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The town of Barnhart is located south of St. Louis. From where Hwy 270 meets I-55, take I-55 south for 12 miles and exit onto CR M (it's also the exit for the town of Antonia.) Turn left or east on  CR M road  and go down it .7 miles, it will dead end onto US 61 (also known as US67 on some maps). Turn right or south on US 61 and go down it for .4 miles and exit to your right or north onto Willing Street. Take it for .2 miles and turn left onto the local road that runs to downtown Barnhart. Barnhart is almost a ghost town nowdays, the story here is that the ghosts of children's voices are heard in this town.

Burgess Cemetery, located between Highway M and N on St. Lukes Church Road. GPS 38.36148,-90.437348
Orbs and ectoplasm have been photographed at this graveyard.

Ectoplasm PHOTO and this  DIGITAL photo were taken by Supermagicninja1

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Below are letters from on line member who have visited this site.

Hey there fellow ghost hunters! I am an amateur ghost hunter from Imperial,
Mo. My friend Dawn and I have taken many many pictures with orbs and
ecto, a couple of vortex's. I do know of a couple of highly active areas near
where I live. There is a cemetery off of Hwy M near Barnhart. It is behind a
church, it's called Burgess. I always walk away with some orb shots and
some ecto. It seems that the most active part is the top left-hand corner of
the cemetery. We have also heard noises coming from that part of it.

A little bit of info for anyone planning a trip to Anaconda Cemetery.  Your
best bet is to take a very inconspicuous day trip.  Look for alternate entrances.  I have been here several times and you will see and experience a lot of different things.  There is a grave that glows right under the tree seen in this picture.  There are also a lot of strange noises and pictures always contain orbs.  A word for the wise, plan your trip as far away from Halloween as possible, a couple of years ago there was major vandalism on Halloween and the keepers guard it very closely for that reason, they will have you arrested for trespassing.  Trust me, your family is not appreciative of bailing you out of jail for roaming around in a cemetery.
However, if you are willing to take the risk, this trip is well worth it.  The scariest thing that ever happened to me there is as follows:  Myself and some friends of mine pulled up into the parking lot with no lights on, we were sitting there, preparing to do our own research and all of a sudden there was a knocking at the window.  We all started screaming a looked. There was a woman with a flashlight, who asked what we were doing there. My friend's cousin had just been buried there about a month before, so she said she just wanted to have a look.  The woman started screaming "get out of here!!!!" We rolled up the windows and started to back up, when we looked around for the woman...She was gone. I have gone to the cemetery during the day and once or twice the keeper has been there.  I talked to him for a little bit and he said he would have no idea what woman would have come to us and told us to leave.  He said his house was the only house in view of the cemetery.  We had just pulled into the lot...  the next house from the keeper's is at least a city block. Either this woman ran like hell, or...

Alot of the buildings are closed and we couldn't use our video camera as it died at the first place after 8-10 minutes of use. We did however get some pictures with our digital camera.

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