Top 10 Most Haunted places In Missouri and why.
What are the Top 10 Most Haunted Locations in Missouri?
It's not possible to answer that question definitively without
visiting every haunted site in the state, which is impossible; however, after being involved with paranormal investigations over the past twenty years, I do have a definitive list of places that represent outstanding cases for different reasons.

Zombie Road
The level of paranormal activity is incredibly high. You never know what will happen there -- the type of activity is very unpredictable, from subtle things such as experiencing a ravenous appetite, to headstones being thrown at you.  While capturing video and photographic evidence at most haunted locations is sporadic, Zombie Road is an exception -- videos of spooklights, photos of figures on hillsides, objects thrown, EVP voices -- this place consistently has it all.
Ballwin Manor
Although you may never have heard of this location, most of the greatest paranormal photos we have ever captured originate from this site. It's really incredible when you think about everything that has been documented here; these ghosts are mobile, with the ability to visit the neighbors' homes (based on resident interviews) and to be seen drifting along the street. One of these ghosts actually smashed out a window ten feet away from me; it's wonderful encounters like this that keep me ghost hunting. On one trip something rounded up all the chemical glow sticks placed throughout the home and buried them behind the house under a pile of leaves, but not before some of us witnessed at least one of these glowing sticks carried off through the woods by nobody!
Tri-County Truck Stop, Villa Ridge
Home of the blue ghost, caught on video and witnessed by law enforcement. Tons of activity here, the EVP voices are the most desperate sounding of any haunting with "help us!" and "help me!" turning up on almost every investigation. People being scratched, including myself. Objects thrown ranging from toys and pennies to lightbulbs and screwdrivers, and stories of murder and poisoning are linked to this site.
Six Flags, Eureka
We conducted three consecutive overnight weekend investigations at Six Flags. This venue has multiple hauntings -- both The Palace Theatre and Empire Theatre are haunted, along with the Mine Train Transfer House, the Bugs Bunny National Outdoor Area, and their Haunted House really is haunted. Especially worth noting is the haunting out in the fields on the east side of the park. Activity includes manipulation of camcorder equipment, photos, and very high quality EVP voices, some of which have identified themselves by name. I could spend years just investigating this site, no doubt other areas are also haunted but the park is so vast, we just scratched the surface of what's in here. If only they issued season passes for ghost hunters after hours.
St. Barnabas Cemetery, St. Louis
I changed its real name to guard against possible vandalism at this site. Apparitions in every form are prominent, shadow figures, luminous mists and phantom specters accompany the more typical paranormal activity. One shadow figure appeared to be luring me over to a freshly occupied grave. This is the most haunted cemetery I have ever investigated.
St. Vincent's Hospital, Normandy
One of three locations in St. Louis tied to the infamous 1949 exorcist case. In all the years of ghost hunting, I've never felt it wasn't safe being alone until I ran into something up here pounding on the ductwork trying to get me to leave the 5th floor. A very disturbing haunting and one that you shouldn't turn your back on. We documented it turning the lights on and off, and two members of our group saw a ghost that they thought was a human; another saw a trail of footprints walking across the insulation covering the floor; and all the decapitated bird heads lined up in a row added to the strangeness.
Charbonier Bluffs, Florissant
It's a difficult climb with a backpack full of equipment, but worth it. This is no residual haunting; the ghosts here are intelligent, manipulating electronic equipment as their way of communicating, along with EVP's. They can also generate ground tremors. When these spirits manifest, the air gets colder and your camera images appear fogged. When we brought a psychic up here she described an evil gnome-like creature to be leery of. This site was originally occupied by the Indians, followed by French settlers. Because of the language differences, in a future investigation we need to attempt EVP communication with someone fluent in French (as an experiment.)
Austin-Milam-Lucas-Store, Potosi
Accounts of visitors being touched at this site, some excellent EVP voices, accompanied by banging and knocking sounds. The suicide room is the most active, but other areas are active as well.
Pythian Castle, Springfield
The ghosts here wait until late at night before they come out to play. People report seeing apparitions, as some of our investigators did, along with hearing EVP voices. Activity in the basement and in the upstairs rooms behind the stage is particularly intense.
Jefferson Barracks
This location is my newest addition to the list. I can only speculate that the special Civil War activities, like firing cannons, and people in Civil War attire earlier in the day might have stimulated the activity into overdrive. So many investigators were having exceptional encounters with phantom mists, strange figures of light, invisible figures illuminated by laser pointers, and excellent EVP voices qualify this site for inclusion in my list of the top 10 most haunted places in Missouri.

The following sites were excellent examples of hauntings, but unfortunately have since been torn down.
Misty Manor, Fenton
Sadly, this site has been destroyed along with
The Book House, Manchester Rd.

Special Category list includes:
Most haunted town -- easy call here,
Blackwell Missouri MO. This tiny town has more hauntings per square foot than any place I know of.

Best well-known haunting:
The Lemp Mansion, St. Louis.
This site isn't in league with the others on this list because it's spotty on activity, but it can put on a good show some nights. I had rented out a room during one investigation, and locked it up with our equipment; and upon returning, the door was wide open!
And the
Caverns beneath the Lemp Mansion, closed off to the public are a special place.

Most overlooked haunting:
The Lehmann House B&B; . Why no one mentions this place, I don't know -- it's a solid haunting. (check out the attic)

For my friends on the Illinois side of the boarder looking for an outstanding local haunt, I strongly recommend the
Mineral Springs Hotel at 301 East Broadway, Alton IL. My favorite spot in the Hotel are the long hallways behind the Men's Pool and Williams Garage.

Most suspected haunted places I want to investigate, but haven't been able to. A few on this list: Calvary/Bellefontaine Cemeteries -- I have never encountered anyone with the contacts to get permission to conduct an overnight investigation here yet.
The same applies to the Military base at Fort Leonard Wood, and the private residences they maintain. I receive so many letters reporting paranormal activity occurring at the base, and their homes, this site is just screaming to be investigated.
Luminous Apparition
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