Tri-County Truck Stop Investigation 6/29/13
Tri-County Truck Stop Field Investigation

In the first clip recorded in the cellar titled, "
Can You Throw Something For Me" something responds to the request at the 2 second point. Steven then asks if it can make a Noise for us please, and it responds with a banging sound at the 8 second point. In the next clip Steven asks a similar question. When he asks it to respond, if you listen carefully you can hear a single knocking sound at the 5 second point. He asks a second time in the same clip to confirm what we all heard, and it obliges with louder double Rapping Response at the 13 second point.
We had brought with us several trigger objects, like coins because something (particularly upstairs) likes dropping coins, but they were never touched, and instead in the next clip it chose to throw a small hard plastic
Soccer Ball not supplied by us. In the follow up clip, the Plastic Ball is brought into the camera's field of view.
We then heard something trying to pull open the bolted closed
Steel Door to the cellar. I went outside and found the door behind the building; there was no one there. I tried to open the door. It's extremely heavy and flush with the ground. There was no explanation for why this had happened.
These next clips were captured while our group was sitting around the bar area on the main floor pretending to be irritating costumers. Right after one of the women taunts it by saying "Kiss my grits!" you can hear an EVP voice saying "
I'm Sorry." Also while at the bar we were experimenting with a ghost box voice generator. You can hear it beeping and whirring, making odd noises. In the next EVP clip recorded here a voice can be heard saying "What?" at the 5 second mark. In the third clip from the bar, after Steven asks "Do you need help?" at the 7 second point you can hear a reply, "Yes."
In the fourth clip from the bar, we had a disturbance when one of the guests attending the investigation upstairs screamed. I went upstairs to make sure everyone was OK, and just after I came down the steps and was walking back to the bar, a second
Soccer Ball fell to the ground from nowhere. We compared it to the first Ball from the cellar and they were exactly the same. Later someone found a plastic board which was part of a game some kids left behind years ago. The date on the board was from 1991.
The last clip was captured upstairs. The ghost box was running. Theresa asks "Did someone hurt you?" and a reply came from the ghost box saying "
Help Me!"
There is a definite pattern with the EVPs from this location. On almost every investigation we conduct at this site, an EVP is captured saying help me, or help us.
Again I would like to thank all the PTF members and the guests who attend the investigation. We hope you found it enjoyable.

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Front Entrance
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Tunnel going from the cellar outside
Steel Cellar Door
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