The Benton Ghost -- St. Charles, MO March 18, 2006
This investigation took place at a private residence. The owners wish their name and address to remain anonymous. They have been experiencing paranormal activity and wanted us to document the activity.

During the investigation two pieces of evidence were documented: a photo and a video clip. I will begin with the picture first. Some photos are clearly paranormal in nature, but others like this one can't be easily placed into this category. If you look at the very top left corner window, you will notice a pale white human face looking through the glass. The question is, could it be paranormal? The answer is yes, but it could just as easily be something in the room causing a reflection into the glass of the window panes. This picture has to be classified as an interesting but inconclusive photo. Photos with windows or mirrors reflect objects in the room and even the camera's own flash, making definitive evaluation of them impossible.

The evidence captured on video is more difficult to explain away.
This clip was recorded by Tom Halstead.  Watch for a shadow that can be seen drifting slowly from right to left.

One odd thing about this investigation was the absence of EVP voices, cold spots, EMF fields, etc., that commonly occur during active paranormal investigations.

I wish to thank everyone for their efforts in conducting this investigation.

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