The Arthur House Investigation
St. Louis Private Residence Investigation
The Arthur House 03/23/13

This investigation was unusual because the owners were in the process of moving out to relocate because of the activity they were experiencing.
Most of the activity they were reporting occurred toward the back of the building where the bedrooms are located.
In the first video clip, an
EVP voice can be heard, but I can't make out what is being said. One of our investigators can be seen pretending to be asleep in an attempt to trigger what the owners were experiencing. They report something forcing open the closet door, which is difficult to replicate because the door sticks, and it remained closed throughout the investigation.
In the second video clip notice the
Light descending from the top of the hallway. The grid is a laser grid generator at the other end of the hallway projecting down toward the camera's end. There was no one down at that end of the hallway when this happened, so I can rule out any flashlights. The next explanation I thought of was that at the far end of the hallway was a bathroom where we had one tiny remote controlled IR camera. It has an IR light on it, so initially we thought it might be this tiny round webcam's light.
But on examining the limited amount of light this camera is capable of emitting on a test with the same equipment, the webcam's light is just too weak and diffused to project any bright lights over the distance that was required. My last idea has to be the correct one; there was a motion sensor in the bedroom down the hallway. If something triggered the motion sensor, the light would turn on, but I have no idea what caused the
motion sensor to activate the light. Then there is the issue of the light itself moving. It had to be from the bedroom door opening wider, causing the light to become visible down at this end of the hallway. The question is what triggered the motion sensor light to turn on, and what moved the door, since no one was in the hallway at the other end of the house?
In the first audio clip captured by Greg, listen to the voice say "
AIR" at the moment Greg says the word "Hills". The word "air" implies several things to me, from someone suffocating in a fire or drowning, or even a murder/suicide as a possibility. Greg recorded this voice while we were talking. Listen to the very first Voice; I can't distinguish what is being said, but it's definitely not one of our voices. You can even hear it continue speaking in a muffled voice while we speak. Greg conducted a long EVP session, asking serious questions, but when he decided to toss out this silly question, that's the only one it responded to, saying "I Can!" The only personal experience that stood out for me was the locked doorway in the hall that led down a flight of stairs to the garage below. When I opened it and stood at the top of the platform, I had a really weird feeling. After reviewing my photos, only two had something of interest. Both were outside, the first around the back where a picture had an odd fog in it. It was a clear windless night and none of the other photos suffered from this anomaly. The second was from the front of the building. Because the owner wishes this site to remain anonymous, I can't post these photographs. We have had difficulty getting information about who might be haunting this site, as the history of the site remains unknown, because we have been unable to contact the previous owners about this site. I would like to thank everyone from PTF for another successful investigation.

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