Tri-County Truck Stop
Tri-County Truck Stop, also known as The Diamonds Restaurant

The original building dates back to 1927, billed as the world's largest roadside diner, with side businesses of renting cabins across the road and selling gasoline. In 1948 a fire broke out, destroying the building. The location was rebuilt and remained until 1967, when the restaurant was relocated a few miles away. The new Diamonds closed some years ago. The original building became the Tri-County Truck Stop and Restaurant, and continued operation for many years until it also closed down.
This location is a favorite site for paranormal investigations. The list of activity is enormous: EVP voices, shadow figures, objects thrown, cold spots, paranormal photographs and video, along with the now famous Blue Ghost. Currently several times a year tickets to conduct
Overnight investigations go on sale by permission from the owner. When these become available, I will add this information to the website. Each link on this page leads to individual field investigations at this site with photos and video.Site Location 38.472858,-90.856818
Photo taken in 2006
Diamonds Field Investigations
New HD Video Diamonds Ghost Hunt 6/13/15
New HD Video Tri-County Ghost Hunt 3/28/15
Halloween Night 2014 Ghost Hunt
6/28/14 Scratching Investigation
3.29/14 Movement in the darkness
3/23/13 The White Figure
6/29/13 Objects Thrown
11/11/12 Apparition & EVP
10/27/12 Shadow Figure
06 Investigation Updated 2013
9/14/13 EVP Investigation
10/19/13 Cellar Blast of Air
08/06 Still Photo Movement Capture