Haunted Road, Upper Blackwell Road. Upper Blackwell Rd starts on the east side of Blackwell, running for 3.6 mile & exiting onto Hwy E just north of Cole Lake.
A phantom couple has been seen to vanish on this road, and at the
Black Tram Bridge a bridge photo 2 both photos were taken before the current bridge was built, the photos were provided by an on line visitor, (thank you). Legend that says if you park on it at at midnight and yell "come and get me" three times, a car will come to try and run you down. Stories from visitors to this site.
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If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

Moontown Cemetery, located southeast of Blackwell. Take E south past Upper Blackwell Road and turn right or west on Engledow Rd. Go 1.4 miles down Engledow Road,  there will be a chained off un-named road on your right going north, its not seen on the map. The cemetery is 1/2 a mile down this dead end road. If your on Engledow Road and reach Franklin Ridge Road or Dickinson Road you have passed it.  Stories from visitors to this site.

Feedback from on line members

It crosses big river.  The bridge is condemed and is slated to be torn down.  Old judge Blackwell was nortious for hanging people from the original bridge, especially people of color.  The town is dried up and can be dangerous at nite do to inhabitants in poor rural area.  The main cause for most of the acitivity was torn down.  The masons hall was big center for acitivity and evil.  I have live out here for over 15 years and that place reeked
of evil.  They tore down the hall and carted off everything including the stone foundation.  Highly unusual for out here.  I think someone was trying to get rid of the entity inside. I took pics in an old foundation near the bridge and I see a man in union uniform floating above it partially formed.  Story goes there was a skirmish there fighting over that bridge because it was on of the few over big river during the civil war.  The tunnel has no tracts.
I have taken pics there, I have gotten pics of an older man with a hat and some other interesting pics on the outside of it.  You have to go through the valle mines historical curator  who is a friend of mine.  I am the one who took the pics of the area, I also give lectures there every so often with slide show.   I hope I have given you some info you needed.  I have included pics from valle mines from at the
old smelter.

Blackwell isn't right.. myself and some friends have been there on multiple occasions towards the bridge and the graveyard, maybe its our imaginations but it always seems to
get darker at night on those roads... pitch black outside of the headlights. The bridge has been blocked off so you cannot drive on it however you can still get out and walk across
it. Do you know anything about the old abandon school in that overall area... I actually think it is in Washington county... or someplace around there .. anyway, I like your site, good luck on your work.

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