Zombie Road Field Investigations
I probably receive more contacts from people asking about Zombie Road than any other site! Questions ranging from when we will have another investigation to if they can attend one of our investigations.
Zombie Road hasn't been available for field investigations for some time now.
There are three organizations who must sign off for their permission before you can investigate the entire site. Sadly the current managements have halted all after dark consent excursions into the area. I have heard reports of kids trying to go there without permission and being fined $1000 for trespassing. I don't know if this location will ever be open again, which is a huge loss because it truly is one of the most active haunted locations I have ever investigated. On the links below, I have included all of our past investigations with comments from people who have visited this site. If the situation changes regarding Zombie Road status I will post it, but for now and the foreseeable future this site is off limits to all nighttime investigations.
2015 review of all the evidence collected between 2000/2006 in
HD Video format.
Zombie Road
Zombie Road Ghost Hunts
Zombie Road Cold Spot Investigation
Zombie Road Hillside Ghosts
Zombie Road Grave Stone Thrown
Zombie Road Spooklight Trip
Zombie Road EVP Ghost Hunt
Zombie Road Weird Sounds Trip
Stories From Visitors To Zombie Road
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