Sweet Memories Sandwich Shop
Field Investigation, April 26 2014

This location was part of our Potosi ghost hunt, which Included 4 other places in town.
Since this was our operational base, we did very little in depth investigating here because of the large numbers of people coming and going throughout the night.
We did however set up a motion activated camera and a voice
activated digital voice recorder on the second floor, no one else was allowed up on this floor until we retrieved our equipment at 4am. Nothing turned up on the motion camera, the voice activated recorder captured 66 minutes of audio overnight. Almost everything turned out to be the voices of people talking down stairs, and a bird that had build a nest outside the window that chirped incessantly until darkness fell.
On review of the audio, I can account for all the sounds except these.
I added a still photograph showing the exterior of the building to the audio, listen for a
Screaming Voice 2 to 3 seconds into the clip.
And This clip captured using Greg's wild life cam. While setting up it detected our motion and was running. Listen for the unexplained
Female EVP at the end of the recording.
This interesting
Photo was taken in 2008 by a guest named Sherry. I would like to hear back from her to see if a higher resolution version of her great photo is available.
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