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We visited the Anderson House in Lexington last month. Just for fun we decided to take a camera and digital voice recorder. While on the tour nothing unusual happened, and I kept the recorder going through the tour. About a week later, while listening to the recording of the tour, I was shocked to hear a man's Voice in the room that was used for surgery during the battle. Twice we heard a man say "You Will Die". It is very clear and everyone that has listened to it picks it up immediately.  We also went to the Cellar, and the atmosphere there is really strange. I did pick up what sounds like mumbling on the recorder. If you get the chance to go, make sure you take a digital recorder. You may be surprised at what you hear.
From Terry at Ghosts & Haunts, Great capture CH!

   Just wanted to share these with everyone. They were taken with a 35mm camera and 400 speed film. I've also included a couple of normal pics of Anderson House because it's a cool place. I've been out here many times and have had many encounters. I've never taken the tour of the house (although I
do plan to do so in the near future) but I have spent much time walking around the battlefield.
   Some of the things that have happened are...feelings of extreme panic and confusion while standing at or near the pump next to the house. My heart would race and I'd feel like I was trapped and didn't know what to do. Feeling very claustrophobic as I stood on the front porch and the feeling didn't go away until I had stepped off of the porch itself completely. I've smelled gunpowder on the battlefield in an area that I found out later had been a cannon position. My cousin's husband has heard drumming while wandering around the grounds. Once, my husband and I were having a snack out on the battlefield and I was drinking a cream soda. I heard a voice say "What's that? What are you drinking ?" It was very fast and kind of jumbled together. I blurted out "It's cream soda, here, have some" and I poured a bit on the ground. My husband looked at me like I was nuts so I told him what I had heard..he hadn't heard anything. Well, after a little research we found out that the Union Army had run out of water and some were dying and begging of thirst for it in the trenches at the end of the battle. Hmmm...   Every time I've been there I've always felt like I'm not alone. There are
areas where I feel as if someone were creeping along with me out of curiosity more than anything else. This place never fails to get the hair up on my neck at least once while I'm there.  Enjoy   SP

When I was a young girl my step dad used to be the boss of the battlefield. They paid for us to live in the house right in front of the Anderson house, it looks very similar. My back yard was the parking lot where you park to see the Anderson house. I was so scared of that place, I would think I could see stuff in the windows. I was just a kid so I could of been imaging things, but to this days I have nightmares of being chased in the battle field, then I fly away. Its a very creepy place. We only lived there for 2 years because my mom wanted to leave Lexington!

I went on a tour of the Anderson House about 4 years ago. I went with the knowledge of the possibility of hauntings. I was actually hoping to see something on the many photos I took but saw nothing. I did however feel an it almost desperation to get down the stairs from the second floor as quickly as possible. I still remember that feeling to this day. I do however plan on visiting the house once again. Probably this summer. I will pay more attention to what I feel and relay that to you if you wish, Thanks,
Jeff W.

I am a volunteer at the battlefield. I do 'living history' as a hobby along with artillery demonstrations. I've been to the site many times. Next to the 'Sunken Road at Antitiam or the 'Devils Den' at Gettysburg the old Anderson House is one of the creepiest  places I've ever been. I've tried to sleep in that house twice and both times I had to flee to the outdoors to be able to sleep. The last time I was with 5 or six others and we were all on the first floor. No one was upstairs. I was laying on the floor across from the steps when I was woke up by footsteps on the staircase. There was no one there. Several of the others were also awake and we sat there in the darkness listening to the tread of invisible feet going up and down. I considered animals in the walls or perhaps the old house was making noises caused by wind but the sounds were so measured that I discounted those possibilities. Finally,
after about 20 minutes of this I'd had enough and made my bed outdoors and got to sleep. The others soon followed me. The first time I was bunked in the basement or cellar and it was so oppressive that none of us could take the atmosphere in that small space and so we opted to camp elsewhere. The old house may not be truly haunted and I'm not a big believer in spooks but there is something going on there that to my mind just isn't right.
L H 2nd Kansas Artillery

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, I visited the Battle of Lexington, MO site, including the Oliver Anderson house. It was a warm, cloudy day. The guides at the visitor center told us that they only unlocked the house when doing tours; due to our time constraints we didn't take the tour but walked around the outside of the house and took pictures. We also walked across part of the battlefield to view the graves.

Both my 19-year-old daughter and I felt the house's "creepy" vibe. On the battlefield, I looked for mists and strained my ears for sounds of long-ago battles, but heard nothing except the lawnmower. I did feel that we were not alone as we walked across the fields, but the presences were not scary or hostile.

When I arrived home a couple of days later, I uploaded these images and was pleased to find a distinct face in one of the upstairs
Windows of the house, as well as some very odd shadows at the edge of the battlefield. My husband, who wasn't present, insists the image in the window must be a reflection of the tree directly below -- but none of the other windows have reflections, the sun wasn't shining when I took the photo, and the image in the window doesn't match the tree below. Notice the full picture of the house showing the cloudy sky and no window reflections anywhere.
My husband also insists the shadows in the battlefield photo are tree trunks, but the shadows are transparent and you can clearly see the leaves through them. there are also some oddly blurred, dark areas in the image.
Anderson House Photo Taken by MD
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