Ghost light stories from Senath/Arbyrd

I live in Senath. We have spent many nights at the light. Sometimes in three or more automobiles and cameras on hand. There have been occasions where the car wouldn't start . We have seen this light many many times. It appears white usually at first and gets closer and closer blinking on and off as it appears to be crossing back and forth across the road. At times it changes colors and begins to get quite large in size. We have seen balls of fog floating on the road on a clear night. No one has ever been hurt at this area and it is very interesting to sit and watch. We never have let it get to the car though. Just in case.
D T Senath Mo

I live in Arbyrd. I have always lived in this area.  Back in the early 90's, in my high school years, we spent alot of time out at "the light".  I have heard the stories from folks that were actually involved.  My father graduated from Senath in '69.  He lived up the gravel road about 2 miles.  He tells stories of the light chasing cars and landing on vehicles making the vehicles unable to start.  The television show That's Incredible done a show out there in the early 80's I think.  Just thought you might be able to gather some more information from that show.  I have seen the light and when you move closer to it, it would disappear.  We never could get close enough to really make out what it was.  Some stories are that the light is swamp gases, and others are from when they were putting in that old railroad bed that was a central location for storing coal.  I don't know the connection there, but I just heard that story.
I don't know of anyone having a video or picture of it.  I do know that "That's Incredible" done some video shootings and some testing out there years ago.
I have personally seen "the light" several times.  It has been different colors, and different sizes.  We used to have parties out there and we would have a bon fire about a mile down the road.  I remember one night there were approximately 40 people and we all saw it.  What was peculiar is that the direction we were looking, there aren't any street lights or anything like that.  It will move also.  I remember on a different instance, we were trying to get closer to it and we would keep driving down the road and we were probably 100 ft away and it changed sides of the road and then we were passed it.  I don't think we passed it, I really think it passed us.  I am a skeptic myself, and I have actually seen it.  I haven't put it off to ghosts or an paranormal experience, but I can testify that there is a light down that road, it moves, it changes size and color.  The television show wrote it off to swamp gases, I think.There is one interesting story about a train conductor that was beheaded out there by an old mail pike.  I think that's what they called them.  The story I got was that the conductor was reaching for a shovel that was mounted on the outside of the train and lost his head by hitting one of those things that pick up the mail.  I haven't done much research on this to see if there is any truth to it.  The light goes back and forth across the road and they say that it is the light of a lantern that belonged to the conductor and he's looking for his head.  I don't know of any videos or photographs, but if you would like, I can ask the elderly folks about there accounts of
"the light" and we might could make a documentary of this.  I know that down on the end of the road there were two homes and one of the houses was tore down about three years ago.


Below is an off site web page about the spooklight.
I live in NW Tennessee.

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