The Book House Field Investigation
The Book House  7/13/13

This site has a long reputation for being haunted. The most common story revolves around the ghost of a little girl named Valerie, who is said to pull books off the shelves in the store. There are other stories about this location having once been the home/office of a doctor, and that many people died in this house. For more stories about this location, visit our
Book House Stories web page.
The first piece of evidence I would like to share with you is
photo 2032. Notice the spiral staircase at the far doorway. If you look in the upper right corner of the doorway, there appears to be a human face looking in the direction of the camera. I zoomed in on this photo for more detail, Zoom Photo Notice at the right corner of the doorway (just under the hand railing) the image of a little girl in black and white peering around the corner. My first thought was that the camera was picking up a photograph or poster on the wall going up the spiral stairway. I checked all my photos and found Photo 1991 taken before we turned off the lights of the stairwell. The face was located to the right of the Hobbit poster, where the artwork poster is located. Note there are no human faces in it, just small blocks of artwork, and there is no glass over the poster to reflect light and play tricks with a camera. The lights were out when the photo was taken. I used a Fuji 200EXR, a small point and shoot camera with exceptional night shooting capabilities. It takes a 12mp sensor and reduces it to 6mp to improve the low light sensitivity because the built in flash of small cameras has a very limited range, especially when shooting in total darkness. I can't explain this photo.
In the first clip you can hear at the 8 second point an
EVP voice saying "YES."
In the next clip after Theresa asks a
question, a strange voice replies.
In the last clip recorded on the second floor alcove, you can hear something
moving around upstairs, but there is no one up on this floor.
One thing happened to me at this site that was very unusual. Several members of our group were downstairs in the basement where there is a small room. While conducting EMF sweeps of the room, we noticed a strong area with an EMF field approximately 2X2 feet that was suspended in mid-air in the center of the room. This zone would slowly shift, but no more than a few feet from the center of the room. One member of the group was suffering back pains while exposed to this zone of EMF. I held my hands out into it and felt a static tingling sensation at the tips of my fingers that moved through my arms and shot down to my feet. This lasted only a second. The following day I felt exhausted. I have no idea if this is related or not to this event.
I wish we would be able to conduct a follow up investigation at The Book House, but sadly by the time you are reading this the building will have been torn down to make way for storage facilities. The owners will be relocating a few miles further east on Manchester. If the activity follows them to their new location, or if the future owners report strange activity, please contact us with more details.

I would especially like to thank the owner of The Book House for allowing our team to investigate the site and author Steven La Chance for his kind invitation to attend the investigation.
Equipment used for this investigation:
Sony Night Shot camcorder
IR Range extenders
motion sensors
Laser grid generator
Ghost Meter
Tri-Field meter
digital cameras

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The Book House 2013
Non Paranormal Photos
Laser Grid In Alcove
Steven LaChance with Owner signing copies of his book The Uninvited
Front Entrance
Second Floor Main Stairway
Front At Night
Side View At Night
First Floor
Back Staircase
Second Floor
Front Door View
Cellar Stairway
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