Valley Park Ghost Hunt 6/17/03
This location is both a private residence and business, with the owner living above the shop. When we were contacted to conduct an investigation, we heard very interesting stories about the upper floors being haunted. After the owners moved in, they soon realized that something was wrong with the place, with a strong sensation of being watched, along with unexplained activity while up on those floors. Since they were living on the upper floors there was no simple way of avoiding contact with this ghost.
The building is very old with a long history; going into too great a detail would reveal its identity, which the owners wish to remain undisclosed. Because of its history, we knew it was worth investigating!

During the investigation we picked up unusual EMF, electromagnetic field readings in the upstairs bedroom with our Tri-Field Meters set up to ignore man made sources. While walking through the bedroom doorway out into the hallway, I photographed what I call the Red Photo with my Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi digital camera. If you look over the photo, the entire color palette of the picture is skewed red with a red streak composed of broken lines in the top left corner. I have owned this camera for years; it has never taken a picture like this.
There were no red lights on, or any special tungsten lighting, or other man made cause that I can ascertain as the cause.

There were no windows or mirrors that can typically cause photographic anomalies. I took over a hundred other pictures at this location throughout the night, and none of them suffered any defects.

We did not capture anything on video, and no EVP voices were documented at this location.

This building has since changed owners. I hope to contact the new owners to see if the strange activity is continuing, or if they would be interested in a follow up investigation.

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Valley Park Investigation 6/17/03
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