Haunted Locations In Arbyrd
Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri

The Arbyrd or Senath Spooklight. Located down in the Missouri bootheel.
Near these two towns is a ghost light. From the town of Senath where
Dunklin County Road C meets US 412 (also called SR25), go south on Dunklin County  Road C (also called 643) for 3.3 miles. You will drive south through Europa, and turn left or east on 602, its the first street past Europa. It's just before you reach Lulu Baptist Church and Cemetery.
It will be a dirt road, look for what the locals call deadman's tree stump
about 1/4 to 1/2 mile down this road. You will need to turn around and
face the way you came down this road. The legend here says that you are
supposed to flash your car headlights 3 times to call the light.
The other location I have found for this light, and where most of the reports of people seeing it are located along an old rail road bed. People park along the bend in the road where the old railroad grades meet, the light travels down along this old railroad grade from the north, stops and returns the way it came.
The railroad grade is located just SE of Hornersville Junction, along the
unnamed road Where the two RR beds meet (see map). For more info visit the Dunklin County Library at 100 Douglas Ave.
Also read our pages for
Farrenburg & its stories, because the towns of Kennett, Arbyrd, Hornersville,  and Senath are so close to each other they have all been listed under these two cities.
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Haunted Cemetery, located near Kennett. Letters from visitors to this site.

McGrew Cemetery, located just west of Senath on Cemetery Ln.
Visitors to this cemetery have heard moaning voices inside the graveyard.
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