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I was born and raised in Kennett, Mo I heard stories from my dad who also grew up in area as his well as his 12 brothers about a 'light' you drove down this gravel road and parked under a large old tree and turned your lights off. The story went if you sit there very quiet you would see a light coming down road it would then go from side to side of road like zig zagging and then would stop on side of road and take off very fast toward your car if you turned your lights on it would go away and could sit there and do it again and again locals called it swamp gas my dad had been there and seen with my mom and he told his brother who went with his girl friend and another couple the watched it but didn't turn head lights on and it 'the light' got on the hood of there car and it wouldn't start they were in the floor boards till daylight and car started up then he would tell you how to get there but would not go ever again. I went there once we thought we saw something got scared and left I was probably 15-16 years old but it had creepy feeling. The old tree hit top of car dad said I young women was hung there and that was her feet hitting roof anyways just what I can remember from 40 years ago listening to dads stories,

The Senath Light was ruined by a new farmer who bought farmland on both sides of the light road. He cleared out the fencerows on both sides of the road. The light hasn't been seen since.

I live in Senath. We have spent many nights at the light. Sometimes in three or more automobiles and cameras on hand. There have been occasions where the car wouldn't start . We have seen this light many many times. It appears white usually at first and gets closer and closer blinking on and off as it appears to be crossing back and forth across the road. At times it changes colors and begins to get quite large in size. We have seen balls of fog floating on the road on a clear night. No one has ever been hurt at this area and it is very interesting to sit and watch. We never have let it get to the car though. Just in case.
D T Senath Mo

I live in Arbyrd. I have always lived in this area.  Back in the early 90's, in my high school years, we spent alot of time out at "the light".  I have heard the stories from folks that were actually involved.  My father graduated from Senath in '69.  He lived up the gravel road about 2 miles.  He tells stories of the light chasing cars and landing on vehicles making the vehicles unable to start.  The television show That's Incredible done a show out there in the early 80's I think.  Just thought you might be able to gather some more information from that show.  I have seen the light and when you move closer to it, it would disappear.  We never could get close enough to really make out what it was.  Some stories are that the light is swamp gases, and others are from when they were putting in that old railroad bed that was a central location for storing coal.  I don't know the connection there, but I just heard that story.
I don't know of anyone having a video or picture of it.  I do know that "That's Incredible" done some video shootings and some testing out there years ago.
I have personally seen "the light" several times.  It has been different colors, and different sizes.  We used to have parties out there and we would have a bon fire about a mile down the road.  I remember one night there were approximately 40 people and we all saw it.  What was peculiar is that the direction we were looking, there aren't any street lights or anything like that.  It will move also.  I remember on a different instance, we were trying to get closer to it and we would keep driving down the road and we were probably 100 ft away and it changed sides of the road and then we were passed it.  I don't think we passed it, I really think it passed us.  I am a skeptic myself, and I have actually seen it.  I haven't put it off to ghosts or an paranormal experience, but I can testify that there is a light down that road, it moves, it changes size and color.  The television show wrote it off to swamp gases, I think.There is one interesting story about a train conductor that was beheaded out there by an old mail pike.  I think that's what they called them.  The story I got was that the conductor was reaching for a shovel that was mounted on the outside of the train and lost his head by hitting one of those things that pick up the mail.  I haven't done much research on this to see if there is any truth to it.  The light goes back and forth across the road and they say that it is the light of a lantern that belonged to the conductor and he's looking for his head.  I don't know of any videos or photographs, but if you would like, I can ask the elderly folks about there accounts of "the light" and we might could make a documentary of this.  I know that down on the end of the road there were two homes and one of the houses was tore down about three years ago.

I am actually a "Farrenburg" and lived right beside the light all my life.  I remember my Dad getting so mad about all the folks and especially the young kids coming out to see the light that he actually decided to install a vapor light to try to control the traffic - to no avail I might add. I too have seen the light - many times.  On one special occasion, a friend of mine and I were sitting in her car on the railroad tracks ( they are gone now by the way).  We saw the white light about the size of a softball way down the east side of the track.  As we watched the light it kept growing closer and closer, so we pulled off the tracks and then pulled back on and the light was then on the west side of the tracks and coming toward us again. At that point we both decided to head home. When I go to Farrenburg these days/nights, there is not much activity anymore.  There actually is a private road where the railroad tracks used to be and no mention of the light.  Gone with time or the tracks - who knows.  I know that there were many University folks that studied this light - but not sure if they ever came up with what it actually was.  It is hard to believe that fox fire or anything scientific could actually move up and down the track so. I will never forget a special birthday (16Th) in Farrenburg.  I had some kids over and we decided to take a trek down the tracks at night.  My uncle got the bright idea to get his white horse and a white sheet and hide down in the ditch a ways down the tracks.  As we walked about 15 min. down the tracks, he let out a bloodcurdling scream and out he came on his white horse and white sheet.  Needless to say we all but killed ourselves trying to run down the tracks to my home.  I was so embarrassed - but it makes a great story now!

Hello, I live in Northeast Arkansas. I love to read about haunted spots that are local. When I get a good one, my best friend and I check it out. Naturally, we had to see the Arbyrd light. We went a few weeks ago with my husband and didn't see anything. We decided to try it again this past weekend (7/21/06) when my friend got off work (very late at night). We followed the directions (took 412 to the east until we hit HWY N, turned right then turned right onto 602 and turned left on the little dirt road before LULU church and cemetary) We went over "Crybaby bridge" (At the time, it had a pentagram painted in red on it and it wasn't even a mile down the dirt road) then about 10 feet after we crossed the bridge, we turned around and faced the way we came in. We put the car in park and turned it off then turned the lights off 3 times. The 3rd time, the car that was in park began to move back. My friend freaked out and I turned and when I looked behind us, I saw a bright yellowish white light. Now I know for a FACT that this light wasn't there before because we had just driven that way 10 minutes earlier and it was a completely dark road. I freaked at that point and we started to drive. I looked back again and the light was gone. At that point we were ready to go, so we headed back to the highway. Once we got there we thought everything was fine. We began to turn back on the highway and my friend noticed in the field up in the air was a yellow light. It disappeared before I could see it and not even 20 seconds later, She said "There it is again!". I looked and it was the same light I had seen on the old road, but it moved about 10 or 15 feet to the right in the field where she had pointed out the light she saw. The light didn't shine longer than 10 seconds before it disappeared again. Needless to say, We left in a hurry. The light is hard to describe but it does look like a lantern.  It's really weird though, because it didn't dim or anything before it went out, it just "switched" off. It definately scared us away.

I heard about the Senath light from a guy I went to school with, this was in aug or sept of 1971 We were roommates in an apt. in Louisville Ky. attending electronics school.He was from NE Arkansas and I am from Indiana ,anyway we became good friends and he told me what he knew of this light thing and of course I didn't believe any of it. I have always been very skeptical of such things and thought it was probably just a tale. He was adamant that it was real although I don't remember him saying he actually saw it. He talked me into going home with him for a weekend and maybe we would drive out there and see. I think it was on Sat night he picked up his girlfriend and got me a date and we drove out all these back roads and finally turned down this old dirt and gravel road, we went down the road till we came to an old dead tree that my friend said was an old hanging tree. We turned around and parked close to another car that was also there. The folks in the other car said they had not seen anything and soon left. So we were sitting there under the old tree for maybe 30 minutes when the light suddenly appeared, it was in the middle of the road and maybe 100 yards away I think it was a whitish yellowish color if that makes any sense. It sort of bobbed around and  seemed to become more agitated every few seconds. Now we were already scared to death and the girls wanted to leave when it suddenly sped toward us and stopped over the hood of the car,now were  all screaming and the car wouldn't start, the light reversed and sped away and the car started , we sped away all scared and I will say I have never been so afraid in my entire life. I don't know what it is but I know  I saw it and I still am skeptical of the so called paranormal there is definitely something there and I got a distinct feeling that night of something bad so if you go out there be very careful. It started out basketball size but when it came up to the car it was more like 2 to 3 feet in diameter, also it seemed to be getting more agitated and aggressive. I don't remember any sound or smell but the visual was extreme. As I reported it was becoming more agitated and something I forgot it was bobbing up and down and side to side then it would come towards the car very fast then go back where it was at. It also changed colors from white to yellow to orange and back to white all of this very quickly. I don't remember any impressions of what it is and I left very shaken  and scared and I don't think I could ever go back. I hope this helps in your endeavors. I just thought of something, when it first appeared I somehow knew it was not a fluke or a reflection but something beyond our normal experiences . I hope you find the answer to this thing eventually. It's been a long time and I am still a skeptic but that thing is real and if you see it you will not forget it.

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