Six Flags Over Mid America Ghost Hunt
Six Flags Over Mid-America
Paranormal Field Investigation, August/September 2009

Our group was granted permission to visit Six Flags in Eureka after closing hours over three consecutive Saturdays, beginning with the last weekend in August 2009.
I am writing this in 2013/2014. After I attended this series of investigations, all of the footage was lost along with my footage from the Mystic Manor and St. Vincent investigations because my computer containing these files crashed. I have relocated my original master tapes and with other sources have completed these investigations.
Locations investigated inside Six Flags:
The Empire Theater
Wardrobe Building
The Transfer House
The Haunted House
Palace Theatre
The fields to the east of the amusement park.
This was perhaps the largest scale ghost hunt I have ever been involved with. We had many more investigators participating, and thus were able to cover more locations, all with a reputation for being haunted.
Clip 1 was recorded by Greg in the Palace Theatre lobby. The first voice is a female investigator saying "Okay, here is what you can do", followed by a female EVP voice saying "
Stop it, Stop It, Stop It!" before Greg speaks at the end of the clip. No one heard this voice at the time it was recorded.

Clip 2 I captured this one at the Mine Train Transfer House. The voice recorder was left running unattended in voice activation mode. It captured a single female EVP voice, which can be heard saying "
She's In Here".

Clip 3 was recorded by Ken, also in the Transfer House during an EVP session.

Clip 4 This
Male EVP Voice was captured by Greg in the Haunted House, which was once the transfer house to the old mine train.

Clip 5 Greg captured this female EVP voice saying "
Betty" in the Bugs Bunny National outdoor area. There was no one present named Betty. This might be a residual EVP.

Clip 6 This
Female EVP voice can be heard speaking while Greg is talking. It was recorded at the Empire Theatre.

Clip 7 This is the weirdest of the EVP's, recorded at The Empire Theatre. The faint voices in the background are the investigators speaking. The EVP voice (the loud male voice) is speaking unintelligible gibberish.

The following are video clips. All were recorded in the fields east of the park; it's where at Halloween time haunted hayrides sometimes take place.
Clip 8 This was something very odd taking place during the investigation. We were experiencing periodic
Fog out in the fields which in the dry heat of August I have no explanation for.

Clip 9 While at two separate locations in the fields the
Stench Of Death, as if a large carcass was rotting, could be smelled. There were no dead animals at either location that could account for this.

Clip 10 is my favorite from this investigation. I set up my camcorder on a hill in the fields where the spooklight has been seen. This hill, a large mound of loose gravel, concrete and rebar can't be approached without making a lot of noise, because every step triggers rocks and gravel to slide down the hill. The camcorder was left unattended on a tripod for two hours. During that time something triggered the halogen light on the camcorder to
Turn On By Itself while recording. The button for this light is located on the top of the camcorder and is partly recessed. No IR remote function can activate this light. Something was experimenting with my camera! No sounds of anyone approaching the camera were heard.
In the
Long Version you will notice the light slowly begins to decay. By the end of the clip the halogen light is off. This is not how this light works, when turned on it runs continuously for 5 minutes then shuts off all at once. Its also not a battery issue as the cameras 17 hour battery, powered the camera for another 80 minutes with plenty of power to spare when I retrieved the camera. Its also no malfunction, this camcorder is still in use on investigations 5 years later without incident. I do have a theory, whatever entity thats wandering out in these fields did not press the button at all on the camera, but instead provided the power to activate the light, but wasn't able to maintain it, causing it to slowly dim. It would also explain why the camera didn't shake when the light first came on, just pressing it would cause camera shake, which didn't happen.
I have had other equipment "played with" like this in the past.
During the investigation, several unexplained photos were taken in the fields.

All of these were taken by Tom Halstead.
Photo 11 this odd white shape appeared.

It's worth noting that people are reporting seeing Spooklights out in the fields.
These are different from orb photos which can be caused by dust, moisture, or pollen in photographs. Visitors are seeing these strange lights with their eyes.

Photo 12 shows one of these lights in the distance.

Photo 13 is a zoom of the previous photo.
Photo 14 and Photo 15 are still photos of the fog out in the fields.

Photo 16 This is a more marginal photo - it might be something real, but it could also be a dust orb.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the investigation from PTF, and especially our overnight Six Flags security guide, Jonathan, who provided our group more free reign, which helped enormously.

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