walls with blankets, sheets, newspaper, and whatever else he could find to soak up the blood from blowing his head off. I was iffy about his story so I went upstairs looking to see if there was any evidence of it. I thought since everything else was still in the house, if this was true all that should still be there.. I couldn't believe what I saw when I walked into that upstairs bedroom. I looked at the walls to see if I could see blood stains. At first nothing was noticeable because of the goddy old wallpaper. Then I saw a definite line of a dark brown stain. Then we realized it was all over everything in that corner of the room.. We could not believe what we were looking at. Newspapers, sheets, shirts, papers, old love letters to a woman named Rose written by Robert Cole.. Everything in the corner of that room was blood saturated. (stained reddish-brown) It was obviously  blood. There was a huge throw rug for the room that someone had rolled up. I guess to cover the stain. I went through the rest of the house my dad and I were in one of the upstairs bedrooms and my husband and the guy showing us was down stairs. I was looking under the bed and I told my dad to get something to stand on to look in the attic. As soon as I said that, something blew in my ear. It was hard enough to make my hair move from the side of my face... I said," Dad, we have to get out of here!" We ran down the stairs and the first door I came to I tried to open because my husband was in that room. The door was looked. I turned the knob over and over and it would not budge. I went around the other way with my dad following me and I told the other guys we had to leave. They all just stood around talking about the house.I went up to that door and it was not even closed. It was cracked and the door knob turned smoothly.. The only thing I can think of was that I made him mad, because I was carrying an armful of stuff that I was going to keep. Old TIME magazines and newspapers from the 60's. We left after a short time. A couple nights later my dad was at that guys house, next door to the Cole house and his car caught on fire while he was in it. He realized it was on fire and he jumped out, knowing he had just filled up his tank. As soon as he jumped he was in mid-air and the car blew up...He was so upset, that car was his baby he loved it.....  A couple other bad things happened with in a weeks time.. I got to thinking about it talking to my mom who lives in Blackwell about 3 miles away from the Cole house... I thought maybe Robert Cole is haunting me because I took his personal things... So I talked my husband, mom and step-dad into going with me.. I brought everything I took back...That time it was dark and we had flashlights.. Which made it that much freakier... I was so in love with the place I kept going back, I thought maybe there was something I could help him with in some way.. I was the only one he showed a presence to. My mom and my aunt went with me another time and my aunt was so scared she felt a strong presence the whole time that scared the hell out of her. I always felt him but i wasn't scared until he blew in my ear.. That did scare me. That time I was there with my aunt and mom. We heard a woman's voice coming from upstairs.. It sounded like she was singing. She had a beautiful voice. The 3 of us turned and looked at one another and said did you say something? We all said, "NOPE"    Then we heard a door slam, and there were no doors in the whole house.. Pocket doors upstairs that were jammed. That was all. After that my aunt started sweating. Like she was in a sauna.. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was not hot in there and it was raining out.. A cool spring day. She said it felt like she was in an oven.. My mom and I were fine. We left after that. I went back again after that showing another aunt and her friend the house, telling them the history I was told and the situation about Robert Cole. That time my aunt's friend in the same room my other aunt was hot, she was freezing.. And we were perfectly comfortable.. That was weird enough for her to want to leave....  Next thing I knew they started fixing up the house. I was so happy to see someone doing something with it. It is such a beautiful home.. If walls could talk, hu?    One day my mom and I were driving back to her house coming from that way, which is rare... I said, "mom, I have to go look inside, I bet it is awesome." My mom didn't want me to, because she thought I would get in trouble. I assured her it would be fine. She stayed down off the hill in the car and I went in.. The porch was all redone. It's beautiful, it circles around the whole house... anyway I had my hand over my mouth going, oh my gosh, because it was so gorgeous.. They sanded down all the woodwork.. and the floors it was so awesome.... I looked up the stairs from the first floor.. and yes I felt a presence.. On the trim of the door facing the staircase it read:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In scrambled letters... I just stood there in shock... I ran out of that house so fast my mom thought for sure I saw a ghost. She was screaming, "get in, lets go!" I said no you have to go in with me.. I told her what I saw and she had to see for herself. I took pictures with my cell phone.. I lost the pictures when my phone broke. I wish I still had them. My mom knew the guy remodeling the house and she asked him if he saw the thank you on the trim and he said no... That he never say anything like that or anything in that house for that matter. WIERD STUFF!!!! I don't know if this has anything to do with that house or Blackwell in general. My uncle lives on a farm that I believe Jeremiah Blackwell's homestead and cemetery is on. He lives just a couple miles down the tracks from Blackwell. My dad was there camping Memorial Day before last and he drown in Big River. Somehow he fell off an embankment, hit his head on a tree and drown in 3 feet of water. He was only 52 years old... So my heart has been broken for over a year now. I pray that his accident didn't have anything to do with the Cole house situation. Now that I think about it. It was like something tried to kill him before when he was right next door to the house... That was actually on the property the old Masonic Hall was on. It happened right behind were the old building stood. I never thought about it until now, but then I never heard anything about that place being evil... Thanks for letting me spill my guts. I think it was meant to be, for me to find your web site. If anyone has any information for my crazy assumptions please contact me.

I have been to Blackwell Mo. I live in Farmington on May 25Th, 2005 we went out to Blackwell. Many say that the bridge is gone but the new bridge is Finally up! Anyhow we went to crossed the bridge and then we went to the rail road tracks, nothing freaky there but we looked down the track and thought we saw a pair of red eyes down the track. But later learned that it was just a warning light. We drove toward the old church and we did not see the lady out walking on the roof this time but it was a full moon. We had seen previously on halloween night of 06. We drove around Blackwell for  a while. Then we went to a different site of the railroad track. Stories is that if you park on the railroad tracks and turn your car off and flash the lights handprints will form on your car, they say the hand prints belongs to children that are trying to push your car off the track before the train comes. They had supposedly been on a bus that was hit by a train when it got stuck on the tracks. Our windows fogged up and you could see the kids handprints start to form. So it freaked us out. so we tried out the myth on the bridge. We sat on the bridge in our car and waited for the "Car" to chase us off the bridge. When we looked to the left we saw a car that kept speeding up. As the car got closer we finally got off the bridge the car didn't budge and kept coming after us and Finally we got to the end of Blackwell Road and the car was gone. Also as soon as you turn on Blackwell Road your cells will lose service.The next day when going to the grocery story the handprints were still on the windshield. Pretty Weird.

One night my Son and I decided to go and Visit a friend of mine in Blackwell (near Cc), once we got down there it was almost like a creepy feeling had over came the both of us, we stayed at my friends house until about 2 a.m. as we pulled out and got onto the main road My son and I at the same time noticed a guy standing on the side of the road (in a pair of bibs), we didn't pay no mind really but as we got further down the road I noticed him again and then it was like he left as quick as he came, finally a 3rd time as we drove down the road on the left there he stood again, it was the freakiest thing, my Son was begging me to drive faster and faster to get out of there..How could the Man have gotten further down the road than us, we were in a car driving.

Years ago I used to drive down Upper Blackwell Road, just because it was creepy. Once crossing the bridge, which can no longer be crossed (I have photos of this bridge back when I used to drive over it), a mile or so down the road, there used to be a pentagram drawn or "painted' on the highway, at the same place, every time we'd drive down this road. After a rain, if it was washed away, but shortly there-after, it would be drawn on the road again.  There was also an old hotel of sorts, and I'm not sure what it was, but it was overlooking the railroad tracks and the old, small post-office. It was a rundown, two-story building, large (I also have pictures of it), and I took photos of it one day. It has since been torn down, but when I took the photos, a man looked at us from the post office, and we didn't stay around to see if he intended to talk to us or not. The building itself was huge (the hotel), and had lots of windows without glass (all broken out). It had an eerie feeling about it. Not too long after I'd taken the photos, they tore it completely down to the ground.  Once, I drove on Upper Blackwell road, and my car stopped, and broke down (overheated, just needed water added and to cool off), right in front of a farm, where the pentagram would be drawn a few yards down from their driveway. I was crying, but their son came out and asked if I needed help. I had no cell phone, and no way of contacting anyone, so I went up to the farm. An older couple helped me get my car started, with the help of their son. A couple of years later, the son murdered this same older couple in their home, and he was found easily by the police in a hotel room, covered in their blood. It was well-publicized on television at the time, although I don't feel comfortable putting their name here.  Blackwell has always given me the creeps, and even though much of the "spooky" stuff is gone, or torn down.

Hello…my friends and I have made several trips out to Upper Blackwell Road.  We have read the stories on your site and have looked for spooky things to happen with every trip, but they somehow never happen.  The only time anything out of the ordinary has ever happened was tonight...we were drivin down the road and passed the bridge, right after the bridge we stopped on the railroad tracks and looked down them...we saw a red light so we shined a spotlight down the tracks and saw what looked to be either a stranded train car, but it looked more like a van or some sort of SUV turned sideways and hung up on the tracks.  The time before that, we stopped by the restaurant and my 2 friends went inside...they said that the people were pretty nice, they also said that they saw the hallway that led to the bathroom and said that it looked weird.  We have been wanting to go inside and talk to the owners about the history of Blackwell but after reading one of the blogs on the site about the pregnant woman, we don't know if that would be a good idea.  If ANYONE has ANY pictures, info on the history of Blackwell, info on the Restaurant, stories or ANYTHING...please post it on the site, we will be waiting on some reply's...thanks...P.S. (we have heard many diff. ways, but exactly what do you have to do for the ghost car to chase??? yell, honk, or flash lights?????)

Hello, Just wanted to drop you a few lines since the last time we had spoken. A friend and I went to visit Blackwell and had taken a few pics, the funny thing was that when we were taking the pictures we could see floating orbs, but after we got home they vanished. We also went down Cole Rd. and for those who do not know better this is considered a dead end. We turned around and decided to back track. As we approached where the old house we spotted a car that had been wrecked just sitting on the side of the road. The only way it could have been there was from the same way we had just come. We do not know why or how it got there and really did not stick around to find out. The only other thing that really bothered us was the fact that we saw the orbs in the Moon Cemetery only to find they were no there when we took the pics. We felt like there were others with us. You may find this to be kind of unbelievable but we had a few minor things happen while we were in the cemetery. I went back to my car to sit down and wait for my friend to finish with the pictures and I had a pop sitting in the console next to me. The soda raised up out of the console and shook like it wanted to make sure there was ice in the cup, then it sat itself back down. On the way home I said not a word about feeling like we were not alone. Then as I pulled up to my friends home she said that we needed to get the spirit or whatever out of my car. She had sensed it also. I grew up in Blackwell and have had a few weird things happen, but I have been really shocked with these new things because I really have never been scared there. I love it in Blackwell………………but do believe that there are things that we as a society cannot and will not ever be able to explain. KE and JS both Desoto and Blackwell raised.

My friends and I were in Blackwell doing some ghost hunting. We came to an old bridge near some railroad tracks. We took some pics, hovering over the railroad was a LARGE blue orb that showed up in a picture. As we drove in the opposite direction from which we came, all 3 of us could hear what sounded like a train driving next to us down the highway! We did not hear a horn but we heard the sound a train makes as it takes off on the tracks for about 5 minutes by my truck. This happened at around 1 am.

This is from the Graveyard on the main Rd from Hwy 21 into Blackwell, the first one on the left.  My boyfriend and I tried to recreate this and can't, It was not foggy It was a clear night when this was taken. The person in this
Photo did not remember me taking it, his wife told me to take the shot. So I did, his wife Is also a taro card reader and what not, she had a dream about a bus going over the bridge and not making the cut like it should have and wound up in the river.

I live about 2 or 3 miles from Blackwell. I have a small correction about the church and the Masonic hall. The church was the building that was tore down and the Masonic hall was burned. I know I was on the fire dept. at that time which was about 8 years ago now. I don't have any ghost stories, but my Fiancé's mother lived in Blackwell all her life and she does have a couple stories similar to the ones posted. Also, as for history, The town used to have a bank too. The safe that they used is now owned by the DeSoto Elks 689. When we got it, there was an old newspaper in it that told when the bank got the new safe. The safe itself was made in the late 1800's

I read on the home page that someone was inquiring about the old Blackwell school house.  My grandfather lived there from around 1993 until 2004 and I am not sure of any odd stories.  It is located on Turner Rd off of Hwy CC.  If you cross the bridge heading toward Hwy CC, the first road on the left will be Cole Rd where the old hotel was located and the next road on the left is Turner Rd.  The house is at the very top of the hill on the right and I do know that a man did commit suicide in the house across the drive within the last 15 years.  The schoolhouse has since been sold and I have not seen it.  I do agree, Blackwell is very creepy at night!!  Total darkness!!  Always made sure I had plenty of gas when I went to visit!

Hi,   I was born and lived in Blackwell the first 18 years of my life. My parents lived there until the early 90's.   As a child, my Grandma told me stories of things she saw and heard there. She was very religious and would walk the railroad tracks to the Catholic Church in Tiff. She would attend services during the week and walk home after dark. She told me that there were nights that she was followed home by a bright light on the tracks. She said if she stopped, it would stop and when she started walking again, it would start moving again. She said that the light was large and too big to be from a flashlight.   She also, told me of several of the houses in the area that had tragedies associated with them and were haunted. One had been a saloon and a man had been shot on the stairs going up to the living quarters. She said that there was blood on the steps that couldn't be washed off. I had friends that lived in this house and spent time there. I saw the spot on the stairs that she spoke of. The people who lived there said they tried everything they could think of to try to get the stain out, but nothing worked. I always found the house creepy and still occasionally have dreams of being there.   I have never had the experience on Upper Blackwell Road with the vanishing car, or the disappearing couple, but we never traveled that road very often. Normally, we used Highway CC when we went out of Blackwell.   I have experienced a couple other weird things on that road.They happened after I had moved out of Blackwell, but my parents still lived there and babysit for me some nights. The first is the vanishing signs. This has happened to me more than once. I would be approaching a sign on the road and it would register that I didn't remember that sign being there before. Then when I passed it and looked in my rearview mirror, it was gone. I have heard of this happening to others, also.   On another night, there was a bright light that appeared out of no where, in the sky above me. The light seemed to follow over my car, until I got over the bridge and then moved to the right, over the river. When I got to my parents house, my Dad was out on the porch and I asked him if he had saw a light in the sky. He said yes that he saw a light that looked like it was moving over the river, but couldn't figure out what it was. I know it creeped me out.   I would like to know the history of the house we moved to when I was around six. I had a playmate there named Mary, who my parents told me wasn't real, but I know she was. She had long dark hair and wore an old fashioned dress with what looked like an apron over it.

I have a
Picture of the Blackwell church a weird blue streak appeared slightly above the roof. I don't really have a story to go along with it other than I was riding in Blackwell with my boyfriend and we decided to stop and snap a few pictures of the church because we felt uneasy and wanted to see if we'd get anything.
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