Zombie Road Spooklight investigation
Zombie Road Field Investigation 2004
The Spooklight Investigation

People often ask what happens during our investigations down Zombie Road. I will try to make a complete list of these phenomena for you here.
Weird sounds, footsteps, EVP voices, and optical effects. Shadow people which are black mono-color silhouettes in human form (they have both been seen and photographed).
Objects being thrown.
Cold spots, sometimes accompanied by physical effects on humans ranging from goosebumps to some kind of intermittent electrical charges.
Luminous fogs.
Changes in the air volume, where in some spots it feels much heavier and denser.
Subjective events including feelings of being watched and followed.
One of the unusual forms of paranormal activity occurring along Zombie Road is the sighting of spooklights. Missouri has several of these, the most well known being the ones in Farrenburg and Hornet. These are not to be confused with orbs which show up in pictures after they have been taken, most of which are just dust, moisture, or other airborne debris reflecting back the camera's own flash, although there are some genuine orb photos that can't be so easily explained.
Spooklights are very different, visible to the human eye, and can be both photographed and captured on a camcorder. They can also appear in different colors, with white, orange, and red being the most common. They can also vary in size. The smallest I have seen down Zombie Road appeared to be about the size of a marble. Some people report them being as large as a basketball. I have not yet seen one of that size. I have seen these spooklights on several trips down Zombie Road, but they are difficult to capture because by the time I could get my camera out and focused it would be gone. They can also move at rapid speed. In the following video clip I caught a lucky break. While my camcorder was left running unattended, the
Spooklight phenomena appeared. Both of the following clips are the same event but edited differently; the first is a shorter version with a larger image to better view the spooklight itself. The second contains the full duration of the Spooklight. Briefly appearing over our heads as a single pulse in the first second; disappearing, until at the 12 second mark remaining visible until the 17 second point, vanishing again, then briefly reappearing at the 39 second point in the top right corner of the video before moving beyond the camera's view.

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Sunset start to Zombie Road
Non-Paranormal Photos 2004
RR Bridge
RR Tracks at bottom of Zombie Road
East/West Junction
Eastern side fallen bridge span
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